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Centric Consulting is a management consulting firm with a strong national footprint and budding international presence. Centric has become a leader in facilitating large-scale business improvement projects and helping clients implement the technology systems of tomorrow. The firm categorizes its areas of expertise into three buckets: digital, technology, and business.

This profile includes insider information on how to land a Centric Consulting job, what the firm’s culture is like, how much you can expect to make, and so much more. Let’s dive in.

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Table of Contents

  1. Centric Consulting Key Stats
  2. Centric Consulting History
  3. Centric Consulting Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Office Locations
  7. Exit Opportunities
  8. Notable Alumni
  9. Target Schools
  10. Centric Consulting Culture
  11. Centric Consulting Interviews
  12. Centric Consulting Salary

Centric Consulting Key Stats

  • Centric Consulting Website: https://centricconsulting.com/
  • Centric Consulting Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio
  • Centric Consulting Number of Employees: 1,400+
  • Centric Consulting Number of Locations: 14
  • Centric Consulting Chief Executive: Dave Rosevelt
  • Centric Consulting Revenue: $145 Million

Centric Consulting History

Understanding the history of Centric Consulting can be helpful in interviews. Understanding where a firm came from and how it got to be where it is today can help a candidate make a positive impression on an interviewer.centric consulting, centric consulting llc, centric consulting careers, centric consulting headquarters, centric consulting jobs, centric consulting salary

Prior to Centric’s founding, Larry English was putting in 100-hour workweeks at an international consulting company. Seeing the toll this intense schedule and stressful environment took on himself and his colleagues, English quit his job to backpack around the globe. When he returned, Larry and two friends – Eric Van Luven and Dave Rosevelt – conceived an idea for a consulting firm, one that prioritized ethical values and making time for loved ones. Thus, in 1999, Centric Consulting LLC was founded.

The leadership team has since created over 1,000 jobs rooted in wellness-based principles and expertise in consulting, technology implementation, and digital strategy.

Centric Consulting Careers

There are many different paths for Centric Consulting careers, with 22 practice areas across 5 industries.

Practice Areas

Centric Consulting practice areas fall into three broad buckets: business consulting, technology, and digital. Each broad bucket has its own set of sub-practices.

    • Business Consulting
      • Business Strategy
      • Experience Design
      • Operational Excellence
      • People and Change Consulting
      • Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management
    • Technology
      • Expertise
        • Data & Analytics
        • Enterprise Resource Planning
        • Enterprise Collaboration
        • Marketing & CRM
        • Microsoft Teams Consulting
      • Delivery
        • DevOps
        • IT Strategy
        • Modern Software Delivery
        • Outsourcing
      • Platforms
        • Cloud Solutions (AWS, Azure)
        • Microsoft
        • Oracle
        • Salesforce
        • NetSuite
    • Digital
      • Strategy and Transformation Consulting
      • Modernization
      • Design & Enablement


Centric Consulting chooses a few select industries to focus on. Centric industries include:

Office Locations

Centric Consulting office locations include:

    • Boston
    • Charlotte
    • Chicago
    • Cincinnati
    • Cleveland
    • Columbus
    • Detroit
    • India
    • Indianapolis
    • Louisville
    • Miami
    • Seattle
    • St. Louis
    • Tampa

Exit Opportunities

Centric Consulting exit opportunities are fairly broad. Many alumni transition into tech roles at top companies like Microsoft, Uber, and Meta. Others continue a career in consulting at firms like KPMG and EY. However, breaking into MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) straight out of Centric is rare. If that’s your ultimate goal, you’ll likely need to find work at a tier 2 firm (Ex: Big 4, Accenture, Kearney) post-Centric before making the leap to MBB.

Notable Alumni

Centric Consulting alumni often transition into larger consulting or technology firms, but some carve a path at smaller shops. A few examples are below.

    • Managing Director at Artech Consulting LLC
    • Business Administrator at Microsoft
    • Decision Scientist at Meta
    • Senior Director at KPMG
    • Senior Software Engineer at EY
    • Chief Technology Officer at ReloQuest
    • Principal Consultant at Moser Consulting
    • Business Development Manager at Fusion Alliance

Target Schools

Centric Consulting doesn’t have target schools, per se, but it generally hires from programs close to its offices. For example, if you’re wanting to work in the Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati offices, the schools most likely to be targeted for recruiting by Centric are:

    • Ohio State University
    • Miami University (Ohio)
    • Ohio University
    • University of Cincinnati
    • University of Dayton

Centric Consulting Culture

Culture at Centric Consulting has a small company feel inside a fairly large organization. The firm underwent a rapid period of growth in the 2010s, but didn’t invest much in building the processes and structures to support that growth. As a result, there are no firm-wide standards in place in regard to HR and how each office is run, which can lead to an unstable-at-times work environment.

For example, folks in the Chicago office may have a great experience at Centric, but that doesn’t mean that the Seattle branch will be run the same way due to the lack of internal structure.

However, there are many things Centric employees do love about the firm, including:

  • Local staffing model – if you don’t want to travel, you don’t have to
  • Variety of assignments
  • Work-life balance – management provides flexibility
  • Option to work remotely

So, culture at Centric Consulting is a bit of a mixed bag, but the overall sentiment is definitely on the positive side. The best way to know if the firm is a fit for you is to talk with people on the inside. Find folks on LinkedIn in the office(s) you’re targeting, hop on a short phone call, and ask questions about the work, the culture, and the people. Reach out if you need help building a networking strategy – our team is happy to help.

Centric Consulting Interviews

Like other consulting firms, the Centric Consulting interview process is several rounds, depending on the position. Get more information on this process below.

Centric Consulting Interview Process

The Centric Consulting interview process is an individualized system. While some applicants report up to 6 rounds of interviews, most report 2-4 rounds. Generally, the first round is conducted by a recruiter, covering the basics such as previous work experience, light personal questions, and general career goals.

The final interview is usually conducted in-person by a partner, likely at the Centric Consulting headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. Expect technical questions about your areas of expertise – explaining processes, approaches, and technologies you claim experience in will be key.

Centric Consulting Salary

The average Centric Consulting salary for entry-level analysts is ~$75K, which is slightly below the market rate. Salaries, of course, increase from there with seniority and experience. See consulting salaries across multiple firms in our comprehensive salaries report!


With a range of practice areas across five different industries, Centric Consulting is a great landing spot for aspiring consultants. If you’re looking to break in, work with our expert team to prepare your resume/cover letter for applications and to workshop your answers to Centric interview questions.


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