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RAND Corporation

Santa Monica, California

The RAND Corporation’s history dates back to 1948, when it emerged as “Project RAND” by Douglas Aircraft Company executives in California. Its mission was to retain the collective expertise assembled during World War II and ensure the United States remained technologically advanced and secure against emerging threats.

Evolving into a nonprofit corporation, RAND significantly influenced U.S. policy during the Cold War, shaping nuclear doctrine and contributing to various areas, including the Space Race and social welfare programs. Today, RAND continues to conduct diverse research, spanning from artificial intelligence to disaster management, while maintaining its focus on international affairs and national defense.

Practice Areas

  • Children, Families, and Communities
  • Cyber and Data Sciences
  • Education and Literacy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Health, Health Care, and Aging
  • Homeland Security and Public Safety
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • International Affairs
  • Law and Business
  • National Security and Terrorism
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Equity
  • Workers and the Workplace


(703) 413-1100, ext. 5654
P.O. Box 2138 1776 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138
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