A Thousand Words Consulting combines visual storytelling and an understanding of global development challenges to help inspire social change.

What would be the impact if your idea, project or research was presented in just one picture? Imagine how many more people would not just see it, but also understand – maybe even act?

In a world where attention is a scarce resource, visual communications is a powerful tool.  Our brains are wired to process images 60,000 times faster than words.  A page with a visual receives 94% more views than text. Pictures are also easier to understand and recall.

Wherever you work, whatever you’re working on, visuals can help your understanding and improve how people connect with your message and each other, which helps create dialogue and trust.

See the bigger picture …and change it

A Thousand Words Consulting was born out of a passion for social justice; curiosity about how people connect with questions to do with inclusion and development; and an obsession with black ink and sketchbooks.


I can support you ‘real-time’ or ‘off-air’, i.e. live graphic recording on a poster or a sketchbook in an event; or work with you over a period of time to help you articulate a theory, a concept or a framework visually; jazz up your client reporting with drawings or infographics; produce an illustrated academic abstract; or anything else to help you meet your dissemination or public engagement objectives. Check out my services to learn more. I love creative problem solving, so if you are looking for a solution, get in touch!

Photo credit: Nic Kane