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The only PPT course in the world tailored to consulting. This course won’t teach you how to use PowerPoint the program, but will teach you to build consulting-worthy slide decks. We deconstruct the process of building a killer deck, and share best practices from McKinsey, Bain, BCG and more. Get ready to build decks that will drive executive action. Over 30 lessons and ~7 hours of teaching, the course covers:

Module 1: How PowerPoint is Used in Consulting
  • How PowerPoint is Used in Consulting
  • Foundations of Powerful PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint for Consulting 101
Module 2: Structure – The Foundation of a Successful Deck
  • PowerPoint Structure
  • Story Planning
  • Workstreams from a Manager’s Perspective
  • Slide Deck Best Practices
  • Pyramid Principle Background
  • Pyramid Principle…Principles
  • Pyramid Principle Application
  • MECE
Module 3: PowerPoint Format – Making a Great Looking Deck
  • PowerPoint Format
  • Elements of Consulting Slides
  • Navigating around PowerPoint
Module 4: Data Visualization
  • Consulting Insights
  • 3 Types of Consulting Visuals
  • Data Slide Deep Dive
  • Emphasis for Storytelling
  • Finalizing Client-Ready Decks
Module 5: Developing Presentation Mastery
  • Presenting to Executives
  • Solo vs Group Presentations
  • 3 Tips for Advanced Presentation Technique
  • 6 Tips for Presentation Success
Module 6: Firm Specific Presentation Styles
  • 6 Differences in Firm Presentation Styles
  • McKinsey Style Presentations
  • BCG Style Presentations
  • Bain Style Presentations
  • Deloitte Style Presentations
  • Assimilating to Firm Style
  • Developing Presentation Mastery
Module 7: Solving the Written Case Interview
  • Written Case Overview
  • Expert Video 1 – Electric Bus Co. Case Overview
  • Expert Video 2 – Creating Structure for the Presentation
  • Expert Video 3 – Tackling the Data Analysis
  • Expert Video 4 – Developing the Story
  • Presenting a Written Case
  • Expert Video 5 – Practicing and Modifying the Presentation (Bain-style)
  • Expert Video 6 – Presenting the Electric Bus Co. Deck
Module 8: Additional Resources for PowerPoint

  • The Electric Bus Company Presentation
  • PowerPoint for Consulting shortcuts (PC & Mac)

The course is filmed in Office 2016 for Mac. Shortcuts, tips, and tricks for both PC and Mac are called out. You receive a certificate of completion at the end!

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The only PPT course in the world tailored to consulting – get ready to build decks that will drive executive action.

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