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Cambridge Group

Chicago, IL

The Cambridge Group (TCG) is a Chicago-based strategy consulting firm that focuses on helping companies identify profitable growth opportunities. Most of its clients operate in consumer-focused industries, such as consumer durable products, consumer packaged goods, retail and financial services. The Cambridge Group helps these clients develop and execute growth strategies, which are driven by a superior strategy of profitable demand. TCG’s unique “Demand Strategy” approach allows clients to discover innovative, optimal positions in the marketplace by identifying unsatisfied customer demand and aligning differentiated supply to fulfill it.

The simple focus that demand should be placed before supply is the strategy that differentiates TCG from other consulting firms. The firm’s expertise is centered around finding profitable new demand opportunities, driving innovation, enhancing brand equity, optimizing portfolios of products and services, reinventing categories, and optimizing pricing. The firm offers its expertise to clients within financial services, consumer packaged goods, media, retail, and telecommunications industries. A few of the world’s most successful brands have utilized TCG’s strategic recommendations, including Allstate, Best Buy, Facebook, and Hershey.

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(312) 425-3600
10 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 3550
Chicago, IL 60606-5058
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