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Ascent (Private Equity)


Ascent Equity Group (AEG) is a private investment firm headquartered in Texas that strives to make controlling acquisitions, as well as provide operational leadership to companies. The firm’s focus its client base to companies ranging from one million to seven million of EBITDA. AEG offers services including capital for liquidity and expansion, as well as transitioning daily management responsibilities to the firm’s internal strategy team. AEG values ensuring legacy and reputation preservation, and creating value for stakeholders.

AEG mainly works with business owners that are looking to monetize their share in the company, and those who want to transition daily operating tasks. AEG has tested principals that assure smooth operational transitions and preserve legacy. The team is comprised of accomplished and professional investors, as well as entrepreneurs and business executives with extensive industry experience.


North America
  • Dallas
(214) 865-6070
3131 Turtle Creek Blvd
Suite 1001
Dallas, TX 75219
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