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Extract Insights and Tell Meaningful Stories

To succeed in any consulting or strategy/analytics role, you must learn 4 key skills:

Prioritizing Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes we see professionals make is to start a project by going on a big data hunt. What’s the problem with this? It’s incredibly inefficient. The point of Excel isn’t to crunch all the data possible – it’s to identify insights.

Building Scenario-Driven Models

Whether you’ve never worked in Excel a day in your life or know how to build a DCF, our training is different. Why? You’re building custom models to answer unique questions instead of using a company-provided template.

We won’t promise you’ll become an expert overnight. But we’ll introduce you to different types of consulting models, show you examples, and give you data sets to practice on. In short, you’ll have every tool necessary to up your Excel game.

Developing Storylines

Success in business comes down to your storytelling ability. Can you take data, extract insights, and then communicate them clearly?

We walk you through a step-by-step process to build clear, effective presentations that tell a cohesive story.

Driving Executive Action

You can be the biggest and baddest number-cruncher in the world, but without Executive Communication skills, you’ll never get to present your insights to C-suite stakeholders.

Not only do we teach core Executive Communication skills, but we will give you tactics to improve in your day-to-day professional encounters.

Theory Without Practice is Meaningless

That’s why both courses include practical exercises to help your team apply what they are learning, as well as samples to compare their work against.

Flexible Models

Our Excel course is focused on building the 4 types of models common to consulting, internal strategy and other non-banking roles, and demonstrate how to build each one.

Thinking Strategically

We utilize the Pyramid Principle and MECE frameworks when using both Excel and PowerPoint – learn these frameworks to make your data analysis efficient and communication concise.

Talking Like An Executive

Whether communicating with a manager or client, you’re nothing without the ability to persuade. We walk you through how to build an executive-level storyline, and break down the presentation styles of top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Deloitte.

Off-the-shelf Excel & PowerPoint Training

Quickly build your team’s skills at scale. Schedule a call to learn more about affordable licensing options.

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Why Management Consulted?

Management Consulted’s expertise has been honed over 10 years of working with consulting firms and Fortune 1000 partners. Our courses have been used as training materials at leading global firms, and are updated often to ensure they stay on the cutting edge.

I found the Excel training to be immensely valuable to me during my time at my MBA program. I was looking for a no-fluff course that covered the foundational concepts of Excel use on the job, and I found that with this course. I am extremely satisfied with the training I received, and look forward to building on it at Deloitte S&O.

MBA hire at top consulting firm

As an incoming BCGer I have been stressing out and been completely worried about my Excel skills going into my really exciting new position post MBA in Dubai. Your course is EXACTLY what I need and gives me the confidence I will have the core skills I will need.

Incoming BCG consultant

Get the best out of your teams

Consistent, best-in-class professional development is what separates great teams from good ones.

A small training investment pays big dividends through increased efficiency, impact and clarity.

Off-the-shelf Excel & PowerPoint Training

Quickly build your team’s skills at scale. Schedule a call to learn more about affordable licensing options.

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