“I watched several videos regarding networking and learned a ton. In fact, I talked to a partner at ZS Associates yesterday and applied the stuff I learned from those videos. The next thing I know my resume was forwarded to ZS’s head of recruiting for the east coast and I was recommended for an interview!”- Steve, Dartmouth

“I have recently purchased your course ‘Networking for Consulting’. Thanks for your quality advice in the videos. I now feel much more confident in approaching the consulting networking process. It is so much easier to network once you understand the why and how of networking!” – Suraj, ESADE


Who is it for?

Networking for Consulting is for everyone. If you’re a straight A student from a top school, networking will help you bolster your already impressive chances.

If you’re an aspiring consultant from a non-target school, with grades that aren’t perfect, establishing a relationship with the right person inside the firm can be the difference between a job offer and no job offer.

Networking isn’t just for aspiring consultants, either. If you can learn to establish and maintain connections with your clients, you’ll have a wealth of exit opportunities waiting for you when you decide to leave consulting.

How will it help?

You may think everything depends on your resume or on your interview skills, but networking will tip the balance in your favor.

From identifying the right individual to reach out to, drafting your first email, and closing a referral, Networking for Consulting will give you all the networking tools you need.

What does it include?
  • 38 Lessons
  • 8 modules
  • 8 expert videos
  • Long term networking strategy
  • And more!
Should I get Networking for Consulting?

Do you have your mind set on a consulting job?

Do you want to give yourself the best chance possible when it comes to getting a consulting job?

Do you want to learn how to conduct research before important meetings and how not to lose momentum when it’s over?

If all these, and more, sounds like skills you would like to develop, Networking for Consulting is the course for you.

Networking for Consulting
You can't ace the interview without first landing the interview. That's where Networking for Consulting comes in!  Buckle up as we begin a journey in to landing you the consulting job of your dreams! Networking for Consulting is structured as follows: Module: Introduction to Networking for Consulting
  • Lesson: Networking for Consulting 101
Module: 2 Parts to Networking
  • Lesson: Get in the Door
  • Lesson: Conduct Research
Module: 3 Different Types of Networking
  • Lesson: On-campus networking
  • Lesson: Warm networking
  • Lesson: Cold networking
  • Lesson: Key questions to ask when networking
Module: 5 Keys to Networking Success
  • Lesson: The Right Person
  • Lesson: The Right Time
  • Lesson: The Right Firm
  • Lesson: The Right Location
  • Lesson: The Right Position
Module: MC’s 10 Networking Steps to Land Consulting Jobs
  • Lesson: Identify your assets
  • Lesson: Shop around
  • Lesson: Name names
  • Lesson: Sell your brand
  • Lesson: Get set
  • Lesson: Fire away
  • Lesson: Put the pressure on
  • Lesson: Play the game
  • Lesson: Up the ante
  • Lesson: The “Nuclear Option"
Module: Informational Interviews
  • Lesson: Doing your research before a meeting
  • Lesson: 11 key questions to ask in informational interviews
Module: Networking for the Long Run
  • Lesson: Key tips for long-term networking success
  • Lesson: Follow through
  • Lesson: Keep in touch
  • Lesson: Use LinkedIn
  • Lesson: Don’t burn bridges
  • Lesson: Developing a personalized plan
Module: Expert Videos
  • Lesson: Making a good first introduction
  • Lesson: Body language for networking
  • Lesson: Expert critique of elevator pitches
  • Lesson: Leading an informational interview
  • Lesson: How to ask executive-level questions
  • Lesson: Closing a conversation
  • Lesson: Finding a list of firms
  • Lesson: Finding a list of cold contacts
  • Additional Resources
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YES! No matter which point of your career you’re at, you need to be positioning yourself for the next thing. You never know when you may have the opportunity to realize your dream opportunity, and through whom it may come!