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Triangle Insights Group is a strategy consulting firm focused on meeting the needs of clients in the life sciences industry, with a focus on the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology end-markets.

In this in-depth Triangle Insights Group Firm Profile, we’ll explore the inner workings of the firm, covering what you need to know about its careers, culture, salaries, interview process, and much more.

You’ll walk away from this article with a much deeper understanding of Triangle Insights Group and why it is different from the many other life sciences consulting firms out there. Enough with the extended introduction – let’s jump in!

Triangle Insights Group

Table of Contents:

  1. Triangle Insights Group Key Stats
  2. Triangle Insights Group History
  3. Triangle Insights Group Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Triangle Insights Group Locations
  7. Career Path
  8. Triangle Insights Group Internships
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Triangle Insights Group Culture
  11. Triangle Insights Group Interview
  12. Triangle Insights Group Salary
  13. Target Schools

Triangle Insights Group Key Stats

  • Triangle Insights Group Website:
  • Triangle Insights Group Headquarters: Durham, NC
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • Number of Locations: 3
  • Triangle Insights Group Chief Executive: Founding Partner-led*
  • Triangle Insights Group Revenue: $9M

*Triangle Insights Group founding partners are current firm leaders Gautam Aggarwal, Christopher Apolito, and Barrett Rankin.

Triangle Insights Group History

Triangle Insights Group interview questions will be easier to answer if you know a bit about the firm’s history. So, let’s dive into the firm’s short history!

It was founded in April 2013, and the founding partners mentioned above are all experienced strategy consultants whose backgrounds include Campbell Alliance, Mercer, Boston Consulting Group, and Boston Healthcare.

The firm was founded to operate exclusively in the life sciences space, hence its presence in the famed Research Triangle of North Carolina. Since 2013, Triangle Insights Group has quickly grown its reputation as a premier provider of consulting services in this niche space.

In 2022, the company was purchased by Mercalis (formerly TrialCard Inc), an end-to-end commercialization partner for life science companies. While part of the larger organization, Triangle Insights remains a distinct, separate entity operating as the company’s strategy consulting arm.

The influx of capital and operational synergies gained from the acquisition will allow Triangle Insights to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Triangle Insights Group Careers

Triangle Insights Group careers involve exciting work helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms address their most important strategic issues. You’ll conduct analysis and solve problems related to market access, commercial execution, portfolio strategy, and more.

Triangle Insights Group has career opportunities for both students and experienced professionals. It has clear and separate paths for those with undergraduate degrees or non-MBA masters, as well as for those with advanced degrees like PhD/PharmD/MD or an MBA.

Like most consulting firms, the Triangle Insights Group organizational hierarchy is pyramidal – with a large team of strategy analysts and associate consultants at the bottom. As you move up the pyramid towards partners, roles become more focused on managing internal teams, influencing clients, and business development.

Search for open roles here.

Triangle Insights Group Practice Areas

Triangle Insights Group provides a wide range of strategic advisory services to pharma and biotech companies. Its direct clients can be investors, CEOs or other senior leaders, M&A heads, or commercial leaders.

It addresses the most critical business issues life sciences organizations face. The firm covers every therapeutic area – more than 150 indications – and the entire pharma lifecycle. It leverages primary research to inform strategic problem solving for multiple pharma technologies, from specialized gene-editing and orphan drugs to more standard dermatology or primary care therapies.

Described as the company’s Services, Triangle Insights Group practice areas include:

    • Pricing and market access
    • Cell and gene therapy
    • New product strategy development and planning
    • Due diligence for potential M&A
    • Prioritizing R&D initiatives
    • Commercial assessment and strategy
    • Commercial execution
    • Portfolio strategy
    • M&A transaction support
    • Stakeholder market research
    • Partnership opportunity identification
    • Value determination and pricing

Triangle Insights Group Industries

The firm works with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and private equity companies across all therapies, as well as diagnostics and medical device companies.

Triangle Insights Group Locations

Triangle Insights Group locations now include three cities in the United States.

      • Durham, NC (HQ)
      • San Francisco, CA
      • New York, NY (newest and smallest office)

San Francisco and New York are much smaller offices than HQ and house fewer firm leaders for networking opportunities, however they do afford great flexibility.

Career Path

Triangle Insights Group is a meritocracy. A typical career path will have you conducting primary research, data analysis, and presenting both written and verbal recommendations at a junior level. As an analyst or consultant, you’ll contribute to every aspect of project execution. Here’s the typical career path at Triangle Insights:

    • Strategy Analyst – In this entry level role, you’ll spend time gathering and evaluating data and may conduct interviews. This is where undergraduates, non-MBA master’s, and those with little experience start at the firm.
    • Associate Consultant – This role is like the Strategy Analyst, but is filled by those with PhDs, PharmD, and MDs. It makes use of the advanced technical expertise implied by these degrees.
    • Strategy Consultant – In this role you’ll begin to play a key role in front of clients and may also be asked to manage those below you. It’s an MBA-level position more senior than “Associate Consultant.”
    • Engagement Manager – At this level, you manage and deliver entire projects.
    • Principal – Between manager and partner lies the principal, who will oversee multiple projects and maintain key client relationships.
    • Partner – At this level, you are primarily responsible for extending relationships with existing clients and conducting business development.

Triangle Insights Group Internships

Triangle Insights Group offers three internship programs, one at the undergraduate level (Strategy Analyst), one for those with non-MBA advanced degrees (Associate Consultant), and one for MBA candidates (Strategy Consultant).

Triangle Insights Group internships offer a chance for candidates to work on real firm projects and get a truly hands-on experience aimed at future full-time employment.

Exit Opportunities

Triangle Insights Group exit opportunities are robust. Certainly, you’ll be able to find a role at one of the firm’s many clients in the life sciences industry. However, there are other options as well, including pursuing a life sciences-focused role at a larger firm. If you want to break out of life sciences consulting and into a more generalist role, it will be difficult. But in fact, your consulting experiences at Triangle will be very relevant.

You will have built valuable analytical chops as well as problem solving and communication skills. You will have to clearly communicate your experience in a way that those firms care about, highlighting your elite consulting skillset.

Other Triangle Insights exit opportunities include moving into private equity, venture capital, or hooking up with a start up in the biotech space.

Notable Alumni

Given the firm was founded in 2013, Triangle Insights group notable alumni are few and far between. But as time goes on, don’t be surprised to see firm alumni in important life sciences industry leadership positions.

Triangle Insights Group Culture

As a smaller and younger consulting firm, Triangle Consulting Group has a highly entrepreneurial bent to it.

It is a uniquely hands-on place, meaning that there is almost always heavy involvement of firm leadership in project and internal activities. The firm is also distinguished by its commitment to client service and customization. The culture rejects “cookie cutter” approaches in favor of bespoke, customized solutions intended to address the specific situation at hand.

Finally, Triangle Insights Group has built a reputation for being friendly, collegial, hard-working, and analytical. High performers are rewarded appropriately and able to move up the ladder at an accelerated pace. Almost all non-founding partners have been promoted from within.

Triangle Insights Group Interview

Now that you know more about the culture and the work you’ll do, it’s time to think about the Triangle Insights Group interview. Like the recruiting process at most management consulting firms, Triangle Insights Group interview is a multi-step process that takes around a month from start to finish.

Round 0: Browse open positions and apply online. You’ll need a completed cover letter and a resume to upload.

Round 1: Standard phone screen with an HR representative to clarify your background relative to the firm’s needs.

Round 2: Behavioral interview and mini-case with an experienced team member to better understand background/experience as well as casing skills.

Round 3: Mix of written case interviews and behavioral interviews. The case interview is both verbal and written, and will test your analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills. During the behavioral interviews, note that the senior leaders of the firm are interested in your scientific acumen as well as your ability to thrive in a strategy role.

The interview process is not easy – only a few candidates get an offer out of thousands that apply. Those who work with our expert team of interview coaches exponentially increase their chances of success for the behavioral and case parts of the Triangle Insights Group interview.

Triangle Insights Group Salary

The Triangle Insights Group salary is comparable to similar firms, and as you might expect, quickly rises over the course of a career. The base salary (bonuses excluded) at the entry-level Analyst role starts out around $80,000, but by the time you are an Engagement Manager, you could be earning closer to $250,000.

The firm gives merit-based increases and performance bonuses twice per year each. The 401K plan includes employer match and profit-sharing components.

Target Schools

Triangle Insights Group target schools include the following:

  • Duke University
  • Emory University
  • University of California – Los Angeles
  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC)
  • University of Virginia
  • Yale University

However, the firm encourages all interested applicants to apply online.

Diversity Programs

Triangle Insights Group diversity programs reflect the firm’s commitment to making a difference in communities. Diversity, equity, opportunity, and inclusion is a primary concern for firm leadership and strongly influenced by internal, consultant-run committees.

Despite its size, the company has separate affinity groups for Black, Asian, and female-identifying employees, promoting mentorship and professional growth.


As one of the fastest growing life sciences management consulting firms in the United States, The Triangle Insights Group offers a unique opportunity to combine strategy and growth consulting with an interest in life sciences.

After a few years at the firm, you’ll have built a well-rounded base of skills that sets you up well to continue working in consulting, go deeper into life sciences, or shift into industries like private equity or venture capital. If that intrigues you, get your application ready and get prepared for the tough interviews with the help of MCs experienced team.


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