self portrait jan 19 2I’m passionate about social development and I love drawing. But it took me over ten years herding cats and writing reports as a management consultant before I realised the power of combining the two. From doodling in meetings, I progressed to using bold visuals in reports. I noticed that people enjoyed looking at and sharing them, which is a lot to say for an annual report or a policy document. I’ve always worked with people from different disciplines, cultures and political alignments. In a room where everyone is  working hard to get their view across, I’ve found that by visually representing relationships between ideas, people start engaging with the drawings, which eventually become frameworks and anchor points for discussion. I have worked for large companies (PwC, Palladium International), the government and independently on health, local government, education and international development in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Nigeria, Peru and Cuba. I have a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Birmingham, a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Bristol and I’m currently doing a Master’s degree in Development Communications at Malmö University. I live in Bristol, UK.