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Chicago, IL

Strategos is a boutique strategy and innovation consulting firm with offices around the world. The firm’s philosophy is to make innovation systemic and at the heart of a business in order to deliver results and engage employees. The firm defines cutting-edge strategies for its clients and develops opportunities to build a culture and capacity for innovation. Strategos strongly believes that innovation is the key to developing and preserving a successful business.

Even though the firm is seemingly small, Strategos works on big challenges. The firm has over 30 seasoned professionals across multiple locations, working primarily with corporate clients on a variety of innovation topics and challenges. The firm delivers compelling strategies backed by faster results, a healthy avenue of new products and services, big ideas, enterprising and productive employees and innovative business models. The firm serves 25 out of the 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as other members of the Fortune Global 500. The firm’s clients span the business spectrum, with clientele such as Roche Diagnostics Applied Materials, Nokia, Whirlpool Corporation, and Royal Dutch/Shell.

Associates at the firm aim to help business outperform their industry rivals, working closely with clients to identify, develop, and implement profitable growth opportunities and game-changing business strategies. The firm believes that enduring processes and capabilities can be made to reduce the risks associated with new services, products, and business ventures. Combining business acumen of experienced executives, and the creativity of an innovation specialist – the firm places companies on the path to profitable and sustainable growth.

Specialties of the firm include: New business creation, Enterprise Capability Development, Strategy, Innovation, New product and service development, and Corporate Incubation.

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North America
  • Chicago
(312) 655-0826
820 West Jackson Blvd.
Suite 525
Chicago, IL 60607
1 U.S. office, 5 International
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