Math practice for consulting is a must. All management consulting roles require a comfort with statistics, quantitative data, and data-based facts and recommendations. Since management consultants spend so much time working with numbers, analyses, charts, calculations and other math work, you will be tested on your mental math skills!

What Math Do I Need?

The written and mental math needed for consulting applications and case interview math examples will include:

  • Standard math, such as fractions, divisions, multiplication, percentage and other basic concepts. The math you encounter will involve business contexts, but accuracy and speed matter. Consulting case interviews do not permit the use of calculators, however. This is why practice is crucial!
  • Word problems. These may be similar to the word-based problems you encountered on the GMAT and other standardized tests. These may or may not include a business-based context.
  • Mental math, requiring you to do math on the fly. Often one of the most challenging components of the interview for candidates, this requires you to be able to answer math questions quickly and spontaneously, without turning to paper and pen.
  • Full-case questions. In these cases, you will be asked to review a more complex example with multiple types of data, and to answer different business math questions based on the one example.
  • Questions based on charts. You will be given charts or data in different forms and be asked to interpret the data.

How Can I Master Case Interview Math?

Simply practicing math problems at home may not give you the robust and comprehensive review of math you need for case interviews. Luckily, there is a resource ready for you to tap into: Management Consulted. Management Consulted is the global leader in helping talented candidates review resumes, prepare for case studies and interviews, and land management consulting jobs.

Management consulting jobs are extremely competitive, and working with Management Consulted can mean the difference between landing your dream position and barely missing the cut. When it comes to math, our Black Belt Deluxe package includes everything you need to master not just this area, but all parts of consulting interviews and case studies. With eight hours of 1:1 interview coaching included, as well as video courses, resume editing and more, Black Belt Deluxe is the personalized program you need to land that dream consulting offer.

Or, if you wish to focus only on math, Mental Math for Consulting is for you, with example questions, quizzes, hours of video lessons, and more. Tailored just for the kind of math you’ll need to navigate in a consulting interview, this stand-alone resource helps you practice real-world examples you’ll see in case studies and interviews. Don’t waste your time with general math problems when you can practice with exactly the types of math problems interviewers and firms employ.

If you want the most comprehensive and applicable guidance for consulting mental math so you can leave your calculator behind, contact Management Consulted today to find out why talented candidates choose us when they need consulting prep services.

Interview Training

Mental Math for Consulting
Our updated mental math course, Mental Math for Consulting, is just what you need if you're getting ready to face the toughest case interview of your life. Chock full of advanced math tips, tricks, strategies, and practice problems, with videos showing how we lay our math out on paper. Lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Having the Right Expectations for Consulting
  • Lesson 2: Left to Right Addition for Consulting
  • Lesson 3: Subtraction for AdditionLesson 4: Right to Left Addition
  • Lesson 5: Jenny Rae’s Chunk It Out Method
  • Lesson 6: Left to Right Subtraction
  • Lesson 7: Addition for Subtraction
  • Lesson 8: Left To Right Multiplication
  • Lesson 9: Subtraction for Multiplication
  • Lesson 10: Factoring for Multiplication
  • Lesson 11: Criss Cross Multiplication
  • Lesson 12: Left to Right Division
  • Lesson 13: Breakup Division Method
  • Lesson 14: Common Factors for Division
  • Lesson 15: First Multiply Division
  • Lesson 16: Common Factor Tips
  • Lesson 17: Building Blocks for Percentages
  • Lesson 18: Multiplication for Percentages
  • Lesson 19: Rule of 72, 70 & 69.3
  • Lesson 20: Growth Rates
  • Lesson 21: Market Growth
  • Lesson 22: Squaring Two or Three Digits
  • Lesson 23: Weighted Averages
  • Lesson 24: Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Lesson 25: Breakeven
  • Lesson 26: Payback Period
  • Lesson 27: Putting It All Together
  • Lesson 28: Profit (Addition & Subtraction)
  • Lesson 29: Margins (Percentages)
  • Lesson 30: Market (Multiply, Interest & Percentages)
  • Lesson 31: M&A (DCF & NPV)
  • Lesson 32: Conclusion
Additional Mental Math Expert Videos
  • Automotive Costs – Addition for Consulting
  • Jimmy’s Used Car Lot – Subtraction for Consulting
  • Tokyo Airport Terminal – Multiplication for Consulting
  • Big Boats – Division for Consulting
  • Beauty Accessory Manufacturer – Percentages for Consulting
  • Building Liquidation – Interest for Consulting
  • Amazon Teeth Whitening Seller – Squaring for Consulting
  • Beachfront Hotel – Key Equations for Consulting
  • Materials Manufacturer – Profit for Consulting
Overall, you get:
  • 9 Modules
  • 32 Video Lessons
  • Expert Videos - see us do the math on paper!
  • 6 Hours of video
  • 100's of practice problems
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 1 Final Test
  • 10K+ video and web-based math drills, including exhibit drills
  • Get your math skills up to speed with tricks used by top consultants
  • Learn how to answer any questions that you could face in an interview
  • Never worry about calculating tips at restaurants again!
Black Belt

Who is it for?

Mental Math for Consulting is for everyone who dreams of working at a consulting firm, but may be too scared of consulting math.

Mental Math for Consulting is for the talented student who wants to ace their case interviews but hasn’t exercised her mental math muscles since grade school.

As a consultant, numbers are your life. Whether it’s conducting market research, calculating ROI or figuring out weighted averages, you’re gonna be swimming in numbers.

Because of that, consulting firms want to know you can handle numbers with the best of them.

That’s why no consulting firm will let you use a calculator in your interview.

Mental Math for Consulting is for everyone who wants to let their interviewers know they have the quant skills to ace consulting math and make it as a top-performer.

How will it help?

When consulting firms are interviewing you, they’re trying to see if you have a grasp of the principles you’ll be using day in and day out as a consultant.

For most of you, once you got handed a calculator in grade school, you stopped using your brain to figure these problems out, which puts you at a huge disadvantage in consulting interviews.

Mental Math for Consulting will put you back in control as you get ready for your consulting interviews by catching you up on the years of mental math training you’ve missed.

Upon finishing you will know how to:

Deal with any math problem your interviewer puts before you.

ROI? Got it.

Weighted averages? Covered.

Breakeven point? That too.

And more.

What does it include?

  • 12 Modules
  • 32 Lessons
  • 9 Expert Videos – see us do the math on paper!
  • 6 Hours of video
  • 100’s of practice problems
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 1 Final Test!

Should I get Mental Math for Consulting?

Do you want to work at a consulting firm?

Do you rely on technology to do most/all of your significant math problems?

Do you want eliminate the risk of being totally blindsided in your interview?

Do you want to show your interviewers that you have the quant skills required to be a top notch consultant?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, Mental Math for Consulting is for you.

For more information on our math services offered, contact our team or shop online today!


YES! Even though you spend most of your days dealing with numbers anyway, your mental math skills can always use some fine tuning.

It’s something we see across the board, every single day, if you take a candidate’s calculator away, their math skills plummet.