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Partnering with Management Consulted through the podcast helped fill a 30-person internship cohort and give us a waitlist twice that size! Not only that, a top U.S. business school reached out to invite us on campus for a recruiting presentation.

Blown away by how fruitful this partnership has been! We are excited to continue working with Management Consulted in the years to come!

Head of Recruiting, Boutique Consulting Firm

Management Consulted has been a crucial part of our recruiting strategy this past year – it seems like not a day goes by that we don’t hear another candidate mention that they found us through the podcasts that we’ve done with Management Consulted.

NYC Partner, Global Boutique Strategy Firm

I’m excited to already be interviewing some folks. Thanks again! I view this process largely as a success, and am excited to keep you posted that we’ve hopefully extended offers to some of the folks who applied through Management Consulted!

Senior Consultant, top strategy boutique

I really appreciate your update. We have already received interest and outreach from interested candidates from the panel – within 48 hours!

Director of Recruiting, U.S. Boutique Strategy Firm

Struggling to find quality candidates?

Partner with Management Consulted to source qualified candidates for open roles.

The MC community is made up of 3M readers and listeners from 100+ top global universities and business schools, as well as current professionals in consulting, engineering, financial services, law and more.

If you’re a consulting firm struggling to staff a specific role or office, introduce yourself to our community of eager applicants. If you’re a company in industry looking to hire top talent for strategy, analytics or other roles, the MC community will quickly become a meaningful part of your overall recruiting strategy.

Whether you’re looking to fill entry-level roles or more senior positions that require prior management consulting experience, working with Management Consulted will help you fill roles at multiple levels inside of your organization.


Case Study – Boutique Consulting Firm

After engaging with us, a boutique consulting firm hired 3+ candidates from ~400 resumes that we collected.

Over a 1-month period, we co-hosted a live 1hr case prep session and live 1hr firm info session (each with 300+ live participants) to introduce our community to the firm’s unique value proposition. The sessions were published to our Youtube channel and podcast as well, where they received thousands more downloads and listens.

Then, after promoting open roles to our 70K-strong email list and 40K social media followers, we collected and screened ~400 resumes for this boutique firm.

After screening and categorizing the resumes, we sent a resume book over to the firm, who has already extended multiple offers to candidates that applied through Management Consulted.

Find the right top talent

A successful recruiting strategy encompasses a curated, multi-pronged approach. Access MC’s community to recruit the right individuals as you grow.

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Why Management Consulted?

Management Consulted is the world’s leading career prep resource for those seeking strategy/analytics jobs, serving 3M+ readers/listeners per year. 70% of this audience are young professionals (18-34) in sectors like consulting, banking, tech, medicine, law, engineering, and more.

Your people are your biggest competitive advantage

Invest in a personalized recruiting strategy that gives you access to some of the best talent on the planet and reinforces your competitive advantage. All while realizing quicker and better returns than what traditional headhunters can offer.

Find the right top talent

A successful recruiting strategy encompasses a curated, multi-pronged approach. Access MC’s community to recruit the right individuals as you grow.

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