Summit Strategy Group Firm Profile

Summit Strategy Group, based in California, is a consulting firm focused on corporate reputation, issues management, public affairs, ESG, and sustainability. Summit Strategy Group consulting is centered around one principle: that every client deserves a custom team best suited to that client’s needs. The firm assists clients predominantly in public affairs and ESG, though it has regularly added practice areas over the last few years.

If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in public affairs or ESG and sustainability, you’ll want to keep reading. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to determine if Summit Strategy Group is the right place for you to start your consulting career.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: Summit Strategy Group
Firm Headquarters: Los Altos, CA
Firm Number of Employees: 20-40
Firm Number of Locations: 2
Firm Chief Executive: Michael Law
Firm Revenue: $1-10 million

Summit Strategy Group History

The Summit Strategy Group history began only recently, when it was founded in 2017 by Michael Law—after spending four years in leadership at Burson-Marsteller—to be the “best talent delivering the best work.” Summit Strategy Group expanded to a Sacramento, CA practice in 2019. The brand-new Summit Strategy Group Healthcare Practice will be headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Summit Strategy Group Careers

Summit Strategy Group careers will interest any aspiring consultant who wishes to work with clients on public affairs or environmental, social, and governance issues. At Summit Strategy Group, you will learn the ins-and-outs of the environmental industry. The Dallas location assists clients in the healthcare industry. Summit Strategy Group careers are the perfect fit for someone who loves working with a close-knit team on projects tailored specifically to unique client goals.

Next, we’ll share all the info you’ll need to figure out if a Summit Strategy Group career is ideal for you.

Summit Strategy Group Internship

If you’re interested in gaining ESG, public affairs, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting experience and getting a head start on a Summit Strategy Group career, consider a Summit Strategy Group internship.

Public Affairs Interns will get hands-on experience with research, narrative development, grassroots efforts, media relations, stakeholder engagement, content development, and account management. Interns are paid for their three months of work and have opportunities to extend their internship or be hired full-time.

Summit Strategy Group Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE) Fellows will get hands-on experience with DEI-focused research, narrative development, grassroots efforts, media relations, community engagement, stakeholder engagement, content development, and account management. Interns are paid for their six-month fellowship and have opportunities to extend their internship or be hired full-time.

ESG Interns will be able to take on the role of ESG Analyst to experience research, expert exposure, industry frameworks & standards, networking, and core competencies. Interns are paid for their three months of work and have opportunities to extend their internship or be hired full-time.

You can apply for internships here on the Summit Strategy Group website.

Practice Areas

The primary Summit Strategy Group practice areas include:

  • Corporate Reputation
  • Sustainability & ESG
  • Political & Issue Advocacy
  • Workplace Transformation
  • Narrative & Message Development
  • Management & Executive Coaching
  • Crisis Preparedness & Response
  • Digital Strategy
  • Research & Data Analytics


The main Summit Strategy Group industries are:

  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Land Use
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Transportation and Infrastructure

Summit Strategy Group’s expertise lies in its expert teams and ability to scale to meet client needs. Summit Strategy Group teams are made up of agile thinkers who use precision tools to deliver the best client experience.

Summit Strategy Group Locations

If you’re looking to contact them, here is a list of Summit Strategy Group locations:

  • Summit Strategy Group Los Altos, CA
  • Summit Strategy Group Sacramento, CA
  • Summit Strategy Group Dallas, TX

Career Path

The Summit Strategy Group career path includes the following positions:

Associate—performs a wide range of responsibilities, from research to analysis to recruiting. Associates are normally fresh out of college, but Summit provides many opportunities for you to show that you are capable of higher-level work.
Account Executive—builds relationships with new clients while also managing current clients.
Senior Director—acts as main client contact, sets the strategy and directs the team

Managing Directors and Vice Presidents manage teams of associates and take responsibility for the general success of the project.

Exit Opportunities

Are you looking ahead to the ways that working at Summit Strategy Group consulting could benefit you later in your career? It is of course wise to consider the Summit Strategy Group exit opportunities. Departing employees should be able to successfully move on to other competitive consulting firms that specialize in ESG, public affairs, or healthcare. Employees who leave Summit Strategy Group may also work in-house capacity with former clients. Many of the skills you learn at Summit Strategy Group will be transferable to other industries, such as data analysis, problem-solving, and financial analysis.

Notable Alumni

There is not currently publicly available information on Summit Strategy Group alumni. This makes sense, as the firm is relatively young.

Diversity Programs

Summit Strategy Group diversity programs include the DEI Fellows internship. The firm’s blog posts, under the name “Summit Views,” have included Black History Month and Latino engagement pieces. Summer DEI Fellows will work with the Public Affairs teams.

Summit Strategy Group Culture

The Summit Strategy Group culture is centered around the strength of working as a team. Summit Strategy Group wants consultants to bring a positive attitude to work to enhance the supportive, inclusive, and collaborative work environment.

Summit Strategy Group Interview

If you hope to land a Summit Strategy Group career, you’ll need to ace the Summit Strategy Group interview first.

Firm Interview Process

The Summit Strategy Group firm interview process includes a phone interview and a 1-on-1 interview, as well as an extensive day-long interview process that is likely to include a case study presentation. There is a wide range of behavioral questions and potential employees meet with several firm members over the interview period.

The Summit Strategy Group firm interview process can begin at top schools, but they also hire experienced professionals that they know can do the work. The interviews will cover a range of topics, including your personal aspirations and previous responsibilities. The case study interview will help your interviewers see how you think and perform under pressure. The purpose of the interview process is to find people who will be the perfect fit for the company culture, not just people who had good grades. You should be genuinely interested in strategy and analysis.

Summit Strategy Group Salary

The Summit Strategy Group salary is, on average:

  • Managing Director: $900,000
  • Account Executive: $80,000
  • Assistant Account Executive: $65,000
  • Public Affairs Intern: $60,000
  • Senior Advisor: $55,000

The Summit Strategy Group salary is adequate, but it doesn’t reach consulting salaries at the Big 3 firms, for example, where the average consultant salary is $110,000-112,000. However, the Summit Strategy Group salary may be based on the fact that some positions are fully or partly remote. For more salary information for hundreds of firms, check out our current Consulting Salaries Report.


Summit Strategy Group is known for its client-centric work in public affairs and corporate reputation, as well as its expertise in ESG in sustainability. The firm prides itself on crafting unique strategies for every client. Summit Strategy Group consulting is steadily growing and interested in employees who will grow with the firm.

If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in working in with clients in public affairs or sustainability, you should consider applying to work in Summit Strategy Group consulting now.


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