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Cisco Systems Consulting

San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems is an American technology company based in San Jose, CA. The company designs, manufactures and sells networking, communications, and IT products. Cisco has an advisory department and provide consulting services for technology products and implementation. The firm specializes in routers, switches, and other advanced networking technologies. Many of its clients are large enterprise companies, public institutions, telecommunications companies and commercial businesses.

Cisco’s global strategic consulting department is internally known as the Internet Business Solutions Group. Its main focus is to advise Fortune 500 companies and large public organizations on:

  • Business technology
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Network accelerated innovation
  • Supply chain management
  • Issues of customer experience
  • Global IP economics

Cisco’s global strategic consulting department account for roughly 15% of the firms total annual revenue. The bulk of Cisco Systems revenue comes from the sales of networking hardware.

Consulting jobs at Cisco skew toward being more technical and implementation, but there are some straight management consulting roles as well.


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(800) 553-NETS
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
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