Our skills training programs are trusted across the Fortune 500 and have been utilized by thousands of happy employees. And our business partners leverage our reach – 3M+ readers & listeners per year – to control their brand narrative and source hard-to-find top talent.

Management Consulted Corporate Storytelling Training


Train your team to become captivating advisors, driving actions that matter.

Management Consulting Corporate Online Training

Excel/PPT Skills

Video-based Excel/PPT training to build models and communicate insights.


Drive engagement and keep attention through higher-impact delivery.

Management Consulted Fill Corporate Job Opening

Fill Job Openings

Source hard-to-find talent and get a filtered resume book.

Build Your Brand

Reach 3M+ new clients and potential staff per year.

Strategy Sprint

A 1-week experiential learning consulting engagement led by an expert team.

Comp Study

Ensure competitive comp via early 2024 intel on your competitors.

Management Consulted provides:

Unparalleled Reach – Management Consulted serves a global community of 3M+ readers and followers, so we constantly update best practices for both recruiting and training.

Customization – We use your team’s homegrown materials to teach key principles, so the learnings are directly applicable to your industry and function.

Quick Wins – Our pre-work and homework drive action, so your team immediately puts key learnings into practice.

Affordability – Despite the effort we put in to create uniquely curated experiences and content, our pricing fits budget for organizations with 20-20,000+ employees.