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  • 10 hours of tailored presentation coaching from experts who train Fortune 500 teams
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Put your best foot forward with Power Presentations Coaching.


Put your best foot forward to drive the stakeholder decisions you want.

It’s not enough to do good work. How you convey your work determines how it – and you – are perceived in your organization. Have you ever said something like this:

  • “I have to give a presentation, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to say it.”
  • “I spent so much time putting this presentation together and still don’t love it.”
  • “The meeting went off the rails. They kept asking questions and missed the point!”
  • “I feel stuck in my career. My work isn’t getting noticed.”

Our coaches’ expertise has been honed over 10 years of training executives and rising leaders at Fortune 500 companies. Now, you can take advantage of the same expert guidance and feedback through 10, 1-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help you create or update a specific presentation you’re currently working on.

Invest 10 hours with a Management Consulted coach to deliver the right insight at the right time, develop a clear narrative, and drive meaningful outcomes. 10 hours with us will save you thousands of hours in wasted time and frustration.

Trusted by clients including:

Don’t let unclear presentations neuter your influence

“How do I know this will work?”

Our coaches have years of experience training teams and executives at Meta, Hershey, American Express, and other Fortune 500 firms. Our personalized approach will help transform your presentations approach too.

“I can’t afford this.”

Only you can decide how much faster promotions, greater impact, and increased visibility are worth to you. For the vast majority of our clients, the investment is small compared to the dramatic acceleration they experience in their reputation, career, and salary growth.

“You don’t know my workplace – it’s unique.”

We’ve seen it all before. No matter the industry or organizational culture, chances are, we’ve already coached or trained folks in your situation. Each session is tailored to a specific presentation you’re building.

“I’m overbooked already. I don’t have 10 hours for this!”

How much time are you wasting creating slides and presentations that don’t drive impact? This investment of time will buy you back thousands of hours in return. Plus, you can schedule your sessions at any time, and unused hours never expire.

“I don’t know if I’ll get approval to purchase this.”

Send us an email – we’re happy to help you demonstrate that this tailored training will be a value-add for your company.

“Do I really need a coach? Can’t I just buy a course?”

Do you want information or transformation? Your coach tailors each session to a specific deliverable you’re working on, culminating in a more powerful story and clearer slides.

Earn trust with key stakeholders through:

BUILDING narratives that resonate with key leaders

DELIVERING the right message at the right time

SIMPLIFYING complex issues to drive decision-making

CONVEYING insights, not information

ANTICIPATING the audience’s objections to your message

REDUCING stress, anxiety, and prep time

INCREASING meeting efficiency and focus

LEADING meetings with purpose to command the room

BECOMING a trusted resource for clients and leaders

Why Management Consulted?

Not Just Courses – Coaches

Most communication training comes in a prepackaged curriculum. It doesn’t matter what you need – you get whatever comes with the course. Not so with us. Your coach tailors your time to your specific situation. What is the story you want to tell? Who are your key stakeholders? What do you want them to do or believe? We focus on the areas that move the needle for you.

Not Just Principles – Practitioners

Our coaches are business leaders first and educators second. With professional experience ranging from McKinsey to Meta to Capitol Hill, they bring business acumen and communication expertise to the table to help you build powerful presentations. Other trainers can’t relate – chances are, they’ve spent their career in the classroom, not the boardroom.

Not Just Information – Transformation

Powerful communication isn’t limited to a presentation in a meeting. It continues through every phone call, email and conversation throughout the week. That’s why our ultimate goal isn’t to help you optimize one deliverable – we adjust your overall approach so that effective communication and executive presence become second nature.

Join Hundreds Who’ve Transformed Their Careers

The first session has already had a big impact. Our VP of sales has really embraced the principle and is using it in her prospect pitches. She nailed a pitch yesterday to a big prospect.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 company

We are standardizing this approach across our teams and have worked it into our templates. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Partner, Boutique Consulting Firm

I received many positive comments. Jumped right into the HR staff meeting and a few shared the fact that they liked the very focused approach and strong message in the time alloted. They learned a lot!

Head of L&D, Publicly Traded Company

Availability THROUGH THE END OF 2023 is limited – Reserve TODAY

Due to the time and attention we provide to each client, we accept only a limited number of coaching clients each year and are normally booked a quarter in advance. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can schedule your first session.