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Here we are with another firm profile, giving you the scoop on everything you need to know about Baker Tilly US. Baker Tilly is the 9th largest CPA and consulting firm in the United States and has been recognized by several as one of the “Best Places to Work” for women. The firm is also an independent member of Baker Tilly International network, meaning plenty of opportunities for growing connections in other nations, with international offices in South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

If you’re interested in working with a Big 4-esque firm in an accounting or consulting capacity, this profile has all the information you’ll need to see if the firm might be a good fit for you. In addition, we’ll share key pointers and tips for breaking into Baker Tilly. Let’s get started.

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Key Stats

  • Firm Website:
  • Firm Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Firm Number of Employees: 4700
  • Firm Number of US Locations: 56
  • Firm Chief Executive: Alan D. Whitman
  • Firm Revenue: $920M

Baker Tilly History

The origin of Baker Tilly can be traced back to an era that may feel like an unlikely time for a financial institution to have been birthed. It came about in 1931 during the Great Depression in the small town of Waterloo, Wisconsin. A man named Ed Virchow started offering audits under the name Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP to help canning companies that were struggling to keep people fed.

The current partnership with the international network Baker Tilly was organized in 1953. In 2009, the firm officially began using the name “Baker Tilly.” The firm has grown immensely since the genesis, merging with dozens of other firms across the US as well as expanding internationally. In 2022, Baker Tilly celebrated 91 years in business.

Baker Tilly Culture & Careers

Team collaboration paired with the development of individual strengths are some of the key tenets of Baker Tilly’s culture. Employees have sharedbaker tilly about the ease and camaraderie with which they’re able to ask senior team members for help on any given project or for clarification on any subject.

A culture of individual growth and collective partnership is very important to Baker Tilly. According to execs and previous employees, leadership strongly values community, encouragement in the workplace, and being available to anyone who needs them. However, some employees have struggled to achieve a healthy work/life balance and that the firm doesn’t do as much as it could to make this easier. Check out the Baker Tilly Careers page for more info.

Baker Tilly Internships

When considering internships at Baker Tilly, there are many possibilities. The firm consistently has new internship opportunities at many of its locations. The most common internship is a 6-12 week summer program for college juniors.

Practice Areas

Baker Tilly’s practice areas are varied and numerous. There are plenty of functional areas to get involved in so you aren’t limited in options to look into. Practice areas at Baker Tilly fall under the following categories:

    • Assurance
    • Baker Tilly Digital
    • Consulting
    • ESG
    • International
    • Private Wealth
    • Risk Advisory
    • Tax
    • Transactions

To simplify the above, CEO Alan Whitman said the firm’s work could be roughly split into a third audit and advisory, a third consulting, and a third tax work.


Baker Tilly’s reach is widespread – the firm doesn’t shy away from working in many different fields. Industries the firm is involved in are as follows:

    • Construction
    • Dealerships
    • Family Business
    • Energy
    • Financial Services
    • Government Contractors
    • Healthcare and Life Sciences
    • Higher Education
    • Law Firm and Professional Industries
    • Manufacturing and Distribution
    • Not-For-Profit
    • Retail
    • Real Estate
    • Small Business
    • Software and Technology
    • Tribes
    • State and Local Government
    • Private Equity and Portfolio Companies
    • Government Contractors

Office Locations

Baker Tilly has many locations across the US and several internationally as well, notably London, Frankfurt, and Dubai, among others. Besides the firm’s headquarters in Chicago, Baker Tilly has offices in the following US cities, offering a multitude of regional options:

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Encino, CA
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Mountain View, CA
    • Orange County, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • San Mateo, CA
    • Silicon Valley, CA
    • Woodland Hills, CA
    • Denver, CO
    • Wilmington, DE
    • Tampa, FL
    • Chicago, IL
    • Oak Brook, IL
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Mishawaka, IN
    • Overland Park, KS
    • Boston, MA
    • East Lansing, MI
    • Southfield, MI
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Saint Paul, MN
    • New Jersey
    • Iselin, NJ
    • New York, NY
    • Uniondale, NY
    • Columbus, OH
    • Huntingdon Valley, PA
    • Lancaster, PA
    • Lehigh Valley, PA
    • Meadville, PA
    • New Castle, PA
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • State College, PA
    • Wellsboro, PA
    • Wilkes-Barre, PA
    • Williamsport, PA
    • Austin, TX
    • Dallas – Plano, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Spring, TX
    • Seattle, WA
    • Washington DC
    • Bridgeport, WV
    • Buckhannon, WV
    • Charleston, WV
    • Morgantown, WV
    • Appleton, WI
    • Eau Claire, WI
    • Janesville, WI
    • Madison, WI
    • Milwaukee, WI

Target Schools

Baker Tilly recruits from a variety of schools in a number of geographies, but the largest concentration of hirees in the U.S. graduated from:

    • University of Wisconsin
    • Penn State
    • Marquette University
    • Virginia Tech

Diversity Programs

Baker Tilly has several programs dedicated solely to furthering diversity and inclusion among their employee demographics, GROW and SOAR. These have been created to prioritize hiring in a way that provides equal opportunities and limits barriers into the industry.

The GROW (Growth and Retention of Women) program was established in 2007 and focuses on bringing women into the firm and developing them, in addition to being committed to retaining them. Hearing from diverse voices and spotlighting different points of view is a priority to Baker Tilly and GROW is part of that effort.

Another initiative of Baker Tilly’s is SOAR (Supporting Opportunity, Advancement, and Recognition for All), which was created in 2015. SOAR ensures that each team member is individually valued, supported, and shown the respect they deserve, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, faith, personality, or education.

Baker Tilly Career Path, Salary, and Exit Opportunities

A career path at Baker Tilly is similar to that of other consulting firms, which is to say it’s typical to enter the firm as an analyst and move your way up the company ladder over time. 2-3 years is the average length between promotions if you progress in your work satisfactorily.

Salaries vary based on location and experience, but the average consultant salary is between $83,323 and $88,785, growing to around $121,789 in a more senior position. Accountants’ salaries tend to be lower (between $61,830 and $76,166).

When talking exit opportunities, a stint at Baker Tilly will prepare you for continuing a career in the consulting world (i.e., Big 4, Tier 2 boutiques), but could also segue into finance, NGO or nonprofit work, or the public sector. Taking the skills gained at Baker Tilly and leveraging those into bigger and better opportunities is one of the benefits to working for a firm like this.

Baker Tilly Interview Process and Questions

The Baker Tilly interview process is focused on getting to know each candidate as an individual. The firm takes a personal approach that may seem more relaxed than some other firms but is equally effective in reaching a proper conclusion as to who’s a good fit for each position. Applicants have said the process was incredibly quick, organized, and smooth.

There are often several rounds of interviews, and specifics will vary depending on the location and position you’re applying for. To practice your answers to specific questions you might see in a Baker Tilly interview, book an hour with an expert interview coach today.

Baker Tilly interview questions are pretty standard considering what we see in this industry. Behavioral questions are a major focus area for the firm. In addition, Baker Tilly doesn’t see value in grilling candidates ruthlessly just for the sake of doing so.

Some questions past interviewees have been asked:

  • Tell me about a time where you dealt with a difficult team member.
  • How do you solve problems?
  • Tell me about a time where you dealt with change at a workplace.
  • What is a difficult situation you have encountered in a group project?
  • Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
  • What interests you about consulting?
  • Why do you want to work for Baker Tilly?


Baker Tilly is a solid CPA and consulting firm with many benefits for future consultants and accountants alike. The strong coast-to-coast and international network will prove itself useful to anyone looking to expand their connections. Baker Tilly US has a track record of treating team members well, fostering an atmosphere of growth, and holding strong to its core values. If you’re looking to break in, work with our expert team to prepare your resume and get ready for interviews.

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