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The Chartis Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in serving healthcare clients. Well-regarded by industry insiders, a Chartis Group career offers a competitive salary, benefits, and a community-driven culture.

There are exciting employment opportunities available at The Chartis Group – this article is your opportunity to learn more.

We’ll dive into the inner workings of The Chartis Group and discuss all you need to know about its career options, culture, salary, interview process, and much more. Let’s get into it.

The Chartis Group

Table of Contents:

  1. The Chartis Group Key Stats
  2. The Chartis Group History
  3. The Chartis Group Careers
  4. The Chartis Group Practice Areas
  5. The Chartis Group Industries
  6. The Chartis Group Office Locations
  7. The Chartis Group Career Path
  8. The Chartis Group Internships
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. The Chartis Group Culture
  11. The Chartis Group Interview
  12. The Chartis Group Salary
  13. Target Schools

The Chartis Group Key Stats

  • The Chartis Group Website:
  • The Chartis Group Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • The Chartis Group Number of Employees: 500+
  • The Chartis Group Number of Locations: 8
  • The Chartis Group Chief Executive: Ken Graboys
  • The Chartis Group Revenue: $126M

The Chartis Group History

With an illustrious twenty year history, The Chartis Group began in July of 2001 as a consulting firm focused on building long term relationships with clients in the healthcare industry. In 2002, Chartis Consulting secured its first major client, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and since then the firm has continued to partner with hospitals, universities, and medical institutions.

After years as a pure consulting company, in 2015 the firm began to expand its business model and offering by acquiring iVantage Health Analytics, a healthcare analytics and intelligence company.

This acquisition kicked off a string of strategic moves to broaden its product and service offering. The Chartis Group not only includes iVantage, but also advisory services through The Greeley Company and Jarrard, Phillips, Cate & Hancock. In 2017, the firm expanded into digital strategy with the formation of Chartis Digital.

Always focused on what’s next in the areas of health and medicine, The Chartis Group is known for creating thought-provoking analyses and insights. Prospective applicants should look to the articles, case studies, and resources that the company produces to learn more about its perspectives on the healthcare industry.

The Chartis Group Careers

The Chartis Group careers exist across the firm’s various companies and career paths, so prospective applicants are not only able to apply to Chartis Consulting, but also positions at The Greeley Company and Jarrard.

The Chartis Group Practice Areas

The Chartis Group practice areas reflect some of the most pressing concerns and opportunities within the healthcare industry:

The Chartis Group Industries

Chartis Group industries are all, in some way, subsegments of the broader healthcare market. This actually leaves room for a wide range of sub-industries, covering both for-profit and nonprofit entities:

    • Academic Medical Centers
    • Accountable Care Organizations
    • Biotechnology
    • Children’s Hospitals
    • Consumers
    • Integrated Delivery Networks
    • Insurance
    • Payors
    • Pharma
    • Medical Devices

The Chartis Group Office Locations

The Chartis Group has eight offices across the continental United States from the mid-western headquarters of Chartis Chicago to the southernmost location, The Chartis Group Atlanta. Each of The Chartis Group locations are referenced below:

    • ATLANTA – 150 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Suite 400, Decatur, GA 30030
    • BOSTON – 560 Harrison Avenue, Suite 501, Boston, MA 02118
    • CHICAGO – 220 West Kinzie Street, Third Floor, Chicago, IL 60654
    • MINNEAPOLIS – 218 Washington Avenue North, Suite 240, Minneapolis, MN 55401
    • NEWTON – 90 Oak Street, Suite 301, Newton, MA 02464
    • NEW YORK – 740 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10003
    • PORTLAND – 509 Forest Avenue, Suite 250, Portland, ME 04101
    • SAN FRANCISCO – 1 Market Street, 36th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

The Chartis Group Career Path

Because The Chartis Group includes multiple companies and partnerships, there are several career paths that prospective employees can explore. For individuals that are interested in Chartis Consulting, The Chartis Group Career path looks like this:

Analyst > Associate Consultant > Consultant > Engagement Manager > Manager > Senior Manager > Associate Principal > Principal > Partner

The career path starts with the entry-level Analyst role and progresses up to managerial roles that require more client, people and process management, and less “in the trenches” analysis.

The Chartis Group Internships

For students, The Chartis Group offers multiple internship opportunities. Depending on the role, you’ll spend the summer in the Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, or New York offices. Chartis has internships both for undergraduate/Masters and MBA students.

Exit Opportunities

The Chartis Group exit opportunities range from working in similar healthcare consulting firms or branching out into the larger healthcare industry. For students and professionals with a background in medicine or public health, working at Chartis can lead to a higher ranking management or corporate strategy position at a healthcare institution, research center, or technology company.

However, because of the firm’s sole focus on healthcare, it will be difficult to break out of the box of being a healthcare specialist. If you tune your resume/cover letter right to display your transferable skills, you can leverage your Chartis experience into a generalist role at the larger strategy consulting firms or even in finance.

In addition, since The Chartis Group includes multiple businesses, employees that leave Chartis Consulting can embark upon new opportunities at one of the firm’s partner companies.

Notable Alumni

The following list includes notable The Chartis Group alumni referenced in the company’s “Chartis 20 to 2.0” video campaign as an example of alumni that have gone on to achieve success within the healthcare industry.

    • Raphe Schwartz – Chief Strategy Officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado
    • Gennie Snow – Group Chief Strategy Officer at Detroit Medical Center
    • Royce Cheng – Product Manager at Verily Life Sciences
    • Anita Sankaran – Executive Director at CHOC Primary Care Network
    • George Sauter – Chief Strategy Officer at John Muir Health

The Chartis Group Culture

The Chartis Group is a firm that is known for its culture of giving back: to its employees, and to the broader community in which it operates. The Chartis Group culture values results, respect for clients, a commitment to ethics and each other, and passion for the firm’s overarching mission of materially improving the delivery of healthcare in the world.

The Chartis Group culture is also built on an ethos of inclusivity, and the firm goes to great lengths to explain how diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important part of the experience of working at The Chartis Group.

Work-life balance at The Chartis Group is like other consulting firms of similar size: you work hard on the job, but your time away from work is respected. How many hours you’ll work changes project to project and week to week, but 50-60/week is typical. You can expect to travel quite a bit working for Chartis (4 days a week is not uncommon). Fortunately, it’s easy to take time off, as long as you do it in advance.

The firm offers employees a quarterly “health and wellness” stipend to spend on things like gym memberships, new sneakers, and other related activities.

The Chartis Group has a robust internal training program that provides formal and informal learning opportunities at different points in an employees’ career. The firm also has a mentoring program to help individuals achieve their professional goals while at Chartis.

The Chartis Group leadership was lauded by employees for its response to Covid-19. No layoffs were needed as leadership took temporary pay cuts to keep everyone employed.

The overall feel at Chartis is one of a close-knit community. Employees cite a friendly, familial culture – one where people truly care for one another and like who they work with.


  • #1 Overall Healthcare Management Consulting Firm – KLAS
  • Largest independent healthcare consulting firm serving 90% of the Best Hospitals Honor Roll – US News & World Report
  • America’s Best Management Consulting Firms – Forbes

The Chartis Group Interview

Potential applicants for any position at The Chartis Group not only complete an initial assessment, but also The Chartis Group interview. Similar to the interview process at most high-ranking consulting firms, The Chartis Group interview includes case interview questions in addition to “fit” or behavioral questions. For examples of case interviews, visit this page.

The Chartis Group Interview Process

The Chartis Group interview process is quite intense – similar to MBB interviews in one respect. Interviews at The Chartis Group take place over several rounds (2-3). In each round, you can expect to be asked a series of case and fit questions. The first couple of rounds will be phone screenings and virtual interviews.

The final round is where it gets real – and this can take place virtually or in a Chartis office. It is made up of a case interview, behavioral interview, and analytics exercise. Each section is 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The analytical exercise usually involves testing your Excel skills (ex: your skill with Pivot Tables).

For some senior level candidates, you’ll be required to do a mock client presentation. Ask the hiring manager if you’ll be asked to complete one of these. Each step in the interview process gives applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their unique skill set in an environment that closely approximates the work they’ll do if offered the job.

The Chartis Group Salary

The Chartis Group salary for consultants (post-MBA level) is typically $150K a year in base pay. Entry-level Analysts will make close to $80K. Keep in mind that these figures are before any bonuses. As with most consulting firms, there is a high degree of variance for employees at The Chartis Group depending on title and experience level.

Target Schools

Recruiting from a diverse set of U.S. schools, The Chartis Group primarily recruits students with degrees in the fields of business and/or health. Target schools include schools such as Case Western University, Columbia Business School, and the Washington University Olin Business School.

If you are interested in pursuing a career at Chartis, research campus recruitment and determine if your campus offers a career fair or workshop where Chartis is in attendance. If your college is in the same city as a Chartis office, this may be the case. If not, apply online.

Diversity Programs

The Chartis Group diversity programs include the firm’s Inclusion Advisory Group. This group focuses on addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the firm through its “five actions towards anti-racism.” These actions include:

  • Expanding Black leadership within The Chartis Group
  • Identifying and addressing the role that racism plays within the healthcare industry
  • Embedding anti-racism into The Chartis Group culture
  • Collaborating with other organizations on diversity programs
  • Continuing the work of The Chartis Group foundation by enhancing access to underserved and marginalized communities


As a top-ranked healthcare consulting firm with a reputation for innovation, The Chartis Group offers a variety of career opportunities. From healthcare analytics to digital strategy to performance management, Chartis Consulting addresses a very wide range of problems in the healthcare industry. No matter which one of the Chartis Group locations you might be interested in, there may be a spot for you at this firm.

Get your application docs ready for submission to Chartis and don’t neglect case interview prep for the tough Chartis interviews!


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