Ignyte Group

What happens when you integrate traditional management consulting with technology solutions? Well, you get Ignyte Group!

Ignyte Group is a boutique management and strategy consulting firm that provides data-driven recommendations and technology implementation to a wide range of clients and industries.

In this profile, we dive into all things Ignyte Group – from the firm’s business model, career paths, interview process, culture, and more.

Table of Contents:

  1. Ignyte Group Key Stats
  2. Ignyte Group History
  3. Ignyte Group Careers
  4. Ignyte Group Internships
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Office Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Notable Alumni
  11. Ignyte Group Culture
  12. Diversity Programs
  13. Ignyte Group Interviews
  14. Ignyte Group Salary

Ignyte Group Key Stats

  • Ignyte Group Website: https://ignytegroup.com
  • Ignyte Group Headquarters: Washington, DC
  • Ignyte Group Number of Employees: 50 employees
  • Ignyte Group Number of Locations: 1
  • Ignyte Group Chief Executive: Arman Shariati
  • Ignyte Group Revenue: $25 Million

Ignyte Group History

It is important to start with the firm’s history to better understand its business model and interviews (more on those later). Founded in 2014, Ignyte Group was founded in the nation’s capital – Washington, DC – when a group of consultants from some of the world’s most recognized consulting firms joined together to start their own firm.

Ignyte Group has differentiated itself in the industry with a more “modern” approach to strategy and problem-solving i.e., utilizing big data,Ignyte Group machine learning, and audience analysis.

Today, the firm works with a diverse roster of clients and industries. As such, Ignyte Group recruits candidates with experience not only in management, finance, and consulting, but also more technical fields like data science, computer science, and engineering.

Ignyte Group Careers

Creating space for new graduates, technical experts, traditional consultants, and industry experts alike, careers at Ignyte Group can include roles in tech consulting, product management, and management/HR/recruiting.

Pursuing a consulting career at Ignyte requires some background knowledge of digital platforms, business applications, and workflow management systems such as Appian and ServiceNow.

Knowledge of these applications corresponds to more specialized consulting careers at the firm, such as working as a ServiceNow Technology Consultant or an Appian Consultant. Given the firm’s investment in data science and engineering, more advanced knowledge in programming languages, machine learning, information technology, and user design work is also essential to successfully land jobs at Ignyte Group.

Ignyte Group Internships

In addition to full-time employment opportunities, Ignyte Group also offers internships for recent college graduates, such as the role of Business System Analyst. As a more general and introductory role, college seniors can use this position to learn more about conducting analysis and working with clients as part of a consulting team.

Practice Areas

Described as the firm’s “Services”, Ignyte Group practice areas focus on four key realms which relate to different aspects of consulting:


Ignyte Group works across industries. The six major Ignyte Group industries demonstrate the firm’s expertise in both the public and private realms:

    1. Government and Public Sector
    2. Healthcare
    3. Utilities
    4. Transportation
    5. Financial Services
    6. Higher Education

Office Locations

Ignyte Group has one office – the firm’s HQ is in Washington, DC.

Career Path

Creating a pathway for jobseekers interested in incorporating digital tools, information technologies, and data into the world of management consulting, the Ignyte Group career path offers unique opportunities for growth.

Embarking upon a career at the firm can lead you in multiple directions. That said, the following six roles reflect the standard pyramid structure you’ll find at most consulting firms:

    • Analysts – focus on collecting and analyzing data and sharing research to help support the consulting team.
    • Consultants – present information and insights to clients, while also mentoring junior team members.
    • Senior Consultants – manage the daily operations and project(s) of a consulting team to ensure the quality of their work and presentations.
    • Advisors – lead several consulting teams at the same time and often address the trickiest situations and problems.
    • Directors – ensure that the working environment is positive and productive for both employees and clients. They spend their time on both client delivery and business development.
    • Partners – prioritize client relationships and the future of the firm through creating strategy and making plans for continued firm growth.

The firm also has several “diverse capability teams.” These are more technical roles inside the firm that require deep skills in particular areas. There are both junior and senior roles available on these teams. These teams include:

    • Data Management Team
    • Digital Marketing and UX Team
    • Low Cost and Automation Team

Exit Opportunities

With the abundant opportunities for growth and development, you may never want to leave the firm – until you hear about exit opportunities at Ignyte Group. There are many opportunities for upward mobility both within and outside of the firm.

You could transition into a larger management consulting firm (most likely in the Big 4). If you’re targeting generalist roles, this won’t be easy, especially if you were in a specialized role while at Ignyte Group. However, if you spin your experience the right way on your resume and in networking conversations, it is possible. If you need help getting your resume ready for consulting applications, work with our expert editing team on a custom edit. We’ll re-write your experience in a way that consulting firms will resonate with.

In addition, due to its location in Washington, DC, and the fact that the firm offers multiple opportunities to work on government contracts, working at Ignyte can lead to opportunities in the public sector. Ignyte Group is also known for its work within the realm of technology systems and platforms, generating numerous exit opportunities for employees that want to pursue a career in big tech.

Notable Alumni

Given the many exit opportunities available after working at Ignyte Group, there are notable alumni in many different industries and companies. The following list is a quick snapshot of some Ignyte Group alumni and the career paths they embarked upon after leaving the company:

Ignyte Group Culture

No matter how tight knit the culture at Ignyte Group is (and it is), it’s still a consulting firm, which means that you can expect to work longer hours than the typical job (expect 50-60 hours per week). Still, the firm’s leadership does prioritize work-life balance, and the open communication channels to leadership enable consultants to work hard while ensuring work doesn’t overtake every facet of life.

The firm also offers opportunities for employees to spend time integrating into local Washington, DC culture through outings that leverage the city’s music, art, and food scene.

Overall, the firm is guided by four key values: design thinking, diversity and inclusion, multi-generational perspective, and employee owned and operated. Through a can-do attitude and a commitment to overcoming challenges and making change, the firm works hard to support employees and offer creative solutions to the most difficult client problems.

Through its focus on flexibility and innovation, employees are encouraged to design their own career path and working arrangement which promotes employee retention, internal growth, and development.

The firm touts a handful of statements about what the firm believes that do a good job of reflecting its culture:

  • We never say good enough
  • We never think it can’t be done
  • We aren’t bound by job description
  • We all innovate
  • We don’t play blame games
  • We only move forward
  • We manage expectations
  • We have both style and substance
  • We own challenges
  • We celebrate our work


    • Forbes America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, Forbes Magazine, 2021
    • #24 Best Boutique Consulting Firm by Vault.com, 2021
    • #7 Best Consulting Firm for Internal Mobility by Vault.com, 2021
    • Washington Business Journal Best Places to Work, 2020
    • Washingtonian Magazine’s Best Places to Work, 2020

Diversity Programs

Presented as one of the “Key Values” of the firm, Ignyte Group is invested in the importance of diversity and inclusion. Consequently, Ignyte Group diversity programs are focused on ensuring that all employees feel included within the firm, regardless of their identity or background. For example, the firm hosts an Ignyte Women’s Group which is focused on encouraging and creating opportunities for female employees.

Ignyte Group Interviews

Now that you have some background about the firm and its culture, let’s talk about interviews at Ignyte Group. Like other top-ranked consulting firms, interviews take place over multiple rounds of assessments. Generally, there are four types of interviews that prospective employees undertake:

  1. Phone Screening: This initial interview includes general questions about an applicant’s resume and background.
  2. Presentation interview: Depending on the position, some candidates are asked to complete a presentation case interview. This interview offers candidates the opportunity to display their communication and problem-solving skills.
  3. Case Interview: During a case interview, the candidate is tasked to solve a business problem which tests analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. Prepping for case interviews often requires weeks, if not months. If you’re not sure where to start, click here.
  4. Cultural Fit Interview: The final interview for the Ignyte Group is focused on getting to know an applicant’s personality and cultural fit. Make sure to practice your fit interview stories before walking into the interview.

Landing a position at Ignyte Group is a highly competitive process, so don’t go into the multi-round process unprepared – work with us on case interview prep!

Ignyte Group Salary

The Ignyte Group salary is on par with the average annual salaries for other boutique management consulting firms. The starting base salary for consultants at the firm is around $84,000 a year. Employees are also offered a generous benefits package that includes multiple weeks of paid time off, flexible working arrangements, comprehensive healthcare plans, bonuses, and awards.

View compensation for firms that compete with Ignyte Group in our consulting salaries report.


Want to work for this technology-enabled management consulting firm on the rise? Make sure your resume reflects the desired skills that Ignyte is looking for and that you’re adequately prepared for the firm’s tough interviews!


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