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CGI Merchant Group

Miami, FL

CGI is a global investment management firm specializing in real estate and private equity. Its strategy revolves around creating enduring value for investors and shareholders while contributing positively to the communities it invests in. Leveraging its extensive capital markets and investment management expertise, CGI focuses on enhancing performance returns in markets with operational efficiencies and capital dislocation opportunities.

The firm follows a mindful approach, analyzing deals from a community perspective, and strives to make a positive impact on localities surrounding its assets. Through its contrarian, disciplined, and value-driven investment approach, CGI has garnered the trust of sophisticated investors worldwide. Its commitment to transparency, trust, and forward-looking strategies underscores its ethos.

Practice Areas

  • Special Investment Vehicles
  • Operating Companies & IP


(786) 581-4800
3480 Main Highway, 2nd Floor Miami, FL 33133
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