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Princeton Consultants

New York, NY

Princeton Consultants is a management and IT consultancy that aims to help leading business professionals achieve transformative improvement within their strategies, teams, and organizations. The firm was founded in 1980 and is based in Princeton, New Jersey, with a small yet experienced consulting team. The primary service areas of the firm include: Business Strategy, Custom Optimization Solutions, Process Engineering, Project Management, and Software Development. Princeton’s team of professionals work alongside innovators and leaders in a variety of industries, including: Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Diversified Industries.

The firm prides itself on maintaining strong, long-term relationships with clients by working alongside them from vision to implementation – covering the full project lifestyle of the most challenging business issues. While other large firms simply create recommendations, Princeton deeply considers all that is involved in the implementation of actionable strategies. The firm has combines management and IT in order to stress the importance and power of both technology as a catalyst of innovation and change management as a necessity of sustainable value.

The methodology at the firm is to provide overall structure from beginning to end – weaving all the different parts together to build strategic solutions. The team stresses a disciplined approach when it comes to design, analysis, development, and integration, in order to help organizations create new processes and systems in this dynamic business climate.

Princeton strongly believes that he foundation of its success are the small teams, deploying agile teams of around three to seven seasoned professionals to solve complex and critical challenges. These small teams have shown to promote better heightened accountability, communication, and a deeper understanding of clients’ needs.

Specialties of the firm include: Quantitative Finance, Custom Optimization, Intermodal Transportation and Logistics, Business Process Improvement, Systems & Application Development, and IT Project Management.

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