Live Networking Seminar with Mergers and Inquisitions – Learn How To Get Your Foot In The Door Anywhere

We’re doing something new and exciting in the “networking arena” today.

Brian and I have agreed to record a live discussion answering your networking questions.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Comment below with your most urgent question(s) about networking and the job search process
  • Brian and I will choose the top 10-20 questions
  • We’ll record a live audio discussion of our answers – tackling both finance and consulting
  • We’ll post that mp3 on both sites in about a week (May 11 onwards) along with a text transcript

This means we need your questions! Feel free ask us anything networking and job search-related.

To get you started, here are some hot topics that people have been asking us lately:

  • From boutiques to Bain: How to “upgrade your firm” by meeting the right people
  • Firm events and mixers: How to stand out and make the right contacts when you only have one shot
  • Recruiters and gatekeepers: How to build relationships and make sure your resume gets reviewed
  • Backup plans B, C, and D: What to do when recruiting and lateral hiring fails, and how to keep your contacts warm for when the economy improves

Please comment below with your questions. We’d like this session to be a mix of beginner’s and advanced networking topics.

If you have a burning question that is not networking related, go ahead and comment anyway. We’ll probably throw in a few responses to non-networking questions for variety’s sake.

After our recruiting talks from last year, this is our first live discussion.

If all goes well, we’ll expand the format to other topics (eg, conquering interviews, editing resumes, experienced hire recruiting).

Looking forward to it!

*After a recent Q&A answer regarding LinkedIn, many of you emailed to ask for an extended tutorial on how to best use LinkedIn for the job search process. Expect a detailed post (may even publish it as a free ebook!) in the next few weeks and thanks for your continued feedback!

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