FMG Leading Firm Profile

FMG Leading is a San Diego-based consulting firm that specializes in integrated human capital development. This means human capital development based on leader quality, team execution, and strategy and culture. The firm partners with its clients to design and implement performance roadmaps for the betterment of human capital.

If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in healthcare, private equity, tourism and hospitality, or professional services—you’ll want to continue reading. In this article, we’ll help you figure out if FMG Leading is the right place to begin your consulting career.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: FMG Leading
Firm Headquarters: San Diego, CA
Firm Number of Employees: 50-100
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Dr. Matt Brubaker
Firm Revenue: $5-25 million

FMG Leading History

The FMG Leading history begins with the company’s founding in 1984 by Dr. Foster Mobley, who now acts as Chairman Emeritus. FMG Leading was originally called the Foster Mobley Group but re-branded in 2013. The firm partners with healthcare-focused executives, boards, and investors to build human capital needed to apply strategies. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of the bigger institutions that has partnered with FMG Leading.

FMG Leading Careers

FMG Leading careers should be enticing for any aspiring consultant who’s interested in working in the healthcare industry. And even if the healthcare industry isn’t your focus, the emphasis on corporate and financial strategy, as well as teamwork, will provide you with a versatile skill set for launching a consulting career.

In this section, we gather all the info you’ll need to determine if a FMG Leading career is right for you.

FMG Leading Internships

There is currently no available information about any upcoming FMG Leading internships. As of November 2023, the Team page does not include any interns, and the Careers page says that they do not have open positions. Keep checking back to see whether a FMG Leading internship program becomes available.

Practice Areas

The primary FMG Leading practice areas include:

    • Leader Quality
    • Team Execution
    • Strategy and Culture
    • Navigating Change


FMG Leading Industries include:

    • Healthcare
    • Investors/Private Equity
    • Professional Services

The particular expertise of FMG Leading is listening deeply to clients and creating customized roadmaps. These roadmaps help them choose high-leverage, targeted investment decisions regarding their human capital.

FMG Leading Locations

FMG Leading locations are limited to the administrative headquarters in San Diego, CA. The firm website says that the firm serves clients “across the United States and Canada, with offices located coast to coast,” but there is no publicly available information about FMG Leading locations outside of San Diego, CA. However, the Careers page on the firm website includes a job post for an executive assistant in Philadelphia, PA.

Career Path

The FMG Leading career path includes the following positions:

Associate—primarily performs data analysis and conducts and summarizes client interviews. They are normally fresh out of top undergraduate programs.
Consultant—focuses on client delivery and firm development, as well as some product development and research. Most consultants also drive FMG Leading’s growth by assuming internal responsibilities such as recruiting or marketing.

At the Director and Principal level, you will devote the majority of your time to managing teams and maintaining client relationships.

Exit Opportunities

If you are hoping to find out how working at FMG Leading will benefit you at later points in your career, you’ll want to think about the FMG Leading exit opportunities. Departing employees should be capable of moving into consulting roles at other firms that specialize in human capital. They may also move into internal roles at entertainment and hospitality client companies, as the firm has a few clients in those categories. Many of the services FMG Leading offers should be transferable to other industries, so departing employees may also find success in firms that specialize in corporate and financial consulting, even those outside of healthcare and finance industries.

Diversity Programs

There is not currently any publicly available information about any internal FMG Leading diversity programs. However, in 2021, FMG Leading hired a principal with experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and several team members list DEI as an area of specialty.

FMG Leading Culture

The FMG Leading culture is described by employees as an excellent place to work where you’ll have great relationships with your coworkers. Some employees have reported less than ideal relationships with management. Still, there is a tight-knit office environment, and the firm clearly focuses on its own human capital and team performance.

FMG Leading Interview

Of course, if you’re looking to land a FMG Leading career, you’ll need to do well on the FMG Leading interview first.

Firm Interview Process

There is currently no publicly available information on the FMG Leading firm interview process, but it likely prefers students who have recently graduated from top programs. The FMG Leading interview process covers the same sort of questions you’ll hear from every firm. The Firm interview questions are geared largely toward telling if you are a good fit for FMG Leading and have the skills and capabilities required for the position.

FMG Leading expects employees to be proactive and versatile, and share its values: humility, tenacity, and value creation. Try your best to emphasize these values in your response to any and all questions.

There is no publicly available information suggesting that applicants are subjected to a case interview.

FMG Leading Salary

The FMG Leading consultant salary is:

  • Client Delivery Coordinator: $75,000
  • Consultant: $125,000
  • Director: $175,000

There is a sizable range of pay for each position; some employees are very generously paid, similarly, for example, to the Big 3 consulting firms, where the average consultant salary is $110,000-112,000. The lower end of the range could mean 10% less in an FMG Leading consultant salary. A difference in FMG Leading consultant salary may also be connected to whether the position offered is a fully remote or in-office position. To get more salary information for hundreds of firms, check out our current Consulting Salaries Report.


FMG Leading is one of the premier human capital consulting firms in the country, with services focusing on leadership strategies and team execution. Landing a FMG Leading career means working with an effective team of highly experienced professionals to help exciting healthcare and private equity companies unlock their full potential by combining human capital strategies with enterprise strategy.

For aspiring consultants who are interested in the healthcare or private equity industries, FMG Leading would be an appropriate launching pad for a consulting career.


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