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Bellwether Education Partners

Washington, DC

Bellwether Education Partners is a nonprofit organization that has established itself as a prominent player in the education sector, particularly in the United States. Founded in 2009, the organization’s mission is to improve educational outcomes for underserved students, with a focus on addressing systemic issues within the education system. Bellwether Education Partners operates at the intersection of policy, practice, and research, striving to drive positive change and innovation in education.

Bellwether Education Partners was founded by three education policy experts – Andrew J. Rotherham, Sara Mead, and Mary Wells in 2009. The organization was born out of a shared vision to leverage their collective expertise to address the complex challenges facing the American education system. Since its inception, Bellwether has been committed to working with education leaders, policymakers, and practitioners to provide practical solutions that help improve educational opportunities for all students.

Work and Focus Areas
Bellwether Education Partners is known for its comprehensive approach to addressing various aspects of education. Their work can be categorized into several key areas:

  • Policy and Advocacy: Bellwether engages in policy research and advocacy to influence education policies at the federal, state, and local levels. They analyze education policies, conduct research, and provide recommendations to improve educational systems.
  • Strategic Advising: The organization offers strategic consulting services to education organizations, school districts, foundations, and other stakeholders. They help their clients develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals and improve outcomes for students.
  • Program and Organization Improvement: Bellwether works with education organizations to enhance their programs, operations, and overall effectiveness. They provide guidance on program design, evaluation, and improvement strategies.
  • Leadership Development: Bellwether supports the development of educational leaders through various initiatives, including training programs and leadership coaching, to strengthen leadership within schools and education organizations.
  • Research and Publications: Bellwether produces a wealth of research reports, articles, and publications on various education-related topics, sharing valuable insights and analysis with the broader education community.

Industries and Clients
Bellwether Education Partners serves a diverse set of clients and stakeholders in the education sector. Their clients include:

  • Education Organizations: This includes school districts, charter school networks, nonprofit organizations, and education technology companies seeking support in improving their operations and outcomes.
  • Foundations: Bellwether collaborates with foundations and philanthropic organizations that are committed to improving education. They help these entities design and implement effective grantmaking strategies.
  • Policymakers: The organization works closely with policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels to provide research and recommendations for informed decision-making.
  • Advocacy Groups: Bellwether partners with advocacy organizations that are dedicated to advancing education reform and equity.

In summary, Bellwether Education Partners is a nonprofit organization with a rich history of contributing to the improvement of education in the United States. Their work encompasses policy analysis, strategic advising, program improvement, leadership development, and research, serving a wide range of clients and stakeholders in the education sector. Through their multifaceted approach, Bellwether continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and advocating for better educational opportunities for all students.


North America
  • Washington, DC Area
650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20001
Bellwether Education Partners Salary
Incoming MBA/PHD Consultant Salary
  • Base: $132,000
  • Performance Bonus: up to $6,563
  • Total Cash: up to $138,563
  • PTO Vacation: 15 days
  • Retirement: 4% match
  • Signing Bonus: $10,000