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Based in Conway, Arkansas, Acxiom is a leading database management company. If that description reads a bit too generic to parse for you, we understand. In this article we’ll take a deeper look into key information about Acxiom’s operations from a consultant standpoint, and we’ll dig deeper into the question of “What does Acxiom do?”

In a nutshell, Acxiom collects data from customers and business, which Acxiom then analyzes and sells to help clients meet their marketing needs. They do this by enabling targeted advertising and other data-driven marketing solutions. The official Acxiom company profile emphasizes the company’s mission to engineer better customer experiences and to help businesses increase their marketing-related ROI. The company has also been a leader in developing an ethical approach to consumer data, with pioneering advances in demographic segmentation that allows customer identities to remain anonymous.

Table of Contents:

  1. Firm Key Stats
  2. Acxiom History
  3. Acxiom Careers
  4. Acxiom Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Acxiom Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. Acxiom Culture
  12. Acxiom Interview Questions
  13. Acxiom Salary

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Conway, AR
Firm Number of Employees: 3,500+
Firm Number of Locations: 10
Firm Chief Executive: Chad Engelgau

Acxiom History

Acxiom’s history begins in 1969 in Conway, AR, under the original name of Demographics, Inc., founded by Charles D. Ward. Demographics, Inc. became the Acxiom Corporation in 1988, and by 2012 had developed the world’s largest consumer information database. In 2014, Acxiom acquired LiveRamp, then a data onboarding company. In 2018, Acxiom split into two operations: LiveRamp and Acxiom Marketing Solutions (AMS). Subsequently, the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) bought AMS and renamed it Acxiom.

Acxiom Careers

As a leading data management and data-driven marketing firm, there are a number of highly attractive Acxiom careers for aspiring analysts and consultants.

Acxiom Internship

There are numerous Acxiom internship opportunities, most notably in the positions of Delivery Analyst and Solution Developer. These internships are typically offered seasonally, though not exclusively in the summer. Glassdoor lists the salary range for the Delivery Analyst intern position as approximately $50-75,000, with a range of $65-95,000 for the Solution Developer internship.

Practice Areas

As an industry leader in data management, analytics, and consultation, the Acxiom practice areas encompass a variety of data-driven services.

The main Acxiom practice areas include Data, Data Management Solutions, Identity Resolution, Media, Analytics and Strategy, and Data Privacy.

Now let’s take a look at the specific services Acxiom offers within each of those practice areas.

    • Data: Audience data and distribution; Data Enrichment; InfoBase® (which generates consumer insights); Personicx® Customer
    • Segmentation Solutions; Email Prospecting; and a proprietary Partner Marketplace
    • Data Management Solutions: Customer Data Platform Solutions and Services; Clean Rooms (for safe data sharing); and Marketing
    • Database Services and Solutions
    • Identity Resolution: Data Quality, Hygiene, and Linking; First-party Identity Graphs; Identity Resolution Services and Solutions; and Identity Consulting
    • Media: Audiences, Insights, & Strategy; Advanced Media Analytics; Digital Platform Services; and Data Guru (which offers proprietary data expertise to build and engage impactful audiences)
    • Analytics and Strategy: Data Strategy Consulting; Advanced Predictive Analytics; Campaign Measurement; Impact Analysis; Multi-touch
    • Attribution; and Intelligence Hub (a cloud-based analytics environment)
    • Data Privacy: General Data Protection Regulation; California Consumer Privacy Act; and Unified Data Layer


As data-driven marketing and strategy drives an increasingly large portion of the modern business landscape, Acxiom offers services to clients working in a wide range of industries. The most important Acxiom industries include:

    • Financial Services
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Automotive
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Consumer Packaged Goods, Durables, and Fast-Moving Goods
    • Travel & Entertainment
    • Telecommunications
    • Media
    • Technology
    • Grocery and Convenience Stores
    • Food Delivery Services
    • Government and Private Sector

Acxiom Locations

The Acxiom website lists ten Acxiom locations worldwide.

    • Acxiom Conway, AR
    • Acxiom New York City, NY
    • Acxiom Nantong, China
    • Acxiom Shanghai, China
    • Acxiom Normanton, United Kingdom
    • Acxiom London, United Kingdom
    • Acxiom Sunderland, United Kingdom
    • Acxiom Gdańsk, Poland
    • Acxiom München, Germany
    • Acxiom Frankfurt, Germany

Career Path

As Acxiom deals centrally with data, there are many Acxiom career paths for specialists in data and digital technology, as well as various analyst positions available to business grads and aspiring consultants. Some of the most popular Acxiom career paths include:

    • Delivery Analyst
    • Data Analyst
    • Digital Marketing Analyst
    • Sales Operations Analyst
    • Business Solutions Analyst
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Industry Strategist
    • Consultant

Acxiom management consultants are typically hired at the Consultant level, with the opportunity to advance to Senior Consultant and then Principal Consultant.

Acxiom identifies as an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, with a stated commitment to empowering employees of underrepresented and historically marginalized backgrounds to succeed within Acxiom and beyond.

Exit Opportunities

There are numerous Acxiom exit opportunities available for departing employees. Acxiom’s focus on data-driven analytics and marketing means that departing employees are well equipped to pursue positions working within those fields, which means a broad array of opportunities are available, both with consulting firms and with other kinds of companies. Experience at Acxiom could make you a valuable resource to a large corporate industrial conglomerate or a mid-sized venture capital firm. Everyone needs to understand and better leverage data. Further, because Acxiom works with such a variety of industries, departing Acxiom employees can seek positions in other kinds of business in accordance with the expertise and special skills they gained at Acxiom.

Diversity Programs

As stated above, Acxiom works hard to practice the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their consulting services as well as their hiring practices. Acxiom diversity programs include, most notably, the Acxiom Diversity Scholarship, which awards $5,000 annually to ten recipients from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue higher education in fields related to “computer science, computer information systems, management information systems, information quality, information systems, engineering, mathematics, and statistics or related areas of study.”

Acxiom has also established the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness) Council to advance diversity and inclusion within the organization. Last year, Acxiom held over 40 internal and external training events related to DEI.

Acxiom Culture

The Acxiom culture is one that caters highly to the wide variety of employee needs. Past and present employees praise the unparalleled flexibility, with options to work from home or on a hybrid model. Acxiom also promotes a culture of collaboration, innovation, work/life balance, diversity, and mutual respect. A deeply impressive 94% of Acxiom employees recommend it as a workplace.

Acxiom Interview Questions

Now let’s take a look at what kinds of Acxiom interview questions you can expect if you’re planning to apply for a position.

Firm Interview Process

The Acxiom firm interview process typically consists of two rounds of interviews. The first round consists of an introductory call with a recruiter or interviewer. This first round of the Acxiom interview process typically includes questions about work experience, behavioral qualities, and company fit. Sample questions include:

How do you do your best work in a group setting?
Tell us about a time when you took on a leadership role in relation to a particular project.
Give an example of a time when you encountered conflict while working on a team, and how you dealt with it.

After this initial interview, applicants advance to a second interview with a panel of team members. The Acxiom interview questions in this second interview continue assessing employee personality and fit, while also drilling down on technical experience, skills, and expertise regarding the specific duties and practice areas the employee will encounter working with that particular team. Sample questions include:

Tell us about your experience or familiarity with working with CRM systems.
Which programming languages are you comfortable with?
What do you know about working with SQL server databases?

Acxiom Salary

If you’re considering a career with Acxiom, you’ll probably be most curious about the Acxiom salary. The average Acxiom salary varies both by position and by experience.

The average entry-level Consultant salary is $111,000, including bonuses. The average Software Developer salary is $119,000. There are many Analyst positions, with salaries varying depending on focus area. The average Delivery Analyst salary is $78,000, while the average Data Analyst salary is $92,000.

On the whole, Acxiom salaries are fairly competitive. However, they don’t quite compare to other top consulting firms. The top three MBB firms, for instance, pay consultants an average salary of over $130,000. If you want to dive deeper into the salary information for hundreds of firms, see our full Salary Report here.


While Acxiom may not pay the highest consultant salaries on the market, it’s still a highly desirable place to work for many reasons, as evidenced by its 94% approval rating among past and present employees. The inclusive and supportive corporate culture make Acxiom attractive to a variety of people, especially from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. Further, working at Acxiom is an excellent experience for those wanting to learn to leverage the power of data and analytically-driven marketing for future career moves.


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