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Paris, France

Avencore is a specialized consulting firm focusing on performance improvement and cost optimization. It primarily serves multinational and mid-market industrial companies grappling with competitiveness challenges on an international scale. Founded with the goal of providing targeted consulting expertise in cost reduction across various industries, Avencore stands out as a one-stop solution for industrial competitiveness. The firm uniquely combines broad-based consulting capabilities with specialized industry-specific practices, enabling it to offer novel business solutions and adapt existing ones that have proven effective in different sectors.

Avencore operates across diverse industries, including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Rail, Energy and Environment, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Process Industries, and Consumer Goods. This wide-ranging expertise underscores their ability to address complex challenges in various sectors with a global outlook.

As a boutique consulting company, Avencore’s core focus has remained on cost reduction, but its services have expanded to encompass a broad range of performance and cost optimization projects. The firm is known for providing fresh perspectives on complex situations, challenging existing consensuses, and keeping abreast of the best industrial practices. Avencore’s approach involves close collaboration with clients’ multidisciplinary teams and external partners to design and implement tailored solutions.

Avencore has a global presence, leading projects throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, with offices in New York, Paris, Düsseldorf, and Shanghai. Their projects consistently yield concrete, measurable improvements in clients’ bottom lines.


  • Shanghai
  • Düsseldorf
  • Paris
North America
  • New York Area
Avencore Salary
Undergraduate/Master’s Consultant Salary
  • Base: $100,000
  • Performance Bonus: up to $25,000
  • Total Cash: up to $125,000
  • PTO Vacation: 21 days
  • Relocation: up to $10,000
  • Signing Bonus: $15,000