AlixPartners Assessment Test

Embarking on a career with AlixPartners involves not only navigating a series of interviews but also successfully maneuvering through psychometric and technical assessments. One key aspect of their evaluation of candidates is the AlixPartners Assessment Test, a comprehensive examination that delves into candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and role-specific skills. In this article, we explore the intricacies of the AlixPartners Assessment Test, offering insights into its format, questions, preparation strategies, and what to expect after completion.

AlixPartners Assessment Test

What Is The AlixPartners Assessment Test?

The AlixPartners Assessment Test is a unique step in the recruitment process designed to identify candidates who align with the company’s values and possess the skills essential for their roles. The evaluation comprises various components, including the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, a Personality Test, and role-specific Skill-Based Assessments. These tests are designed to build out a more holistic candidate profile to ensure that AlixPartners has as many relevant and useful data points as possible when determining which candidates are the right fit for the firm.

Example Questions on the AlixPartners Digital Assessment:

These two assessments can ask a broad range of questions. Some examples of questions that you might encounter in each are listed below:

Wonderlic Example Questions:

    • Four students all took the same math test yesterday, and they want to figure out their average score. They received scores of 80, 75, 95, and 90. What was the mean score?
    • Are the following two words similar, contradictory, or not related? Fault and Break
    • If the first two statements are true, is the last statement true as well? Dogs like sticks. Marvin has a stick. Marvin is a dog.

Personality Test Example Questions:

    • What would your friends say about you?
    • What did you learn from your greatest failure?
    • What do you do with your free time when you have no plans?

It can be helpful to research additional common Wonderlic and Personality assessment questions online to ensure that you are prepared for the types of questions you might encounter.

What Skills Does the Assessment Test For?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test assesses candidates’ analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as their mathematical and verbal capabilities. With a stringent time limit of 12 minutes and 50 questions, this test aims to measure your ability to think on your feet and make sound decisions under pressure.

The Personality Test employed by AlixPartners delves into your character traits and personal values. This test not only evaluates your individual preferences but also ensures alignment with the company’s values. It provides insights into how you might approach challenges, collaborate with others, and contribute to a team.

What’s The Assessment Process?

Typically, the AlixPartners Assessment Test is administered at a specific stage in the recruitment process prior to the behavioral and case interviews. It will act as the initial funnel to evaluate if a candidate is a good fit at the firm. Not every candidate takes the same set of assessments, as the tests are tailored to the position applied for. The time between the invitation to take the test and the actual assessment is a critical window, and candidates should be prepared to invest time and effort into this phase along with practicing for case and behavioral interviews that will come up in later rounds.

How To Prepare for The AlixPartners Assessment

Candidates are encouraged to explore online practice tests that mimic the actual assessment conditions. These resources provide invaluable insights into the format and style of questions, allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the test environment. There are many services that provide practice Wonderlic and Personality assessments that candidates can utilize to understand the flow of these tests. While it is impossible to know exactly what questions you might encounter, these practice tests will make sure you are not surprised by the format and question types on the day of the real assessment.

What happens if I pass? Case Interview? Behavioral Interview?

Success in the assessment test is a significant milestone. Following a successful evaluation, candidates can anticipate further stages, such as case interviews and behavioral interviews, where their practical problem-solving skills and interpersonal competencies are put to the test. AlixPartners has typically had multiple rounds of case interviews after these initial assessments, so be prepared to perform in a few rounds of evaluation even after the assessment.


In conclusion, the AlixPartners Assessment Test is a pivotal element in the recruitment process, offering a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ skills to ensure that they have all the information they want when evaluating which candidates to move forward with. Navigating this assessment requires strategic preparation, and success opens the door to further stages in the hiring process. As candidates embark on this journey, understanding the nuances of the assessment and preparing diligently will enhance your chances of becoming part of the AlixPartners team.


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