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Vivaldi Group

New York, NY

Vivaldi is a global strategy firm, based in New York City, that helps companies solve complex business challenges by combining the creativity of design thinking with the discipline of strategy. The firm helps leading organizations strengthen their brands, enter new markets, drive new business models, and transform industry dynamics. Vivaldi does all this with a primary focus on a demand-first, customer-centric approach.

Since the founding of the company in 1999, Vivaldi has worked on hundreds of brand strategy projects globally, and has been recognized for developing key principles of brand growth in the process. Vivaldi uses its methodologies within innovation, brand, UX, and organizational challenges. The firm uses a combination of traditional management consulting with cutting edge concepts, such as design thinking, to drive actionable strategies to clients. These strategies cover new market development, in-market performance optimization, brand development, and new business model creation.

The team of professionals at Vivaldi is composed of brand experts, research analysts, digital strategists, and product designers. The firm’s global leadership team prides itself on continually remaining hands-on in each one of its projects. The leading minds at the firm regularly publish thoughtful insights on the branding and marketing industries, penning books and articles on consumer insight, brand strategy, and marketing. The founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, is a prolific writer, he’s published articles in the Journal of Marketing, the Sloan Management Review, Journal of Marketing Research, and the Harvard Business Review. The firm aims to write the next chapter on the future of brands and business, emphasizing how shifts in technology and consumer behavior create new growth opportunities.

The clientele of the firm includes large, Fortune 500 organizations, including Samsung, American Express, Schindler, LEGO, Swarovski, PepsiCo, Jägermeister, Procter & Gamble, Telefonica, and BMW. 

Specialties of the firm include: Content strategy, Influencer marketing, Social marketing, Marketing, Organization & Culture, workshops, customer empathy, design-thinking, Insights, Consulting, Branding & Marketing, Data & Analytics, Design & Experience, business strategy, branding, content, Innovation, creative agency, ux, digital marketing, brand strategy, digital strategy, Growth, Platform Strategy, Brand Strategy, b2b agency, and b2b branding.

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List of names and email addresses here: https://vivaldigroup.com/en/people/

The Business of Platforms Podcast: https://vivaldigroup.com/en/podcasts/business-of-platforms/


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