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Ducker Carlisle

Troy, MI

Ducker Carlisle is a global consulting and M&A advisory company, renowned for its comprehensive insights, benchmarking, and strategic solutions. The firm was founded by William H. Ducker in 1961 as a premier research and consulting organization, initially focusing on bespoke research and analytics in complex, industrial markets. William H. Ducker recognized an unmet need for independent market, competitive, and customer insights, especially in B2B industries, a vision that has established the company as a pioneer in industrial market research​​.

Over 60 years, Ducker Carlisle has grown to provide a wide array of services and has a significant global presence, with offices in the United States, France, Germany, England, India, and China. The firm specializes in custom market research, growth consulting, and M&A transaction support services. Their work is particularly focused on sectors with complex business dynamics, supply chains, competitive landscapes, and customer demands​​.

Ducker Carlisle offers a continuum of capabilities to solve complex problems for its clients. Their services include research intelligence and analytics, insights, data and benchmarks, strategy and consulting, pricing solutions and implementation, M&A transaction support, and supply chain operations. They cater to various industries, providing strategic support and expertise to a diverse range of sectors globally. These industries include automotive and transportation, building and construction, healthcare, heavy equipment, industrial sectors, and private equity​​.

The company’s approach is rooted in leveraging over 60 years of experience and proprietary data to enhance revenues, improve margins, and mitigate risks for clients in the shifting global economy. Ducker Carlisle prides itself on its deep industry expertise, analytical capabilities, and a data-driven approach, yielding proven results for its clients​​. Their team of over 175 members works on more than 350 annual projects, leveraging over 10,000 proprietary data points to deliver meaningful results and drive profitable business decisions​​.


  • Bangalore
  • Shanghai
  • Berlin
  • London Area
  • Paris
North America
  • Boston
  • Detroit
1250 Maplelawn Dr., Troy, MI 48084
Ducker Carlisle Salary
Undergraduate/Master’s Consultant Salary
  • Base: $86,000
  • Total Cash: up to $86,000
  • Signing Bonus: $5,000