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Applied Value Group is a boutique management consulting firm known for bringing a results-driven approach to its consulting process. The firm has an investment arm, lending itself to unique cross-over opportunities between consulting and private equity.

Today, we’re exploring Applied Value Group’s business and culture to show you how you can position yourself to become a part of this internationally recognized firm. We’ll cover career path, office locations, salaries, and the interview process.

Whether you are interested in learning more about the consulting industry or pursuing a job as a consultant, continue reading to learn more about the firm and what sets it apart from other boutique management consulting firms.

Applied Value Group


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Applied Value Group Key Stats

  • Applied Value Group Website:
  • Applied Value Group Headquarters: Boston, MA
  • Applied Value Group Number of Employees: 100
  • Applied Value Group Number of Locations: 9
  • Applied Value Group Chief Executive: Ryan Huff
  • Applied Value Group Revenue: $19M

Applied Value Group History

Let’s start with the history of Applied Value Group.

Founded in 1997, Applied Value Group began with two consultants – Bruce Grant and Jan Stenbeck – with a unique vision. Instead of focusing on presenting solutions to businesses, Grant and Stenbeck decided that they would create a firm that was focused on driving material results through a more hands-on approach.

In short, the firm would put its money where its mouth is and invest in its clients for an equity stake. Applied Value Group is thus both an investment firm and a management consulting firm.

With locations across five continents, the firm brings an international perspective to consulting by leveraging data from across projects to drive value. Thus, Applied Value Group interview questions focus on a candidate’s abilities to use data to communicate results.

Today, the firm not only works on creating value for clients, but also communities. Through social impact initiatives, the firm gives back to underserved communities through philanthropy. In fact, its three “business areas” are

  1. Investments
    • Where it acquires or invests in companies and then helps them grow.
  2. Consulting
    • A typical consulting offering.
  3. Social Impact
    • Where it applies lean growth consulting principles to non-profit organizations.

Applied Value Group Careers

Applied Value Group careers span its three key practice areas: consulting, investment, and social impact.

AVG careers in Consulting offer a flat organizational structure and a myriad of opportunities for professional growth. You’ll build a wide range of skills – from analysis to communication to project management and more.

Careers in the Investment division offer slightly different types of opportunities. In this practice, you’ll engage in market screening, financial modeling, and operational improvement initiatives. In addition, careers in Social Impact include opportunities for fundraising and expanding services.

Practice Areas

As previously discussed, the practice areas at AVG focus on three seemingly different lines of business that share a common thread – the principle of “lean growth:”


Applied Value Group acquires majority stakes or makes minority investments in other private businesses. It then helps those businesses operate more efficiently. It applies consulting methodologies to create value.


Of the Applied Value Group practice areas, Consulting is the bread and butter. This is where it generates most of its revenue by helping large public and private companies improve performance by applying lean growth principles to a variety of business functions:

    • Strategy, Finance, and Organization
    • Sales, Marketing, & Growth
    • Supply Chain & Operations
    • Sourcing & Procurement
    • Product & Innovation
    • Mergers & Acquisitions

Social Impact

The firm also applies its capabilities to social causes:

    • Entrepreneurship & Job Creation
    • Inclusive & Empowered Communities
    • Climate
    • Technology


Industries served at AVG are broad. The firm has worked with companies from the Automotive and Industrial industries to Telecommunications and Technology. All in all, industries served at Applied Value Group include:

  • Building & Construction Materials
  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services

Office Locations

There are several Applied Value Group office locations around the world, which translates into multiple employment opportunities for prospective applicants. These locations include:

  • Corporate Office – Boston, MA
  • Empire State Building – New York, NY
  • Pier 35 – San Francisco, CA
  • Southeast Financial Center – Miami, FL
  • Östermalm – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Old Church Park – Helsinki, Finland
  • Rådhuspladsen – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Bebek Office – Istanbul, Turkey
  • North America Plaza – Shanghai, China

Applied Value Group Career Path

The Applied Value Group career path can take you in multiple directions.

The consulting career track includes specific roles and responsibilities that support the upward mobility of employees:

  • Consultant Interns are students working at Applied Value to gain experience in the world of consulting and build analytical and communication skills.
  • Analysts are members of the consulting team who primarily focus on collecting and analyzing data. Presenting insights from that analysis is also a key element of the role.
  • Consultants are more experienced team members that help manage key project work streams and supervise Analysts.
  • Senior Consultants manage consulting teams and receive leadership training in order to improve their project and client management skills.
  • Managers take responsibility for client portfolios and projects by guiding teams in their analyses and insights.
  • Senior Managers act as project management leads and client liaisons in addition to their responsibilities as senior firm leaders.
  • Associate Partners work on a more meta-level by crafting business strategies that move the firm forward as a whole. They are also responsible for executing multiple projects at the same time and building new client relationships.
  • Partners operate on the highest level. They are responsible to create a vision for the future of the firm and contribute to its success by driving new revenue through leveraging client relationships.

All employees on the consulting track are presented with opportunities to engage in the firm’s social impact and investment activities, which is a unique feature of working at Applied Value. Employees also have the opportunity to work on projects at AVG portfolio companies to accelerate growth.

Exit Opportunities

Applied Value Group exit opportunities are vast, partially owing to the unique business model at the firm. Employees are able to take the skills they develop at the firm and apply them to new careers in consulting, private equity, venture capital, or industry. The firm is known for its entrepreneurial mindset, focus on sales, and start-up-like culture. Therefore, Applied Value employees are also prepared to work as independent consultants or start other businesses.

Notable Alumni

The following list of Applied Value Group notable alumni is but a small sample of some of the most successful alums. And, while the firm is known for internal opportunities for growth, this list of notable alumni also indicates that there is room for growth and development once employees move onto the next stage of their career.

  • Anja Sandberg – Use Case Lead XAI at H&M
  • Charlotta Edeland – Technical Project Manager at Northvolt
  • Daniel Bajka – Principal at Axholmen
  • David Granath – Chief Financial Officer at Polarium
  • Jack Chu – Head of Operations at Blidz

Applied Value Group Culture

The culture at Applied Value Group is flat, meritocratic, and entrepreneurial. Of course, any firm can tout these ideals in its marketing collateral – it’s another thing when employees verify them. And Applied Value employees do just that.

Insiders at the firm rave about the trust the firm employs in its people. This means that you will get lots of responsibilities, client exposure, and opportunities to progress early on. But it also means that you will work very hard while on the job. But – this is consulting. Working hard should surprise no one! You can expect to work the consulting norm of 50-60 hours a week. The firm does give generous PTO (around 4 weeks) and encourages its use.

Applied Value Group has a flat organizational structure. As a result, employees can develop leadership skills and qualities early in their career because they have more opportunities to manage projects (or at least major work streams within projects).

Leadership and upward mobility are also supported through mentorship programs and coaching from more senior team members. And with multiple locations around the world, employees are given opportunities to travel throughout the year, as well as the flexibility to work at multiple locations. The compensation and benefits package includes healthcare and is in line with other global consulting firms.


  • Forbes America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, Forbes Magazine, 2021
  • #45 on the Vault Consulting 50 by, 2021
  • #2 Best Consulting Firm for International Opportunities by, 2021
  • #8 Best Consulting Firm for Internal Mobility by, 2021

Applied Value Group Interview

The Applied Value Group interview process involves a mix of case studies and behavioral interviews. AVG looks for employees that are ambitious, hard-working, analytical, great communicators, and excited about frequent travel.

Applicants fluent in multiple languages and with a background in Business, Economics, or Engineering have a leg up in the application process. Prospective applicants should be prepared to complete several rounds of interviews, including assessments, consulting tests, and cases.

Applied Value Group Interview Process

Prepare for multiple rounds of interviews and assessments. Specifically, the Applied Value Group interview process includes an initial resume screening, assessments of math skills, consulting tests, and case interviews.

Similar to other firms, the first step in the job process at Applied Value is an initial phone screen. This is usually performed by a HR representative to ensure you meet a base communication and personability standard.

Then, applicants move on to the assessment stage of the interview process, including questions that test candidates’ math, logic, and analytical reasoning abilities. This round of the interview process is usually administered online.

Once you have made it through the initial screening and assessments, there are additional face-to-face interviews which focus on your core consulting skills. These interviews can include consulting tests, where your responses to particular situations and hypotheticals are evaluated.

In addition, case interviews focus on testing your communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The most effective way to prepare for Applied Value Group case interviews is through out-loud practice with an expert partner. Work with a member of the Management Consulted coaching team for personalized prep.

Applied Value Group Salary

The Applied Value Group salary is similar to other boutique management firms. For Consultants, the base salary is approximately $100K a year, whereas Analysts earn closer to $75K. This will vary based on office, employee background, etc. Positions as Senior Consultants and Managers exceed the salary for both of these roles, with the potential to garner an income well into the six figures.

Find out how much you can expect to make in consulting in our salaries report – broken down by level and firm.

Target Schools

Applied Value Group recruits from several programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Applied Value consulting internships are also available. For example, Emory University is one of the Applied Value Group target schools and the firm has participated in career fairs and information sessions at the university. If you are interested in participating in one of the firm’s internships or applying for full-time roles, check with your institution to learn more about potential career fairs or recruitment opportunities.

Diversity Programs

Applied Value Group is committed to social impact, and the firm uses this practice area to give back to communities through several efforts which focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, most of the Applied Value Group diversity programs contribute to disenfranchised communities through championing gender equality, ending poverty, and reducing inequalities. Partnering with organizations such as KRIS educational support, the firm has been able to contribute to increasing opportunities for women and children across the globe.


From its multinational presence to its results driven approach, Applied Value Group continues to be one of the top-ranked boutique management consulting firms both inside and outside the United States. Its unique business model integrating management consulting and private equity differentiates itself from most other firms. If you’re looking to apply, make sure your resume effectively displays your transferable skills (i.e., leading teams, conducting analysis, managing stakeholders) and the impact you’ve achieved throughout your career (i.e., increasing revenue, improving efficiency, reducing costs). Work with our team to stand out!


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