Consulting Application Deadlines 2024

If you are an aspiring management consultant, consulting application deadlines are something you need to pay attention to. Miss the boat and you risk needing to wait for a whole year until you can apply. 

This article includes consulting firms’ application deadlines – from MBB to Big 4 to boutiques big and small.

As a refresher, each candidate group recruits:

  • Experienced hires: year-round
  • Early-career candidates (undergraduate/MS): between June – October
  • MBAs: November – December (1st years); August – September (2nd years)
  • Advanced degrees (PhD, MD, JD, etc.): February – April (bridge internships); June – September (full-time applications)

(More on the consulting hiring timeline here.)

Keep in mind – consulting firms hire a year in advance with the exception of experienced professionals/mid-career switchers. If you are looking to start a job in 2025, you will apply in summer/fall of 2024 depending on which channel you recruit through and which firm(s) you target.

Before you apply, make sure your resume and cover letter highlight the transferable skills you bring to the table and your ability to drive impact. In addition, make sure you begin to network NOW before submitting your application!

Work with our expert editing team to optimize your application documents and join Black Belt for personalized help navigating the entirety of the recruiting process – networking, applications, and interviews.

If you dream of joining the ranks at prestigious consulting firms like Deloitte, McKinsey, Bain, and Kearney, keep reading for the consulting application deadlines of your choice.

Consulting Firm Application Deadlines

MBB Application Deadlines (US)

FirmRoleCandidateApplication Deadline
BainADvantageAPDFebruary 28, 2024
BainBELSophomoresFebruary 21, 2024
BCGBridge to ConsultingAPDLate Feb-Early March 2024
BCGGrowing Future LeadersSophomoresTBD
McKinseyAssociateAPDMid-June 2024
McKinseyInsight 2024APDLate Feb-Early March 2024
McKinseySophomore Summer Business AnalystSophomoresJuly 1-September 29, 2024

* Check with your school’s application portal (e.g., Handshake) for your specific deadline.

**Check BCG’s website to see the specific deadline for your school.

Big 4 Application Deadlines (US)

FirmRoleCandidateApplication Deadline
DeloitteDiscover Intern (Consulting)SophomoresRolling
DeloitteDiscovery Intern (Gov’t & Public Services)SophomoresRolling
DeloitteBusiness Analyst (Gov’t & Public Services)SeniorsRolling
EYAll Roles*Undergrad/MSSeptember 19, 2023
EY-ParthenonAll Roles*Undergrad/MSSeptember 19, 2023
PwCConsulting and Product & Tech Roles**Undergrad/MSSeptember 19, 2023
PwCAudit, Tax, Assurance, Risk RolesUndergrad/MSRolling***

* EY: Internships and Full-Time roles

** PwC Internships and Full-Time roles

*** PwC’s preferred application window is between July – September 2023

Boutique Firms Application Deadlines (US)

FirmRoleCandidateApplication Deadline
A&M CRGMBA Summer Consultant1Y MBAJanuary 1, 2024
AccentureAnalystSeniorsRolling (Applications opened Aug. 31, 2023)
AccentureSummer AnalystJuniorsRolling (Applications opened Aug. 31, 2023)
AccentureSummer Consultant1Y MBAMid-December 2023
Charles River AssociatesAnalystSeniorsRolling (Reviews began Aug. 31, 2023)
Charles River AssociatesAssociateMSRolling (Reviews began Aug. 31, 2023)
ChartisSummer Associate Consultant/Summer ConsultantMPH/MBADecember 3, 2023
FTI Consulting2024 Summer InternJuniorsRolling
FTI ConsultingIMPACT: Summer Leadership ProgramSophomoresFebruary 8, 2024
KearneySummer Associate1Y MBADecember 1, 2023
L.E.K. ConsultingLink to L.E.K.APDMarch 10, 2024
OC&C Strategy ConsultantsConsultant Internship1Y MBAJanuary 12, 2024
PutnamLife Sciences ConsultantPhDRolling
PutnamAssociate ConsultantSeniorsRolling
Triangle Insights GroupAssociate Consultant InternMS / PhD (entering final year of studies)December 29, 2023
Triangle Insights GroupAssociate ConsultantGraduating MS / PhDDecember 29, 2023
Triangle Insights GroupStrategy Consultant Intern1Y MBADecember 15, 2023

* Check with your school’s application site (e.g., Handshake) for your specific deadline.

** Interviews for Kearney Associate role will take place between 9/18/2023 – 10/20/2023

Consulting Application Deadlines (International)

FirmRoleCandidateGeographyApplication Deadline
BearingPointSummer InternUG/MSSwedenJanuary 26, 2024
DeloitteSummer 2024 Co-op/Intern (Toronto)UGCanadaJanuary 19, 2024
DeloitteVarious RolesUGCanadaVaries
IBM ConsultingConsultant InternMBACanadaJanuary 14, 2024
McKinseySummer Business AnalystJuniorsUKJanuary 18, 2024
OC&C Strategy ConsultantsAssociate Consultant InternUG/MSUKJanuary 7, 2024


Industry Application Deadlines

FirmRoleCandidateGeographyApplication Deadline
CocaColaSummer InternshipsUG/GradU.S.February 2, 2024

Experienced Hire Application Deadlines

If you are an experienced hire (working professional) looking to transition into consulting, read up on best practices. Most firms have rolling application deadlines for you. Contact us directly and we’ll help you navigate the process for the specific firms you’re interested in.

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