Growth Strategy Case Interview

Growth strategy case interviews are an evaluation process that measures a candidate’s aptitude for crafting effective growth plans. This interview method, employed by renowned consulting firms, serves as a litmus test for individuals aspiring to excel in the consulting industry. It is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to overcome obstacles, identify opportunities, and chart a course for a company’s expansion.

Growth Strategy Case Interview

What Is a Growth Strategy Case Interview?

In a Growth Strategy Case Interview, candidates are presented with real-world business scenarios in which a company is facing declining growth or encountering an obstacle that is slowing growth. The candidate’s goal is to evaluate the company’s current situation, determine the problem that is impeding growth, and generate ideas for solving the problem for the company. This type of interview assesses how well you can identify opportunities, tackle challenges, and drive an organization’s growth.


What Is The Overall Process?

The process of a growth strategy case interview involves several stages. It begins with the presentation of a business scenario or problem that a company is facing. This scenario is often a reflection of real challenges businesses encounter when seeking to expand their operations or address growth-related issues.

Candidates are required to analyze the situation, reviewing all available information and data, and then formulating a structured approach to address the problem. They must consider various aspects, including market dynamics, competitive landscape, financial implications, and potential risks.

The key insight that the interviewer is looking for the candidate to identify is the root causes of the growth-related challenges. Once this has been determined, the interviewer will expect the candidate to develop a clear growth strategy that overcomes those obstacles. This strategy should not only drive growth but also be realistic and feasible for the given business context.

Throughout the interview, interviewers evaluate your thought process, the logic behind your decisions, your ability to structure your approach, and your communication skills. Effective communication is essential as you need to convey your insights and recommendations clearly and convincingly.

How to Solve A Growth Strategy Case Interview

Solving a growth strategy case interview requires a structured approach. Here are some key steps to help you succeed:

  1. Search for the Problem

Pay close attention to the case prompt and any additional information provided. Understanding the problem that the company is facing is the first step to finding a solution.

  1. Create a Comprehensive Framework

There are many reasons why a company could be facing growth issues. You should create a framework that identifies as many problem areas as possible based on the information you are given in the prompt.

  1. Analyze Relevant Data

Ask for the information that you believe will be most pertinent and then allow the interviewer to lead you towards the problem. If your first hypothesis is not correct, then let the interview guide you towards the correct issue at hand. Use the information that the interviewer provides to analyze the situation. Break down the problem into its components and identify key issues.

  1. Generate and Evaluate Options

Determine creative and effective solutions to the problem that you see the client is facing. Assess the pros and cons of each solution and choose the one that best addresses the problem.

  1. Communicate a Path Forward

Present your findings and recommendations in a clear and structured manner remembering to address the initial problem that was identified in the case prompt and clarifying questions.

Growth Strategy Case Interview Examples

To gain a better understanding of growth strategy case interviews, let’s explore a few examples of prompts that you might see that indicate a growth strategy case:

Market Expansion:

A small company that develops navigational software used in cars is looking to expand into new markets. How would you advise them on the best approach, considering factors like market research, competition, and customer demographics?

Product Diversification:

A business is in the interior design industry and is considering diversifying its product offerings. What factors should they consider, and what recommendations would you provide to ensure a successful expansion?

Pricing Strategy:

A dog food company is facing declining sales due to pricing issues. How would you analyze their pricing strategy and suggest potential improvements?

These prompts address varying problems in different industries, but they are all focused on the idea of company and revenue growth. Each prompt will require the interviewee to think critically about industry dynamics and possible solutions to the problems.

Case Interview Growth Strategy Framework

A crucial aspect of acing a growth strategy case interview is having a well-defined framework. A growth strategy case interview framework is your roadmap for approaching these complex problems. It typically includes some combination of the following areas:

1. Understanding the Current State. Analyze the company’s current situation, including its market, competitors, and financial performance.

2. Identifying Growth Opportunities. Explore potential growth opportunities, such as market expansion, new products, or strategic partnerships.

3. Risk Assessment. Evaluate the risks associated with each growth strategy and propose ways to mitigate them.

4. Execution Considerations. Once the correct solution to the problem is chosen, what tangible steps will need to be taken to execute on the proposed plan.

5. Financial Analysis. Assess the financial impact of your recommendations, including revenue projections, cost analysis, and return on investment.


In a nutshell, being able to nail the growth strategy case interview is a must for anyone that is interviewing for a consulting position. It’s an exercise that tests your problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and your ability to explain your ideas clearly. To ace it, you’ve got to practice the flow of the case and get comfortable with the process. Remember, it’s not just about finding the right answer; it’s about showing off your knack for tackling complex issues and thinking strategically.


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