3 Tips for Written Case Interview

The written case interview, a fearsome adaptation of the regular verbal case interview. It can strike fear into the hearts of interviewees, especially if you’re so close to landing an offer. Never fear! Management Consulted gives you step by step tips on how to handle the written case interview. What to focus on, how to go about it, and evaluation the data. Watch the YouTube video or read the transcription to see Jenny Rae outline these 3 trips for the written case interview.

YouTube Transcription: 3 Tips For Written Case Interview

The Written Case Interview. When you hear those words and you’re coming into the final round of your entire interview process, they can sound like a death sentence. But the written case interview doesn’t have to be deadly if you know three main tips that will keep you on the right path.

Steps to Crush the Written Case Interview

  1. Only Read The Prompt

Number one. For the written case interview we recommend that when you get all of the information, usually it will be in a packet of information, that you only start by reading the prompts. This can help you avoid some major traps- ie. “paralysis by analysis”. And when you go through all of the information at the beginning of the case, you start with what they’ve given you, not with what you want. So start by reading just problems.

  1. Build A Structure As If In A Verbal Case Interview

Step number two is build a structure as if this is a verbal case interview. Talk about the areas that you would like to identify. Figure out what data you’d like to have to prove out your areas. And finally identify a hypothesis and what data you would need to prove a hypothesis. Once you have that structure in place, then and only then, you go to step three.

  1. Evaluate All Of The Information

Step three is to go through and evaluate all of the information that they’ve given you in the data format. Your job is to pull the data into a storyline. You have the framework from your structure but there’s only some data they give, so out of the data that they’ve given you that matches up with the data that you’re looking for in your structure, prioritize that. Build around it any new data analysis that you need. Oftentimes you’ll have to collect one or two slides and combine them together to make one insightful data piece. And finally wrap the story around it with an agenda with a key takeaway slide and with a next step slide.

Conclusion- 3 Tips For Written Case Interview

Ultimately if you follow these three steps, reading just the prompts in the beginning, identifying the specific structure that you want to use before you look at the data, and then layering the data into a storyline, you’re gonna succeed in the written cases. We hope that you enjoyed this video and if you’re interested in tips on how to succeed in case interviews across the board, reach out to us. We would love to help with expert coaching or other tools that we have on our site.

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