Seabury Capital Firm Profile

Seabury Capital is a unique firm that is technically structured as a holding company, with several subsidiaries offering unique business advisory services. Its clients are primarily in the aviation, aerospace & defense, and financial industries. Some of Seabury’s subsidiaries focus on providing investment, software, and asset management services. Others provide venture capital to startups operating in fintech and structured investment products. Others focus more on technical asset management for aviation, aerospace, and defense companies.

Seabury Capital operates around the world, and its employees travel regularly. If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in fintech and/or the aviation, aerospace & defense, and travel industries, a career at Seabury Capital might be an excellent place to start your consulting career.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: New York City, NY
Firm Number of Employees: 200-250
Firm Number of Locations: 25-30
Firm Chief Executive: John E. Luth
Firm Revenue: $50-75 million

Seabury Capital History

The Seabury Capital history dates back to the company’s founding in 1995 by John E. Luth. The firm was originally a holding company and venture capital firm for several software and asset management companies that provided services primarily to the aviation and travel industries. In more recent years, Seabury Capital has begun expanding its portfolio by acquiring and investing in fintech startups. The firm has accumulated over $1.3 billion in assets, serving over 300 clients in over 50 countries.

Seabury Capital Careers

With a stellar reputation, a global footprint, and an excellent compensation package, Seabury Capital careers are highly sought after. In this section, we’ve collected all the information you’ll need to know about Seabury Capital careers, including salary information, the firm interview process, and more. Read on so you can learn about the best way to land a job at Seabury Capital and launch your consulting career.

Seabury Capital Internship

There is not currently any information available about a Seabury Capital internship, but this could change in the near future. Be sure to check back here or at the firm’s Careers page for more information. There is some indication that the firm has offered an internship in the past, with an average annual salary of $78,000, prorated over the term of the internship.

Practice Areas

The following are the primary Seabury Capital practice areas:

    • Restructuring, Turnaround, & Investment
    • Banking
    • Management
    • Financial Asset ManagementAircraft Technical Asset Management
    • Financial Services & Trading
    • IT & Enterprise Software


The primary Seabury Capital industries are:

    • Aviation
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Financial Services & Technology
    • Travel

Seabury Capital Locations

The Seabury Capital locations are:

    • Seabury Capital Amsterdam
    • Seabury Capital Berlin
    • Seabury Capital Chicago
    • Seabury Capital Córdoba
    • Seabury Capital Dallas
    • Seabury Capital Delray Beach
    • Seabury Capital Dublin
    • Seabury Capital Durban
    • Seabury Capital Guernsey
    • Seabury Capital Hong Kong
    • Seabury Capital Houston
    • Seabury Capital Jersey City
    • Seabury Capital London
    • Seabury Capital Los Angeles
    • Seabury Capital Manila
    • Seabury Capital Melbourne
    • Seabury Capital Minneapolis
    • Seabury Capital Mumbai
    • Seabury Capital Nairobi
    • Seabury Capital Seoul
    • Seabury Capital Shannon
    • Seabury Capital Singapore
    • Seabury Capital Summit
    • Seabury Capital Toronto
    • Seabury Capital Tokyo

Career Path

The Seabury Capital career path for consultants includes the following positions:

    • Associate Consultant
    • Senior Associate
    • Consultant

It is likely that from there, you’d progress to Manager, Principal, and then Partner.

Exit Opportunities

If you’re considering jumpstarting your consulting career at Seabury Capital, then you’re probably already thinking ahead to the Seabury Capital exit opportunities. Departing employees should be well positioned to move into consulting roles with many other firms focusing on asset management and fintech services. Additionally, the Seabury Capital exit opportunities should be quite robust for consultants interested in continuing to work in the aviation or aerospace & defense sectors, either with other consulting firms servicing these industries or else with in-house teams for aviation or aerospace & defense companies themselves. Departing employees will even be able to seek new positions with government agencies that deal with aerospace & defense.

Diversity Programs

There is not any publicly available information about any Seabury Capital diversity programs. However, that doesn’t mean the firm doesn’t offer them.

Seabury Capital Culture

The Seabury Capital culture is generally praised by past and present employees for the stimulating projects, the supportive office environment, the travel opportunities, and the healthy work/life balance. Other reviews of the firm point out that the workload can be quite busy and can operate on a tight schedule, however employees are generally not expected to take their work home with them on weekends. Management is praised as supportive. However some reviews indicate that there is not much connection between junior employees and leadership.

Seabury Capital Interview

If you want to land a job at Seabury Capital, you’ll need to be prepared for the Seabury Capital interview.

Firm Interview Process

The Seabury Capital firm interview process is described as highly technical. Depending on the specific role candidates are interviewing for, they can expect to complete one or several case studies specific to their field/position. These case interviews are highly quant-oriented. One example of a case interview involved an applicant being required to conduct a market sizing analysis for a new theme park being introduced in a particular city. Other applicants describe being administered tests and interview questions designed to assess their expertise with finance and the kinds of computing software they’d be expected to use in their work for the firm. The interviews are often conducted on Zoom in accordance with the interviewers’ busy travel schedule. Overall, the firm interview process is described as challenging and rigorous, but supportive and friendly.

Seabury Capital Salary

Of course, if you’re interested in working for Seabury Capital, one of the things you’ll be most curious about is the Seabury Capital salary.

  • The Seabury Capital analyst salary is $114,000 per year.
  • The Seabury Capital investment banking analyst salary is $179,000 per year.
  • The Seabury Capital consultant salary is $130,000 per year.

These salaries are extremely competitive even with the Big 3 firms, where the starting Consultant salary averages $110,000-112,000. For more salary information on hundreds of firms, be sure to check out our current Consulting Salaries Report.


Seabury Capital is an exciting and ambitious firm that offers a variety of opportunities to gain experience in exciting fintech services, as well as the aviation, aerospace & defense, and travel industries. Seabury Capital employees are extremely well compensated, and they have ample opportunities to travel while working on exciting projects.

If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in aviation, aerospace & defense, and fintech—and particularly if you’re interested in traveling regularly as part of your consulting work—you should consider applying to Seabury Capital today.


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