Amplify your influence and drive decisions by stakeholders with:
  • 30+ hours of self-paced video training with exercises to reinforce learning
  • Excel modeling and analysis skills including market sizing, profitability, data visualization and more
  • Powerpoint and presentation skills such as storytelling, presentation design and MBB presentation styles
FastTrack is laser-focused on skills consultants need most. Quickly get up to speed, fill in gaps and set yourself up for promotion and success.

Do you have what it takes to be a top performer?

It happens over and over – promising, capable consultants getting passed over for plum projects and opportunities to advance due to gaps in their hard and soft skills.

If only there was a way for new consultants to hit the ground running (or for existing consultants to quickly level up).

There is. Presenting: FastTrack.

FastTrack is designed to help you avoid pitfalls that will keep you from reaching your potential as a consultant:

  • Overconfidence (“I don’t need anyone’s help!”)
  • Not able to work efficiently under pressure
  • Ineffective top-down communication skills
  • Inability to gain and keep client trust
  • Lack of executive presence
  • Decks that miss the point
  • Weak modeling skills
  • Imposter Syndrome

FastTrack was designed by MBB alumni to help you build critical consulting skills: Excel, PowerPoint, presentation ability, modeling best practices, and more – all customized to the unique needs of consultants.

Training Trusted By:

Don’t let what you don’t know limit what you could become.

“I learned PowerPoint in college.”

Effective communication is more than just clicking buttons and aligning objects. We teach you how to influence clients and stakeholders via compelling storytelling.

“Excel and PowerPoint? Boring!”

Along with 30+ hours of self-paced training and hands-on exercises, you’ll get access to 6 real-world analytics prompts and a presentation case study to apply what you’re learning. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised (and engaged).

“Other courses are cheaper.”

You get what you pay for. FastTrack was built for consultants, by consultants, to impart the analytical and storytelling best practices you need to succeed.

“Will this work for my firm?”

FastTrack teaches skills that are universally desired and applicable throughout the consulting industry. Plus, we’ve included an overview of presentation styles at four major consulting firms: McKinsey, Bain, BCG and Deloitte.

“I don’t have time for this.”

We know your time is valuable. With FastTrack, we’ve condensed the most critical 80/20 consulting skills into 82 lessons covering everything you need and nothing you don’t – including skills not taught at many firms’ orientations.

“My firm will train me.”

Will your firm teach you how to build a deck? Yes. Will they teach you how to become a trusted advisor? Learning that is up to you – and FastTrack will help you get there faster.

FastTrack was designed to:

EQUIP you to build trust with and influence clients

INCREASE the persuasiveness of your communication

ACCELERATE your extraction of key insights from data

TRANSFORM your ability to perform under pressure

DISTINGUISH you as a go-to resource on your team

MAXIMIZE your promotion potential and career growth

Why FastTrack?

The Only Modeling & Storytelling Training for Consultants

We know: There are plenty of Excel and PowerPoint courses out there. But there’s only one that is tailor-made by former MBB consultants to teach you the strategy behind the models and decks and increase your professional influence. Don’t settle for “one size fits all” courses.

Practical Exercises and Real-World Consulting Scenarios

Activate and retain what you’re learning with six real-world modeling exercises. Then, follow along as our expert trainers walk you through how to build and present a compelling deck.

Learn the “When” and “Why” Behind the “How”

Most courses will show you the buttons to click, but not when and why to use your new skills. FastTrack’s end-to-end approach helps you integrate the skills you learn in order to quickly extract insights from raw data and deliver those insights to clients with clarity and authority.

Lifetime Access to All Updates

We’re constantly improving FastTrack – and your FastTrack purchase today includes all future updates to the materials.

Thousands of Satisfied Clients and Transformed Careers

As an incoming BCGer I have been stressing out and been completely worried about my Excel skills going into my really exciting new position post MBA in Dubai. Your course is EXACTLY what I need and gives me the confidence I will have the core skills I will need.

Rick, post-MBA BCG hire

I found this training to be immensely valuable to me during my MBA program. I was looking for a no-fluff course that covered the foundational concepts of Excel use on the job in consulting, and I found that here. I am extremely satisfied with the training I received…

Deloitte S&O MBA hire

I really love your curriculum. Thank you for offering a wonderful product.

MBA, Kellogg School of Management

As an aspiring consultant over the course of my MBA at Fuqua, I used MC’s resources all the time. From the informational articles, to the salary reports, to the Excel/PowerPoint workshops… you played a big role in helping me secure my job at McKinsey.

Fuqua MBA going to McKinsey

Your training helped me stand out as a top performer on my [summer program] team…. I had the approach that’s most similar to what they do at the firm. Thanks so much for all your help!

Emily, Advanced Degree Candidate

I learned more in this single “course” than in the first semester of my masters program.

MBA candidate

Here’s what you get:

30+ Hours of Self-Paced Training

82 lessons across 17 modules cover the most critical skills for launching or growing your consulting career. Learn how to extract insights from raw data and deliver those insights to clients clearly and persuasively. Communicate like an executive to build trust for recurring engagements.

Excel Modeling

Topics covered include:

  • Formulas
  • Market sizing models
  • Profitability models
  • Market study models
  • M&A models
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • 6 real-world exercises
  • A quick reference guide

Powerful Presentations

Topics covered include:

  • Storytelling
  • Presentation design
  • Data visualization
  • Presentation mastery
  • Firm-specific presentation styles (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte)
  • Presentation case interview
  • Deck-building walkthrough
  • Quick reference guide

Make an investment in your future with FastTrack.

Total Value (Bought Separately): $700

Your Price: $500

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got your back. Download the Justification Letter template. It’s a short letter that highlights the value of the courses – for both you and the organization. Use it as-is or customize for your needs.

YES! Even though you’ve spent a lot of time in Excel, have you used it the way a consultant does? Consultants drive Excel harder than almost any other profession, and if you want to gain some serious cred inside the office, being an Excel pro is a must.

Plus, you’ll be much more efficient on the job. As we like to say around here; “work smarter, not harder.”

We offer both university and corporate license agreements for access to these courses. Reach out to Namaan for more info.

If you added FastTrack (previously known as “Excel/Powerpoint for Consulting”) to your Black Belt bundle, then these courses are already in your account.

Purchasers of Black Belt Deluxe and 2nd Degree Black Belt bundles already have access to FastTrack. Enjoy!

Interested in both Black Belt and FastTrack? Enjoy significant bundle discounts when purchasing these products together.

You receive lifetime access for one low price.

We recommend you buy now – the price will only go up as we add additional functionality to the program in the future.

Excel for Consulting is 44 lessons long.

Ideally, you’ll do 1 module every day (with the related data sets) and spend some time practicing, too. That’s 8 days.

If you’re extremely new to Excel, you will find it most beneficial to give yourself 1-2 months to complete all of the practice in depth.

PowerPoint for Consulting is 38 lessons. If you complete 1 module per day (with associated practice) you can complete the course in 1 week.

If you’re close to your interview or start date, you can pick and choose from the course to best prepare – you could do it in only 2-3 days with intense focus.

For the courses to be most effective, and to take full advantage, you should plan a minimum of 30 hours – in a few long sittings, or over a number of weeks, to review the information and practice.

Good news! FastTrack is delivered online – just add to your cart, create an account during the checkout process, and the courses will be available immediately after purchase.

Our videos can be played on any platform, and the course material tracks how much you’ve completed – so you can stop and start as your schedule permits.

Within 3 days of purchase, if you find the quality of our materials to be unsatisfactory and are able to provide specific complaints, you can request a refund.

Have more questions? We can help.