Accenture vs Deloitte

The battle between these two consulting giants continues to rage day after day: Accenture vs Deloitte. The two consulting powerhouses employee tens of thousands of consultants across the globe, and compete against each other across practice areas and sectors.

Of course, there are several similarities and differences between Accenture and Deloitte. In this article, we’ll compare the following:

  1. Accenture vs Deloitte Overview
  2. Accenture vs Deloitte Salary
  3. Accenture vs Deloitte Strategy Consulting
  4. Accenture vs Deloitte Technology Consulting
  5. Accenture vs Deloitte Digital

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Accenture vs Deloitte Overview

Accenture is a public company with over 477,000 employees worldwide. The company is massive and is primarily known for its specialty in all things technology. Accenture partners closely with Salesforce and provides several services surrounding digital transformation and hybrid IT. However, in recent years, the firm has made massive efforts to become a one-stop shop for clients, and offers offering strategy and management consulting services as well. However, strategy is not the core Accenture offering.

Deloitte is a privately held company with over 286,000 employees worldwide. Deloitte is known as the largest of the Big 4 accounting firms. They provide audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services. The company’s audit services were at one point the largest part of the business. Yet more recently, consulting has become the biggest source of revenue for the company. As it relates to consulting functions, Deloitte’s brand name will open up a greater quantity and variety of exit opportunities for you than Accenture will.

Accenture vs Deloitte Salary

Both companies offer competitive market salaries that don’t differ widely, regardless of the group. Salary also depends more on location (i.e. New York vs. Tokyo) rather than the firm when comparing against the same groups.

As a result, if you are fortunate to have offers from both firms, we recommend carefully considering the fit within each firm rather than just the compensation. Still, you can get an in-depth look at salaries from both giants in our 2023 Consulting Salaries Report.

Accenture Strategy vs Deloitte Strategy Consulting

Accenture Strategy is a relatively newer group that has nonetheless been expanding rapidly. Clients often choose Accenture strategy with a follow-on technology project in mind. This is great for the firm from a business perspective, and great for you if you have a passion for technology.

Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations (S&O) group is the jewel of the Big 4 giant’s consulting practice. The S&O practice is considered the most sought after group across all practices in Deloitte, which is saying a lot. In addition to challenging projects with top clients across industries, the group offers a solid path to MBA programs and great exit opportunities.

Accenture vs Deloitte Technology Consulting

Accenture’s Technology Consulting practice is its bread and butter. The company specializes in IT implementation but also provides services in hot fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. The group is one of the most selective groups at Accenture. It provides industry-leading experience for those interested in working with clients on technology projects.

Deloitte’s Business Technology practice consistently competes against Accenture’s Technology Consulting group for projects. Deloitte offers similar solutions and services as Accenture, but differs in the way it sells by using its complementary consulting groups (S&O and Human Capital) to convince clients to hire the firm over others.

Both firms offer great technology practices, but Accenture offers the larger organization and better track record.

Accenture Interactive vs Deloitte Digital

Accenture Interactive is the firm’s digital consultancy practice that fits under the broader technology group. The group is built to provide an end-to-end service to clients, starting from design innovation to marketing to building content to commerce. The group has a fantastic reputation and is a highly sought after group in the firm.

Deloitte Digital is a creative digital consultancy that competes with Accenture Interactive and has a slightly better and more established reputation. Deloitte offers a wide range of services, including analytics, strategic planning, creating digital experiences, brand amplification, operations optimization, and cybersecurity. You can’t go wrong with either practice if you’re looking to leverage both design and analytics to achieve results for clients.


Accenture vs Deloitte is not as simple as deciding with entity is better than the other. The answer depends on which practice areas you are targeting and the exit opportunities you want after you leave consulting. If you’re not sure which firm would be a better fit for you, book a Power Half Hour today. We’ll help you decide and build an application strategy to break in. One final similarity to be aware of: both firms do use case interviews, so be prepared!

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