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Pariveda Solutions is an IT-focused management consulting firm founded in 2003. Pariveda’s bread and butter? Information Technology – the company improves the productivity of clients’ Information Systems (IS) set-ups so they can get the most out of their enterprise.

In this exposé on the firm, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about Pariveda Solutions, including careers, the interview process, salary expectations, and much more. Let’s start with some key statistics.

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Stats
  2. Pariveda Solutions History
  3. Pariveda Solutions Careers
  4. Industries
  5. Office Locations
  6. Career Path
  7. Notable Alumni
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Target Schools
  10. Diversity Program
  11. Pariveda Solutions Culture
  12. Pariveda Solutions Interviews
  13. Pariveda Solutions Salary

Pariveda Solutions Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Firm Number of Employees: 750
Firm Number of Locations: 11
Firm Chief Executive: Bruce Ballengee
Firm Revenue: ~$100M

Pariveda Solutions History

CEO Bruce Ballengee founded Pariveda Solutions in October 2003, a period of recession in the world of IT. Pariveda SolutionsBallengee followed one guiding ethos: developing talent. The idea of investing in employees and bringing out an individual’s potential has paid off for Pariveda, as the company now has over 750 employees and 11 different locations across North America.

Notably, Pariveda Solutions is employee-owned through ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans). This decision came from Ballengee’s desire for longevity and equity for the firm. By creating an ownership structure that is not as hierarchical, employees have greater agency.

The philosophy also argues that employee-owners perform better for clients and create higher quality work. Additionally, there are tax benefits and wealth-building opportunities in this equation.

The Pariveda Solutions history continues to be written; will you be a part of it?

Pariveda Solutions Careers

Pariveda Solutions careers take place in an environment where you will be stretched, grown, and developed. If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, this is a firm where you’ll be given the reins to make that a reality.

Practice Areas

There are many practice areas at Pariveda Solutions within the business of IT. Check out the list below, organized into three broad areas:

    • Strategic Objectives
      • Corporate Strategy
      • Digital Strategy
      • Cloud Transformation
      • Event Experience and Design
      • Portfolio Modernization
      • Leadership and Organizational Sciences
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • People Development
      • Operational Excellence
    • Foundational Capabilities
      • Internet of Things
      • System Integration
      • Machine Learning
      • Data Lakes and Real-Time Data
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Cloud Architecture
      • DevOps Automation
      • Modern Data Enterprise
      • OSDU Offerings
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Innovative Solutions
      • Mobile and Connected Devices
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Virtual and Augmented Reality
      • Conversational Applications
      • Customer Experience
      • Person Experience
      • Web Solutions
      • Portals and Collaboration
      • Healthcare Offerings
      • New Energy Offerings


Pariveda Solutions is generally industry-agnostic when it comes to clients it serves, but it does emphasize work in the following three industries:

    1. Healthcare
    2. Software & Tech Services
    3. New Energy

Office Locations

Currently, Pariveda Solutions has eleven office locations across North America, but that number seems to increase each year. Check out the list of cities below.

    • Atlanta
    • Chicago
    • Dallas (HQ)
    • Houston
    • Los Angeles
    • New York City
    • Philadelphia
    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • Toronto
    • Washington D.C.

Career Path

Pariveda Solutions careers are available for current students (internships), recent college graduates, and experienced hires. The career path at the firm looks like this:

Analyst/Consultant: Consultants work in teams on technology-solutions projects, which may involve coding, designing, or testing solutions.

Associate: Associates responsibilities are similar to consultants, with added duties in helping clients understand technology requirements given their business needs.

Manager: Managers at Pariveda are project leaders. The work entails project estimations, risk management, extensive planning, and managing a team of Associates and Consultants. Managers are also the primary communicator between the firm and the client.

Principal: For Principals, duties include working with VPs to propose new deals, assisting in recruitment and career development of employees, and overseeing Managers with the delivery of projects.

Vice President: The Vice President role at Pariveda Solutions is focused on new business development and expanding the firm’s presence in the national and international business community. VPs navigate the sales cycle, propose new projects, and serve as a source for Principals and Managers to reach out to with questions and other needs.

As employees move up the ladder, there is naturally more responsibility, trust, and leadership expected. However, that also means an increase in pay – more on that below!

Notable Alumni

Pariveda maintains a strong alumni network – “Finity” – with active LinkedIn and Slack communities and regular events in cities where the firm has an office. In addition, the firm’s referral program facilitates career growth for employees. Check out a snapshot of Pariveda Solutions’ notable alumni below.

    • Principal Software Engineer at Venmo
    • Senior Managing Consultant, Valent Partners
    • Rotational Product Manager, Facebook
    • Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
    • Senior Director of Information Technology, National Resident Matching Program

Exit Opportunities

Given the extensive alumni network, exit opportunities for Pariveda Solutions are plentiful. The connections developed at the firm through the Finity platform help alumni land jobs at top firms like BCG, McKinsey, and others. However, one of the most common exits is to take a position at a Pariveda client.

That said, if you’re looking to transition from a firm like Pariveda to a top-tier consulting firm, you’ll need a networking strategy. Schedule a 1:1 session with an MBB consultant today to build a plan that will help get your foot in the door.

Target Schools

Pariveda shows a proclivity for Texas-based alumni. The following four institutions are the most represented among Pariveda Solutions employees.

    • Texas A&M University
    • University of Notre Dame
    • Baylor University
    • The University of Texas at Austin

However, as a company that values younger talent, Pariveda Solutions invests in campus recruitment across the nation – not limited to these four schools alone.

Diversity Program

The Pariveda Solutions diversity programs primarily target racial, sexuality, and gender-based discrimination. At Pariveda, representation is a key factor to the company’s growth. The P.R.I.D.E. (Pariveda Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) Employee Resource Group looks to uplift colleagues and promote the company’s core values.

Pariveda Solutions Culture

The culture at Pariveda Solutions emphasizes career development, collaboration, and feedback. Need to get a meeting with the CEO to propose a solution to a problem you see? Make it happen. Don’t want to grow your skills or career? Pariveda is not for you. The firm outlines a clear Expectations Framework for employees, providing a clear pathway for career growth.

Pariveda has an established method to develop talent. First is “Dolphin School,” a week-long training period for new employees. Next is “FinFest,” an annual employee-run conference for new hires. After, new employees enroll in a formal training where they go through a curriculum covering career management, leadership in teams, developing relationships with colleagues, and frameworks the company uses for project work.

As an employee-owned company that prioritizes home-grown talent, employee turnover is low. However, since Pariveda values developing and retaining talent, the company can be somewhat insular. Being a mid-sized firm, people with aspirations of working for a major firm may prefer starting somewhere else. While there are many successful Pariveda alumni, the company’s intention of keeping people for a long time is something to consider.

Pariveda Solutions Interviews

The goal in Pariveda Solutions interviews is to explore the possibility of a mutual fit between employee and employer. The firm considers the company culture and company needs alongside a candidate’s personality, skills, and potential for growth.

Pariveda Solutions Interview Process

The Pariveda interview process generally consists of approximately four rounds.

Round one is typically a conversation with standard questions (factual, behavioral, experimental) from an HR representative. The applicant has the opportunity to ask questions about Pariveda and the position.

The second round of the Pariveda interview process is a skills assessment. Applicants will be tested on their analytical skills, functional experience, technical breadth, and knowledge of business concepts. This round is conducted either by phone or in-person by a Pariveda Solutions’ Senior Consultant. For this round, Pariveda recommends drawing on experience, challenges faced, and analyzing the approach a candidate takes in problem solving.

The third round of the Pariveda Solutions interview is focused on behavior. Pariveda recommends canning any rehearsed answers and having a solid grip on the different chapters of a candidate’s career and how those chapters have resulted in growth.

In the final round of the interview process, expect a case study interview. Candidates will not have time to prepare; this is to test problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills. This round presents the opportunity to speak with managers, consultants, and executives. It won’t hurt to invest time in case interview prep before this final round interview.

Pariveda Solutions Salary

The average Pariveda Solutions salary for consultants is ~$82,000. This is non-negotiable, but fairly standard compared to other consulting firms. Your salary will, of course, rise as you assume more responsibilities and receive promotions. Consultant salaries are exactly the same for everyone in an effort to put the company before the individual; this may or may not be your cup of tea.

To see how that compares to many other consulting firms, check out our Consulting Salaries Report here.


There is no question that Pariveda Solutions is a well-regarded and close-knit IT management consulting firm. Its unique leadership structure and dedication to developing talent makes it an appealing option for candidates interested in longevity at an IT consulting firm.

Planning to apply? Our expert team can prepare you for the challenging, multi-faceted interview process at Pariveda. Start here.


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