Deloitte Strategy & Operations (S&O) Consulting

Deloitte Strategy and Operations presents an incredible opportunity to those looking for a great career in consulting. Not only is it a top consulting firm, but Deloitte S&O also provides some exciting benefits for its consultants. If you’re weighing multiple offers, or aren’t sure how Deloitte S&O stacks up against other Big 4 and MBB firms, Jenny Rae breaks it down. See why you may just want to work for Deloitte S&O!

Deloitte Strategy and Operations Consulting

Deloitte S&O Consulting YouTube Transcription:

Deloitte Strategy & Operations, otherwise known as Deloitte S&O is one of the world’s premier consulting organizations. They consistently lead the way in terms of the volume of work they do, the impact that they have, and the breadth of the solutions that they offer. And Deloitte Strategy & Operations is one of the most fantastic places that you could start or move forward in your career. I’m Jenny Rae La Roux the Managing Director of Management Consulted, and I’m here today to talk about what a great place Deloitte Strategy & Operations is to work- clearly as an outsider, because I came from Bain & Company. But I have a lot of great things to say about Deloitte S&O.

We intersect with Deloitte Strategy & Operations as we’re prepping thousands of people a year for the consulting interview process. We also work really closely with Deloitte when they release new information or have insights that they want to share with our audience. So I have a lot of interesting insights from people that have come through the process and also have gone to work for Deloitte S&O.

Deloitte Strategy & Operations Overview

First of all something that you should know is that Deloitte as a whole is an incredible organization. So with S&O you have this amazing opportunity to be a part of a boutique within a massive global organization. What is that give you? Well it gives you the same connectivity that you would have in a boutique firm, with the benefit of having the expansive corporate trainings. For example, you get to go to Deloitte University. As well as the expansive network of folks so if you want to work anywhere in the world, you have more options to do that with Deloitte Strategy & Operations than anywhere else.

In addition you have a large number of practice areas that Deloitte S&O covers. And a lot of those began initially in their seed days from the work that they were doing in audit and tax, but then came into a consulting practice. So again, you have this autonomy of a small organization inside this massive well resourced global organization.

Deloitte Strategy & Operations Progressive Policies

The second reason that Deloitte S&O is really great is that Deloitte as a whole and Strategy & Operations in particular is very progressive in terms of their work-life balance and their policies for helping families. So if you want to start a family, they give equal paternity and maternity leave. That’s an incredible policy! Deloitte also has more diverse leaders in leadership of their organization than any other firm globally. They do an amazing job of promoting and advancing women, minorities, people of different sexual orientations, they’re fantastic when they’re really working on progressive social change inside their organization.

Breadth of Opportunity

Third, at Deloitte you have the ability to blend both strategy and implementation. Probably more here, than at many of the other top firms. Because they have so much work that follows on into pretty extensive implementation phases. You’ll have the ability both to design a problem and to follow it the whole way through. This gives you as a business leader, amazing experience to see what is necessary to drive change inside of organizations. Deloitte also has, out of the top consulting firms, the widest variety of practice areas that you can participate in. At almost three times the size of McKinsey’s entire organization Deloitte Strategy & Operations has a lot to offer as a professional services consulting firm.

Wrap Up

It’s a great place to start or to advance a career, and there are lots of places from Deloitte Strategy & Operations, that you could go in your future. If you want to know more about Deloitte, or if you want to prep for a Deloitte interview, we would love to help you. We have amazing coaches and great resources to help in the process. Please reach out to us at or on social.

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