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Pinnacle Advisory Group is a Boston-based consulting firm that specializes in hospitality consulting, advisory, and asset management. The firm brings a forward-thinking approach that leverages advanced market research and data analysis tools to help hospitality clients make superior decisions at every level of operations.

If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in the hospitality industry specifically—or more generally in asset management and corporate strategy—you’ll want to continue reading. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to determine if Pinnacle Advisory Group is the right place to kickstart your consulting career.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Boston, MA
Firm Number of Employees: 25-75
Firm Number of Locations: 5
Firm Chief Executive: Rachel Roginsky
Firm Revenue: $5-15 million

Pinnacle Advisory Group History

The Pinnacle Advisory Group history begins with the company’s founding in 1991 by Rachel Roginsky, who remains the owner. The firm leverages the extensive hospitality industry experience of its employees, who have over 300 years of experience combined. Since its founding, Pinnacle Advisory Group has consulted on over $50 billion in hotel real estate.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Careers

Pinnacle Advisory Group careers should be especially attractive for any aspiring consultant who’s interested in working in the hospitality industry. And even if the hospitality industry isn’t your focus, the emphasis on corporate and financial strategy offers a promising skill set for launching a consulting career.

In this section, we gather all the info you’ll need to determine if a Pinnacle Advisory Group career is right for you.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Internships

There is not currently available information about any current Pinnacle Advisory Group internships. Some past reviews online indicate there was an internship program in place as recently as early 2020, which may have been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep checking back to see whether the Pinnacle Advisory Group internship program resumes.

Practice Areas

The primary Pinnacle Advisory Group practice areas include:

    • Acquisition Due Diligence
    • Asset Management
    • Real Estate Valuation
    • College & University Services
    • Development & Capital Planning
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Group Booking Pace Reports
    • Impact Studies
    • Litigation Support & Witness Testimony
    • Operator Selection & Negotiation
    • Operational Reviews
    • Strategic Planning & Investment Analysis
    • Receivership Services


The main Pinnacle Advisory Group industry is Hospitality.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Locations

The five Pinnacle Advisory Group locations are:

    • Pinnacle Advisory Group Boston, MA
    • Pinnacle Advisory Group Tampa, FL
    • Pinnacle Advisory Group New York City, NY
    • Pinnacle Advisory Group Providence, RI
    • Pinnacle Advisory Group Washington, DC

Career Path

The Pinnacle Advisory Group career path includes the following positions:

    • Accountant
    • Analyst
    • Project Coordinator
    • Director

Exit Opportunities

If you’re looking ahead to how working at Pinnacle Advisory Group will benefit you throughout your career, you’ll want to consider the Pinnacle Advisory Group exit opportunities. Departing employees should be especially well positioned to move into consulting roles at other firms that specialize in hospitality, or even into internal roles at hospitality companies. Many of the services Pinnacle Advisory Group offers should transfer well to other industries, meaning departing employees may also move to firms that specialize in corporate and financial consulting even outside the hospitality industry.

Diversity Programs

There is not currently any publicly available information about any internal Pinnacle Advisory Group diversity programs. However, in 2022, Pinnacle Advisory Group joined forces with other hospitality industry leaders to launch the Celebrating Diversity Scholarship, which pays for two students to attend the annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Culture

The Pinnacle Advisory Group culture is described by employees and the company itself as client-centric. This has pros and cons, as some employees have suggested that management puts more emphasis on serving clients than on educating and training employees. Still, management is generally admired by employees. There is a tight-knit office environment, and employees work on very small teams for most projects, often with just 2-3 people.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Interview

Of course, if you’re looking to land a Pinnacle Advisory Group career, you’ll need to ace the Pinnacle Advisory Group interview first.

Firm Interview Process

The Pinnacle Advisory Group firm interview process typically includes three rounds of interviews, often all conducted on the same day. The interviews are described as friendly, with the company representatives described as courteous, curious, and well prepared. Interview questions include questions about the applicant’s previous experience, as well as how they would handle different scenarios upon hiring. For example, one Pinnacle Advisory Group interview question is, “If given the role of marketing assistant, what strategy would you most want to employ?”

There is not any information suggesting that applicants are subjected to a case interview.

Pinnacle Advisory Group Salary

The Pinnacle Advisory Group salary is:

  • Accountant: $66,000
  • Analyst: $73,000
  • Project Coordinator: $106,000
  • Director: $163,000

These are not paltry sums, but they do lag behind the salaries at the Big 3 consulting firms, for example, where the average consultant salary is $110,000-112,000. If you want more salary information for hundreds of firms, check out our current Consulting Salaries Report.


Pinnacle Advisory Group is one of the premier hospitality consulting firms in the country, with services focusing on strategy and asset management. Landing a Pinnacle Advisory Group career means working with a small team of highly experienced professionals to help exciting hospitality companies make better decisions at every level of their operations.

For aspiring consultants who are interested in the hospitality industry, corporate strategy, and asset management more generally, Pinnacle Advisory Group would be an excellent launching pad for a consulting career.


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