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Stern Stewart & Company

New York, NY

Stern Stewart & Co. is an independent boutique firm that delivers leading businesses with strategy transformation. The team at Stern Steward is deeply entrepreneurial, filled with independent thinking personalities – offering cutting edge know-how. The firm advises clients in transaction, strategy, performance, and transformation. The firm also has a think tank – the Stern Stewart Institute – continually thinking economics, business, politics, and technology with significant leaders at its Annual Summit.

The firm’s capabilities are grouped into four primary categories: strategy, operations, finance, and governance. The professionals at the firm are focused on creating value, applying the firm’s methodologies to clients in a variety of industries — serving over 800 clients in both the public and private sectors. Some of the firm’s clientele include: Briggs & Stratton, the U.S. Postal Service, Whole Foods, Credit Suisse, AB Inbev, Best Buy, Coca Cola, Hertz, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Herman Miller, Siemens, Sony, and the Williams Companies. 

Clients rely on the firm to maximize value over time, creating a surplus to be invested elsewhere in society – creating additional job opportunities and income for those who would not otherwise have the ability to earn it. The firm’s mission is to create value that enhance the general welfare. The research that is conducted by the firm has found that those who have implemented its Value Based Management system have both created more jobs and delivered greater returns to shareholders as compared to a control group. 

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