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  • Win the trust of key stakeholders and clients
  • Deliver a message that drives action and alignment
  • Advance your team’s agenda

You don’t have to suffer through ineffective meetings. Ready to do something about it?

Unlock the Power of Persuasion: Learn to Influence Senior Leaders and Win Customers

How many presentations have you sat through (or led) that wasted time, leaving you no closer to achieving anything?

After a live Management Consulted training, you will be able to identify key takeaways you want to communicate and lead with them for maximum impact and action.

Management Consulted’s expertise has been honed over 10 years of working with consulting firms and Fortune 500 partners.

We’ve seen it all and we tailor your organization’s training experience to align with your culture and specific desired outcomes.

Trusted by clients including:

Win the Trust of Key Stakeholders by:

Building a memorable narrative that flows

Delivering the right message at the right time

Simplifying complex issues

Communicating insights, not information

Achieve Clarity and Influence With a Program Tailored for Your Team’s Unique Needs

2 days of half-day live training (virtual or on-site) based on your team’s work product. Get real-time feedback from expert instructors.

Small group breakout sessions fostering robust discussion and interaction.

A 1:1 follow-up session for each trainee plus additional resources for long-term transformation.

Why Management Consulted?

A one size fits all approach is not effective. Our relationship starts with a discovery call – we get to know your team, your unique organizational culture, and the specific ways in which you want your team to grow.

Next, after signing an NDA, we ask each participant to submit an example of a work product they have recently created or contributed to. We review each deliverable, customizing the training program, breakout sessions and exercises to your team’s specific strengths and gap areas.

After the live group training, we set your team up for sustainable transformation through a 1:1 coaching session for each trainee.

A Track Record of Organizational Transformation

The first session has already had a big impact. Our VP of sales has really embraced the principle and is using it in her prospect pitches. She nailed a pitch yesterday to a big prospect.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 company

We are standardizing this approach across our teams and have worked it into our templates. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Partner at a boutique consulting firm

I received many positive comments. Jumped right into the HR staff meeting and a few shared the fact that they liked the very focused approach and strong message in the time alloted. They learned a lot!

Head of Learning and Development

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

ADVANCE YOUR TEAM’S AGENDA with less friction

Get to “yes” more easily by speaking your stakeholders’ language and framing communication in ways that reduce pushback from decision-makers.

COMPETE MORE EFFECTIVELY for limited organizational resources

Your secret weapon for navigating organizational politics. Empower your entire team to effectively advocate for their best interests.

BANISH INERTIA and drive forward motion

Slice through red tape and green-light your proposals faster. Reduce misunderstanding and lengthy deliberations with confident, concise, and structured messaging.

WIN RECOGNITION your team deserves

Don’t let your team’s contributions get drowned out by the noise of day-to-day operations. Open the eyes of stakeholders across the org chart to the value added by you and your staff.

SHORTER MEETINGS, greater alignment, reduced confusion

Get your stakeholders on the same page and off the merry-go-round of endless meetings.

Training Availability for 2024 is limited – Reserve Your Slots Today

We customize each training to meet the needs of our partners. That means that we’re typically booked 1-2 quarters in advance. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can customize the perfect program for your organization.