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ZS Associates

Chicago, IL

ZS Associates is a global management consulting firm, founded in 1983, offering services and insights in sales and marketing strategy, operations, and execution. ZS delivers both issue-specific solutions and large-scale business transformations in order to help companies increase sales.The firm is known for its downstream implementation capabilities and its insights in go-to-market and sales force strategies. The firm has over 35 years of experience and more than 7,000 ZSers across 25-pluss offices worldwide, who are committed to helping companies thrive.

The team at ZS associates enjoy solving complex problems. When Zsers take on projects they dissect things apart to see how they work, and they bring them back together with better strategy. The firm blends science and hands-on experience to tackle complex business challenges. The firm worlds closely with partners with clients at every stage to get at the root of their unique business  problems. ZS focusses on asking the right questions to discover strategic insights that lead to better decisions. The firm also builds new, cutting-edge technologies and operational processes in order to develop solutions that work in the market.

The firm serves a broad range of industries, offering services in the areas of consulting, technology, operations, software, and integrated solutions. Within these industries, the firm targets consumer and patient marketing, business technology, R&D excellence, value, and access.


Position Keywords

  • Associate
  • Consultant
  • Manager
  • Principal

Diversity Groups

  • Women@ZS and Women’s Leadership Initiative
  • Latinos/Hispanics@ZS
  • GLAZS (Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender at ZS)
  • ZS AZianS Forum


  • Bangalore
  • New Delhi
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Barcelona
  • Frankfurt
  • London Area
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Zurich
  • Buenos Aires
  • Sao Paulo
North America
  • New York Area
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Diego
  • Toronto Area
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
(312) 233-4800
Two Prudential Plaza
180 North Stetson Ave., 42nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
28 offices worldwide
Firm Profile

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ZS Associates Salary
Undergraduate/Master’s Consultant Salary
  • Base: $90,000 (Canada: C$85,000) (UK: £47,000) (Tokyo: ¥5,500,000)
  • Performance Bonus: up to $9,000 (UK: up to £3,500)
  • Total Cash: up to $99,000
  • Cost Of Living Adjustment: up to $18,000
  • PTO Vacation: 15 days
  • Relocation: up to $3,000 (Canada: up to C$3,000) (UK: up to £2,000) (Tokyo: up to ¥300,000)
  • Retirement: 3% match
  • Signing Bonus: up to $8,000 (UK: £3,000)
  • Tuition: up to $5,000
Undergrad Internship
  • $13,269 + up to $2,000 relocation bonus
Incoming MBA/PHD Consultant Salary
  • Base: $175,000 (PhD: $117,500)
  • Performance Bonus: up to $30,000 (PhD: up to $11,750)
  • Total Cash: up to $205,000
  • Cost Of Living Adjustment: up to $17,400
  • PTO Vacation: 15 days
  • Relocation: up to $5,000
  • Signing Bonus: $30,000 (PhD: $10,000)
  • Tuition: 2nd year tuition reimbursement for returning MBA interns
MBA Internship
  • $31,730 + $5,000 signing bonus + potential COL adjustment/relocation bonus