5 reasons to sign up for a Management Consulting Bootcamp (registration now open!)

Have you been waiting for that big break; the prime opportunity to get a jump on your consulting career? It’s here! Management Consulted is taking consulting bootcamps on the road – live and delivered straight to you.


What is a Management Consulting Bootcamp? Does it sound like nerd camp to you?

First, a quick breakdown of our different options for Consulting Bootcamps –

  • Group
  • Private
  • Online

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Here are 5 reasons to sign up for one of our inaugural Group Consulting Bootcamps, featured in 5 cities over the next 6 months.

1) The price is unbeatable!

Nothing else on our site offers this combination of products and services at such a low price, and nothing else ever will. 

For the low price of $575, each participant receives a complete resume / cover letter edit ($350), the MC Book Bundle ($195) and 8 hours of group instruction (priceless).

Additionally, if you’d like to keep working with us on 1:1 interview prep, you receive a discount on one of our interview packages.

Our Bootcamps are just getting started, and we already plan to raise the price next year! Each year, we will be adding additional content, services, and value, so you can expect the price to go up.

2) We are limiting the group size to only 30 people.

Our goal is quality investment into individuals, not a distant radio broadcast. You, your history, and your career objectives are important to us!

We have limited each of our 5 Bootcamps in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Singapore to only 30 people each.

This small, intimate setting allows for valuable interaction between participants and the facilitator. You will get your questions answered, and will also have ample opportunity to get to know other high-performing peers.

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3) Peer learning increases your chances of success.

In one day with you, we are going to give you a TON of insider info, practice tips and practical demonstrations so you can ace your interviews! That’s a lot, so strap on your seat belts.

Here are the topics we prepare you to become an expert in:

The ultimate networking tool – your elevator pitch
Structuring the fit interview
Case Frameworks – becoming a case-opening expert
Case math and case closings
Developing a case practice plan

In addition to learning about it all, you’ll practice it with high-caliber peers. With our break-out sessions, you’ll leave owning the material and knowing how to use it to get that coveted offer.

4) Free Stuff!!

As soon as you sign up for a group bootcamp, we pack your inbox full of stuff.

Within 24 hours of registration, you receive access to the MC Book Bundle (The Interview Bible, The Networking Bible with the contacts database, the Case Bank, and the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Editing Bible). Why? The Bootcamp will take you way beyond these materials, but you need a good foundation to get started – and some things you should start on right away.

We also get you started on a resume and cover letter edit completed by the MC team before the date of the Bootcamp.

5) You get private access to us – in person.

You read our website; you have found our advice helpful; you have even e-mailed us questions specific to your situation. Now, you can meet us in person.

You get to interact with MC’s resident Case Interview Expert, Jenny Rae (who got an offer on the spot in her final round interview with Bain) and pick her brain on all things consulting by email and Q&A sessions, over coffee breaks and after class.

Additionally, you get to network with 29 other aspiring consultants. These individuals will become excellent resources on the career journey and will be your best case practice partners.

Ready to sign up? Choose your city!

New York (Sept. 8) – San Francisco (Sept. 21) – London (Oct. 26) – Sydney (Jan. 4) – Singapore (Jan. 11)

In addition to the Group Bootcamps, we offer Online and Private Bootcamps for groups and universities. Read more about them here.

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