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Kin + Carta is a consulting firm with a focus on tech, data, and digital transformation, often working on apps and websites. It prioritizes forward thinking projects and clients with innovation in mind. As a B Corp, sustainability and planet-friendly practices are a priority for the firm. It has an emphasis on a close work community, family values, and offers great opportunities for experienced hires.

Kin + Carta

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  1. Kin + Carta Key Stats
  2. Kin + Carta History
  3. Kin and Carta Careers
  4. Kin + Carta Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Office Locations
  8. Target Schools
  9. Diversity Programs
  10. Exit Opportunities
  11. Kin + Carta Culture
  12. Kin + Carta Interview
  13. Kin + Carta Salary

Kin + Carta Key Stats

  • Firm Website:
  • Firm Headquarters: London, United Kingdom (Global Headquarters) and Chicago, Illinois (US Headquarters)
  • Firm Number of Employees: 1,800
  • Firm Number of Locations: 18
  • Firm Chief Executive: Kelly Manthey
  • Firm Revenue: $196.37 million
  • Firm Engagement Cost: $550,000 (Average deal size in the Americas)

Kin + Carta History

The company was founded in London as St Ives plc in 1964 by Bob Gavron as a printing company. It grew and changed under many different leaders, expanding its print services and reach. Gavron made several acquisitions throughout the 80s which secured St Ives’ place as the United Kingdom’s largest commercial printer. After acquiring Florida-based A.D. Weiss Printing, and changing its name to St. Ives Inc., Gavron had a route into the U.S. market and expanded into it. During the 90s, there was financial difficulty as the entire printing industry saw a shift in the medium for media consumption.

The firm made it successfully into the 2000s as a print company, but eventually changed its tune. In 2010, it had nearly rebranded itself as a marketing company, and by 2017, had sold most of its printing businesses. In October 2018, the name was officially changed to Kin + Carta plc as they released their entirely new business plan to the world, claiming the digital space and centering around technology. Kin + Carta also became the first publicly traded PLC on the London Stock Exchange to become B Corp certified.

Kin and Carta Careers

Kin + Carta is enthusiastic about hiring, and has a focus on experienced hires. On their careers page you can filter through open roles and explore what’s currently available in various locations.

Kin + Carta Internship

The firm doesn’t offer internships of its own, although it has sponsored programs like Code Platoon, which equips veterans and their spouses with the skills necessary to become software engineers.

Practice Areas

As we mentioned earlier, Kin + Carta primarily stays in the tech and digital world, which you can see from their list of services offered:

    • Cloud and Platforms
    • Data and AI
    • Digital Experiences
    • Digital Products
    • Managed Services
    • Strategy and Innovation


Though the work they do is mostly digital, they share those services with a variety of industries and fields:

    • Agriculture
    • Financial Services
    • Industrials
    • Insurance
    • Private Equity
    • Public Sector
    • Retail
    • Healthcare

Office Locations

    • Denver, United States
    • Portland, United States
    • Chicago, United States
    • New York City, United States
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Bogota, Colombia
    • Medellin, Colombia
    • Manchester, England
    • Liverpool, England
    • London, England
    • Bristol, England
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Athens, Greece
    • Pristina, Kosovo
    • Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Veliko Tarnavo, Bulgaria
    • Skopje, North Macedonia
    • Wroclaw, Poland

Target Schools

    • DePaul University
    • University of Buenos Aires
    • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • University of Illinois Chicago
    • UADE

Diversity Programs

They recently established their IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Awareness) program, which set in place clear markers and goals around these ideas. They have specific methods of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring which help to guard against any biases the firm may have.

Exit Opportunities

Kin + Carta would prepare you for IT or other technologically heavy roles, in consulting or otherwise. Leadership here knows how to create an environment where employees are satisfied, implying good people skills would likely be taught as well. Adaptability is embedded into the firm’s DNA, another strength that’s sure to be passed on.

Kin + Carta Culture

Their name says a lot about how the company wishes to present itself. Kin means family, carta means maps. They describe themselves as a “connected group of diverse individuals, mapping the future of technology, together.” They have diverse teams, believe in equitable pay, and work to foster a community environment among employees.
They’ve received the following awards related to company culture:

  • Consulting Magazine’s Best Large Firms to Work For
  • Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators
  • Training Magazine’s Top 100 Training Programs
  • Built In’s Best Large Companies to Work For
  • The Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplaces

Kin + Carta Interview

Interview experiences tend to vary in both length and difficulty, but typically there will be a recruiter interview, a behavioral interview, and a final round connected to the responsibilities of your specific position. This is especially true of those relating to software engineering or development, as they’re sure to have a technical, hands on interview where you’ll be asked to demonstrate your skill.

Interview questions are usually standard behaviorals, personal story, and technicals related to the position.

Kin + Carta Salary

  • Product Consultant: $91,760
  • Software Engineer: $161,896
  • Technical Consultant: $128,420
  • Technical Analyst: $71,444


A company built for an entirely different purpose than the one it exists to serve currently is one that can certainly adapt. With a rich history in the printing industry, Kin + Carta are a sterling example of having learned to pivot and be flexible, creating something new of themselves as they enter the digital age at its forefront.


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