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Spaulding Ridge is a young consulting firm that aims to help businesses around the world accelerate operational efficiency by employing best-in-class cloud solutions. The firm primarily provides IT strategy, cloud implementation, and business transformation services to its cross-sector roster of clients.

In this firm profile, you’ll learn all you need to know about the firm’s work, culture, salaries, career path, and much more. Let’s explore Spaulding Ridge.

Spaulding Ridge

Table of Contents:

    1. Spaulding Ridge Key Facts
    2. Spaulding Ridge History
    3. Spaulding Ridge Careers
    4. Practice Areas
    5. Industries
    6. Office Locations
    7. Career Path
    8. Exit Opportunities
    9. Notable Alumni
    10. Diversity Programs
    11. Spaulding Ridge Culture
    12. Spaulding Ridge Interviews
    13. Spaulding Ridge Salary

Spaulding Ridge Key Facts

  • Spaulding Ridge Website:
  • Spaulding Ridge Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • Spaulding Ridge Number of Employees: 350+
  • Spaulding Ridge Number of Locations: 19
  • Spaulding Ridge Chief Executive: Jay Laabs
  • Spaulding Ridge Revenue: $83M

Spaulding Ridge History

Spaulding Ridge interview questions can often be quite technical, but knowing a bit about the firm’s history and culture can help you gain an edge.Spaulding Ridge

Founded in 2017, Spaulding Ridge has become a staple in technology consulting in a short time. Given the advances in cloud computing technology, Spaulding Ridge found a niche in helping companies identify which cloud service is best for them.

In 2018, the firm acquired Plan Rocket and Buan Consulting to enable it to deliver solutions around Anaplan and Salesforce. By 2019, Spaulding Ridge had 80+ employees, an office in Sweden, and could deliver NetSuite implementations.

By the end of 2021, the firm had 300+ employees, could deliver Managed Services at scale, and was operating in the Philippines, France, Australia, India, and Brazil. Quite impressive for such a young firm!

Spaulding Ridge Careers

Spaulding Ridge careers specialize in cloud computing. The firm hires both experienced candidates and folks straight out of undergrad, but the former category makes up the majority of new hires. In this section, we’ll explore careers at Spaulding Ridge in detail – we’ll start with practice areas.

Practice Areas

Broadly put, there are 5 practice areas at Spaulding Ridge:


The firm works across sectors, industries, and business functions (from supply chain to finance and accounting to procurement). The list of industries Spaulding Ridge serves includes:

    • Manufacturing
    • Oil & Gas
    • Energy
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Hospitality
    • Utilities
    • Retail

Office Locations

Spaulding Ridge office locations are almost evenly split between the United States and other countries around the world. See the full list of Spaulding Ridge offices below.

United States
    • Atlanta
    • Austin
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Houston
    • Minneapolis
    • New York City
    • Omaha
    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Calgary, Canada
    • Jaipur, India
    • London, UK
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Manila, Philippines
    • Paris, France
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Toronto, Canada

Career Path

The Spaulding Ridge Career path begins at Analyst. Many of the specific consulting positions at the firm link to technologies that the firm helps implement. A few examples:

    • Coupa Consultant
    • Change Management Consultant
    • DocuSign Consultant
    • NetSuite Consultant
    • OneStream Consultant
    • Higher Education industry Consultant
    • Utilities Industry Consultant
    • Salesforce Consultant

Most consulting positions have a natural next step as a Senior Consultant, which you hit after 2-3 years. After that comes Principal (another 3-5 years) and then Partner (2-5 years).

Exit Opportunities

Spaulding Ridge alumni have leveraged their experience into a variety of roles at top companies – in industry and in consulting – including IBM, Asana, Peloton, and EY. Most exit opportunities at Spaulding Ridge involve leveraging the skills/experience gained from the specialized nature of the work. For example, if you develop skills in Anaplan, a Spaulding Ridge client you’ve worked for or just a company in industry may recruit you to perform the same function in a more senior role.

However, this specialization can make exits trickier to navigate. If you’re looking to move into MBB, perhaps in a generalist position, you’ll face a tough road unless you have/make the right networking connections and ensure your resume showcases the transferable skills gained at Spaulding Ridge. You may have better luck applying to a cloud/digital-focused practice (example: McKinsey Digital).

Notable Alumni

Though the company is only a few years old, Spaulding Ridge has a growing list of notable alumni:

    • VP of Service Transformation and Commerce at Uptima
    • Senior Consultant at EY
    • Anaplan Senior Consultant at Slalom
    • Manager, Talent Acquisition Operations, Asana
    • Client Technical Specialist at IBM
    • Senior Bank Partnerships Associate at OppFi
    • Large Corporate Account Executive at OneTrust

Diversity Programs

Spaulding Ridge does have diversity programs in place that support gender equality in the workplace, but folks on the ground level say the firm has a lot of work to do in this area. Employees report a noticeable lack of gender diversity at the management level, despite the fact that the firm has supposedly made gender diversity a priority. Some of this will no doubt improve as the firm matures and is able to devote more resources to diversity, but for now, it’s got some ground to make up.

Spaulding Ridge Culture

Because of the firm’s age, the culture at Spaulding Ridge is still being shaped, which has its pros and cons. The pros? You get to help form it! However, that also means a lack of company culture (at least, for the moment).

In addition, the speed at which the firm is growing has resulted in growing pains. Senior consultants are often stretched thin between multiple projects, leading to a lack of support for junior consultants. Training opportunities for new hires are fairly rare, which can make the early days difficult to navigate.

That said, the firm is made up of smart and friendly people who will go out of their way to make you feel at home. Mentorship – formal and informal – is common at Spaulding Ridge for those that seek it out. And that’s the key phrase for anyone looking into a career with Spaulding Ridge – “seek it out.”

Entrepreneurial, self-motivated individuals – those who take ownership of their career growth – thrive at the firm. But the firm may not be the right fit for anyone expecting to be told what to do every step of the way.

Spaulding Ridge Interviews

Spaulding Ridge interviews are fairly standard for consulting, but with a greater focus on technical skills. Read below for insight into the Spaulding Ridge interview process and how to prepare.

Spaulding Ridge Interview Process

The Spaulding Ridge interview process is lengthy but focused, consisting of four rounds.

    • R1: screening call
    • R2: cultural fit interview
    • R3: technical skills interview
    • R4: skills/behavioral combo interview with Director/Partner or recorded video interview

The first two rounds are primarily looking at previous experience and the ways a candidate’s background meshes with the firm’s culture. Round 1 is an initial introduction with a recruiter to get to know you and make sure your background matches the needs of the role being applied to. Round 2 is a cultural fit interview. Here, Spaulding Ridge is assessing if your personality and work style will mesh with the firm. Expect a number of behavioral interview questions with a department head.

Round 3 is a skills-focused interview, involving a case interview or technical questions relevant to the role and department. Round 4 is a final interview to ensure the candidate is a fit from a skills and behavioral standpoint. This interview is either with a senior team member (Director or Partner) or a recorded video interview. Common questions include:

    • What do you find most helpful when working on a project?
    • Why do you want to work for Spaulding Ridge?
    • How do you manage tasks with no direction given?
    • What was a failure you’ve experienced?
    • How do you fit the profile of someone who is humble, hungry, and smart?

Work with our team to prepare for Spaulding Ridge interviews. We’ll help you build an interview prep plan then work with you to execute on the plan.

Spaulding Ridge Salary

Salaries at Spaulding Ridge are competitive with the market at-large. The average Spaulding Ridge salary at the entry-level is ~$77,000 (base pay). Click here to see our Consulting Salaries Report.


If you’re sold on a career with Spaulding Ridge, apply today. If you want to give yourself the best chance of landing an interview and eventually an offer, work with our expert team to prepare your resume and cover letter for applications. Over 2 rounds of custom edits, we’ll call out the relevant transferable skills you have that make you a stand-out candidate.


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