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Trinity Life Sciences, with offices in the United States, Europe, Canada, and India, specializes in providing consulting services to the life sciences sector. The firm was founded in 1996 with the original name Trinity Partners.

Trinity Life Sciences Consulting is a fast-growing firm that receives high marks for its culture and business practices. Trinity provides a wide range of integrated, evidence-based solutions for life sciences companies, from consulting to market research to analytical tools.

In 2021, Trinity was included in the Inc. 5000 list, a prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

In this in-depth Firm Profile, we’ll dive into the inner workings of Trinity Life Sciences to reveal all you need to know about the firm, its culture, and how to land a job there.

Trinity Life Sciences

Table of Contents:

  1. Trinity Life Sciences Key Stats
  2. Trinity Life Sciences History
  3. Trinity Life Sciences Careers
  4. Trinity Life Sciences Practice Areas
  5. Trinity Life Sciences Industries
  6. Trinity Life Sciences Office Locations
  7. Trinity Life Sciences Career Path
  8. Trinity Life Sciences Exit Opportunities
  9. Trinity Life Sciences Notable Alumni
  10. Trinity Life Sciences Culture
  11. Trinity Life Sciences Consulting Internship
  12. Trinity Life Sciences Interview
  13. Trinity Life Sciences Salary
  14. Target Schools

Trinity Life Sciences Key Stats

  • Trinity Life Sciences Website:
  • Trinity Life Sciences Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Trinity Life Sciences Number of Employees: 350+ employees
  • Trinity Life Sciences Number of Locations: 7
  • Trinity Life Sciences Chief Executive: David Fitzhenry
  • Trinity Life Sciences Revenue: ~$78M

Trinity Life Sciences History

Trinity Life Sciences was founded by John Corcoran in 1996 under the name Trinity Partners. Corcoran, who remains on the Board of Directors, has made a career of launching new companies, with Trinity being one of four he has founded or co-founded.

The firm continues to grow at a rapid pace and acquired New Jersey-based BluePrint Research Group in 2020. In October 2021, Trinity Life Sciences acquired healthcare strategy consulting firm CBPartners, who added its presence in New York, San Francisco, and London to Trinity’s portfolio.

Both acquisitions boosted Trinity Life Sciences global presence and prestige to where it is now considered a leading commercial partner in the life sciences industry.

Trinity Life Sciences Careers

Trinity Life Sciences careers include consulting roles at various levels, including for those just entering the consulting field.

Trinity Life Sciences offers internships to rising seniors, which is another point of entry to a career with the firm. A consulting position at Trinity offers individuals the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the life sciences industry as they work with large pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotech firms. Consultants make up most firm employees, although database developers, software engineers, and market research analysts are additional careers available at Trinity.

Trinity Life Sciences Practice Areas

Trinity Life Sciences practice areas are split into three different buckets: solutions, services, and products.

Under solutions, the firm helps companies with strategy, pre-commercial research-based organizations, and the commercialization of new products.

Under services, Trinity offers strategic advisory, commercial analytics, benchmarking, data management, market research, and more.

Each practice area can leverage various products and tools that the firm offers, such as benchmarking with its proprietary software TrinityEDGE, artificial intelligence & machine learning (AIML), segmentation, patient tracking, and the Trinity EvidenceFirst data system. CloudCast, another firm-owned product, gives Trinity consultants the ability to intricately analyze global demand and gross-to-net forecasts for pharmaceutical corporations.

These proprietary products provide Trinity a competitive advantage over other boutique firms in the space, and lead to an increasing amount of recurring revenue, a key driver of the firm’s growth.

Together, these practice areas and products allow consultants to gain a deep understanding of their clients and the needs of patients, and ideally offer evidence-based solutions that benefit both.

Trinity Life Sciences Industries

Trinity Life Sciences focuses on the life sciences industry, specifically pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. It works with both pre-revenue startups and large, publicly-traded life sciences companies.

Trinity Life Sciences Office Locations

Trinity Life Sciences office locations are mainly in the United States, though there are a few global offices as well. The firm is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston) and less than 15 miles from MIT. Other office locations are:

    • New York, NY
    • Princeton, NJ
    • San Francisco, CA
    • East Norriton, PA
    • Guelph, Ontario Canada
    • Munich, Germany
    • Haryana, India
    • London, UK

Trinity Life Sciences Career Path

The Trinity Life Sciences career path begins with internships or entry level Analyst positions and continues to Senior Consultant and management opportunities. The career path usually looks like this:

Analyst > Associate Consultant > Consultant > Senior Consultant > Manager > Engagement Manager > Associate Principal > Principal

Of course, the firm also offers non-consulting roles like HR, software engineer, developer, talent acquisition, etc.

Trinity has a strong onboarding process that supports new employees during the first three to six months with the firm, ensuring their success and positioning each new member of the team on a path to career growth. This on-boarding program includes customer project simulations, group, and individual learning.

New hires with more experience and expertise in the field can work their way up to higher level positions quickly through the Management Accelerator program.

Trinity Life Sciences believes an integral part of progressing in your career path is a positive work environment, and the firm strives to provide a healthy work experience through team connection, benefits, and perks.

Trinity Life Sciences Exit Opportunities

Because it’s well-respected in the field and has a broad client base, Trinity employees are positioned for success after their time with the firm ends. You might move to a different consulting firm, go into industry, or find a role with a venture capital firm focused on the life sciences.

Trinity Life Sciences consulting exit opportunities include positions with other consulting firms. However, because of the nature of the work, you will find yourself pigeonholed as a life sciences specialist. Breaking out of that box requires finessing your resume to display your transferable skills and the impact you achieved while at Trinity Life Sciences. Work with our editing team to update your resume and cover letter.

Trinity clients are able to post job openings on the firm’s website. Current employees find the easiest exit opportunities come at client companies where they already have established connections. This job posting board is something we have never seen a consulting firm do, and speaks to Trinity’s commitment to the long-term career prospects of its people (and its understanding that former consultants in industry will engage Trinity on future projects).

Trinity Life Sciences Notable Alumni

Trinity Life Sciences notable alumni include Mark Beucler, current CFO at Lyniate. Beucler was CFO and SVP at Trinity for 2 years before leaving the firm and taking on his new role at Lyniate. Several members of the Trinity leadership team have been with the firm for several years, rising through the ranks within the company and choosing to remain. This has led to a dearth of notable alumni, although we expect this to change in the decade to come.

Trinity Life Sciences Culture

“The people at the firm are the best aspect of the job!” is something many Trinity employees seem to agree on – a good sign from a culture perspective. Folks at the firm genuinely enjoy their coworkers, which contributes to the longer consultant tenure at Trinity as opposed to the broader sector.

There is little to no travel required at Trinity Life Sciences, and even when it is, it’s generally regional travel. Hours can be long and unpredictable, which isn’t surprising for any consulting firm.

Leadership does emphasize work-life balance and encourages the use of vacation time. Employees get unlimited vacation time, although it is culturally acceptable to take around 20 days per year.

The firm is also rated highly in terms of training and development. Employees at Trinity receive formal and informal mentorship and other training opportunities. In addition, there is plenty of room to grow at the firm. Promotion cycles are quick and merit-based, resulting in an ability to quickly progress up the ranks.

Trinity Life Sciences culture places an emphasis on community, and thus the firm seeks to hire those with strong people skills – not unlike every other consulting firm.

Beyond work, Trinity places an emphasis on giving back, and the Trinity Gives program is a strong element of firm culture. Each year, a day is set aside for company-wide volunteerism.

Trinity Life Sciences Consulting Internship

The Trinity Life Sciences internship is appropriate for those seeking a bachelor’s degree in a quantitative or health sciences (or similar) field at top-tier universities. An interest in the life sciences field is important, and internships are only available for rising seniors. Applications are due in December for the 8-week summer internship.

It should be noted that Trinity Life Sciences internships were not available at certain points during the Covid-19 pandemic. Interested applicants should consult the careers page or reach out to the hiring team directly to determine the status of the program.

Trinity Life Sciences Interview

A Trinity Life Sciences interview may consist of phone, virtual, or in-person components. Interviews will include behavioral/fit questions and case questions. Applicants should expect to meet with a variety of individuals; each interview will be conducted by one to two consultants and/or managers.

During the interview, candidates will be expected to demonstrate some level of understanding of the life sciences – this should be expected but is different from the expectation of more generalist firms like MBB. In addition, the firm will test you on your ability to critically think and adapt to changing situations.

Interview Process

The Trinity Life Sciences interview process often begins with a phone screen interview. Following this, interviews will be approximately 45 minutes in length, and include behavioral questions such as “Tell me about yourself” and “Why life sciences consulting?” Expect multiple interviews in each round.

Case studies are used to assess quantitative and analytical skills as well as communication ability. Candidates can generally expect two to three rounds total, with case studies focusing on the life sciences industry. Out-loud practice is the best way to prepare. Need case prep help? Work with our expert team of coaches today.

Trinity Life Sciences Salary

The average Trinity Life Sciences Consultant salary is roughly $120K annually, with Associate Consultants beginning at ~$87K and Senior Consultants and Managers reaching ~$150K as a base salary. Directors, Partners, and Managing Partners can expect to earn upwards of $200K, while various lower-tier professional positions will generally range from $65K-$90K. Bonuses at Trinity are also quite generous, sometimes reaching 50% of total salary for some management positions. The firm offers extra perks such as unlimited leave and 401K matching.

Target Schools

Trinity Life Sciences target schools include those with strong life science and business or technology programs. The firm’s proximity to MIT offers students the ability to network, apply for internships, and attend job fairs or other events designed to allow students to connect with the firm. Other target schools for Trinity are:

In addition, schools near any of the firm’s offices will also be treated as target schools in many cases.

Diversity Programs

Trinity Life Sciences diversity programs are a strong component of the firm’s culture. The DEI Team was created to guide the company in this area. It maintains a strong focus on the following goals:

  1. Placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of Trinity’s workplace, values, and strategy
  2. Using data to ensure a diverse, equitable workplace
  3. Providing educational opportunities across the firm
  4. Remaining committed to the belief that employees are more successful when they can be their authentic selves in the workplace


Trinity Life Sciences has a 25-year history of commitment to its clients in the life sciences field. If you are interested in life sciences and like the idea of working in consulting, Trinity may be a great fit for you.

With offices in the US and across the globe, the firm is well-positioned to work with a variety of clients across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Trinity utilizes several proprietary products to better support companies in a broad range of service areas, which is a unique feature of working at Trinity.

If you’re interested in working for a fast-growing firm like Trinity, work with us to get your resume and cover letter submission-ready and to prepare for the tough case interviews.


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