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Intro to Excel

  • Lesson 1: How Excel is Used in Consulting
  • Lesson 2: Intro to the Course

Intro to Excel Shortcuts

  • Lesson 3: Navigating around Excel
  • Lesson 4: Navigating around Excel (Expert)
  • Lesson 5: Moving in Excel (Shortcut Drills)
  • Lesson 6: Selecting in Excel (Shortcut Drills)
  • Lesson 7: Copy/Pasting in Excel (Shortcut Drills)
  • Lesson 8: Formatting in Excel
  • Lesson 9: Formatting in Excel (Expert)
  • Lesson 10: Overall Set-Up (Format Drills)
  • Lesson 11: Filters (Format Drills)
  • Lesson 12: Top Shortcuts (Format Drills)
  • Lesson 13: Cell Menu (Format Drills)

Excel Foundation and Formulas

  • Lesson 14: Using Formulas for Excel
  • Lesson 15: Anchoring (Format Drills)
  • Lesson 16: Data Cleaning in Excel
  • Lesson 17: Entering Data in Excel (Expert)
  • Lesson 18: Model Types and Model Theory

Market Sizing Models

  • Lesson 19: Market Sizing Model Theory
  • Lesson 20: Market Sizing Model (Expert)

Profitability Models

  • Lesson 21: Profitability Model Theory
  • Lesson 22: Creating a Revenue Model (Expert)
  • Lesson 23: Total Fixed Cost Allocation
  • Lesson 24: Creating a Cost Model (Expert)
  • Lesson 25: Creating a Profit Model (Expert)

Market Study Models

  • Lesson 26: Market Study Model Theory
  • Lesson 27: Customer Model (Expert)
  • Lesson 28: Competitor Model (Expert)
  • Lesson 29: Market Entry Model (Expert)

M&A Models

  • Lesson 30: M&A Model Theory
  • Lesson 31: DCF Model Theory
  • Lesson 32: Building a Simple DCF
  • Lesson 33: Creating an M&A Model – DCF (Expert)

Data Analysis

  • Lesson 34: Data Analysis Overview
  • Lesson 35: Math and Conditional Math (Expert)
  • Lesson 36: Data Analysis via Data Discovery
  • Lesson 37: Data Discovery (Expert)
  • Lesson 38: Reference Functions (Expert)
  • Lesson 39: Pivot Tables (Expert)
  • Lesson 40: Regressions and Advanced Analysis

Graphs and Charts in Excel

  • Lesson 41: Chart Theory
  • Lesson 42: Creating Charts (Expert)

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Lesson 43: Macros Intro and Advanced Excel
  • Lesson 44: Summary and Conclusion

Additional Resources

  • Excel shortcut and formula cheat sheet download

Level 2 Prompts

  • Fortune 1000 Analysis
  • Fortune 500 Political Affiliations
  • Refrigeration Market Sizing
  • Refrigeration Pricing Model
  • Refrigeration Target Customers
  • Refrigeration Valuation Model

There are 10 modules made up of 44 total lessons. 16 of these lessons are expert videos where you see us work on screen. You receive initial data sets to download so you can work along with us, as well as our final data sets to download as well. In addition, there are 6 “Level 2” lessons that are real-world prompts. You receive a certificate of completion at the end!


There’s a level of freedom reserved only for top performers. A level where Partners want you on their projects, instead of being stuck with you.

It’s time for you to take that leap into the world of consulting top performers.

From Day 1 as a consultant, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in Excel. Excel will either become your best friend and make your life 1,000% easier, or it will become your worst enemy.

I was not prepared for this. I was prepared for flying first class, meeting clients, and eating nice dinners. If Excel was part of the equation, well, I was familiar with it, so I’d be fine.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Here’s what using Excel is not about: getting lost in a haystack of data.

Here’s what it is about: using your analytical skills to break down data, see trends, come up with solutions, and most important: drive toward key insights for the client.

To make it really clear: learning how to use Excel like a consultant will ensure you are the whole package and in the top performer category.

The earlier you can show you are an all-star caliber performer, the greater likelihood you have of putting yourself on the fast track to success. First impressions matter. I got there eventually, but had to make up for lost time and work twice as hard to get there.

This is why we’ve revamped Excel for Consulting. We’ve taken the original course and improved every facet of it:

  • You don’t just learn how to build certain models, but the business rationale that underpins them
  • Hear more real-life anecdotes to help you apply the learnings to your world
  • Special format and shortcut drills to help you speed up your navigation

Get started today on your journey to being a top performer.

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The only Excel course in the world tailored to consulting – get ready to use analytical skills to drive key insights.

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