Visual storytelling improves the way we connect with and collaborate on social issues.

It’s more than a pretty picture – it’s about better defining and understanding complex social issues and being more inclusive and engaging throughout the process.


Visual translation

Illustrations make messages more personal, approachable and easier to understand. Like translating to another language, I can translate a complex idea (such as a theory of change) or a difficult topic (such as social injustice) into a functional visual such as a sketchnote or a comic strip.  A hand-drawn picture can convey emotion and vulnerability in a non-intrusive way. Mixing the illustrations with data, will make a creative infographic that tells a story.  Clients also find value in the re-iterative and collaborative visualisation process itself, as it’s a very effective way to see gaps and relationships.  

The outputs can be used for visual academic abstracts, proposal documents, reports and other publications.


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Capture the message through live graphic recording

Graphic recording (or sketch noting) captures ideas and expressions— in words, pictures and colour—as they are being spoken in the moment.  Suitable for small meetings or large events, the drawings can help participants retain more information and reach a lot wider audience when shared on social media or incorporated in other materials. You will keep the original drawings as well as the digital versions, such as these. I can also be tweak and touch up on the outputs after the event to make them suitable for annual reports, for example.



Fantastic visual summary of our Bristol Green Capital Partnership gathering on the city’s carbon neutral ambition!

Ian Townsend, CEO, Bristol Green Capital Partnership


Thank you again, we all LOVED your drawing. It really spoke to all of us on the team!   

Laurie Denyer Willis, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Thanks so much for this – it’s really good and also really useful as it summarises what I was otherwise going to summarise myself in written form.

Anna Owen, Network Coordinator, South West International Development Network