Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain ADvantage Application Deadlines 2024

Attention Advanced Degree candidates! Yes, we’re looking at you:

  1. PhDs and postdocs
  2. JDs
  3. MDs, MD/MBAs, MD residents/fellows
  4. Practicing physicians (less than 5 years of experience)
  5. Professors (less than 5 years of experience)
  6. Current non-MBA masters with a JD, MD, or PhD
  7. Non-MBA Master’s with >3 years of relevant, prior business experience after completing a Bachelor’s degree

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain ADvantage application deadlines for 2024 have been published.

What are Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain ADvantage? They are 1-5 day spring programs where Advanced Degree candidates can get an inside look at BCG, McKinsey, or Bain – the work, the people, the culture, and more.

These spring programs are highly competitive, and give you a leg up in the summer when it’s time to apply for full-time roles. In most cases, you are guaranteed a 1st round interview for a full-time role after you complete the program. Keep reading for application deadlines for the MBB “bridge” programs, plus info and links for ClearView Healthcare Partners and L.E.K. Consulting’s programs.

2024 Bridge Program Application Deadlines

Podcast and Video Overview

Who is Eligible for Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain ADvantage?

Anyone who falls into one of the candidate categories we outlined at the top of this article, and who is planning to apply for full-time consulting positions that start in late 2024 or in 2025, is eligible to apply. Are you looking to start earlier? Apply for a full-time role directly – firms review those applications on a rolling basis.

Application Tips

BCG, McKinsey, and Bain all require 1-2 page business-focused resumes (ideally 1 page), focused less on your scientific, medical, or legal expertise, and more on the career impact you’ve achieved and the transferable skills that will help you as a consultant (quantitative analysis, client management, problem solving, process improvement, etc.).

Interview Tips

McKinsey and Bain will require you to navigate up to 2 rounds of a case interview. BCG requires you take their Pymetrics Test and submit a 45-60-minute, one-way video interview within two days of submitting your application. The questions you are asked to answer in this interview are behavioral in nature. Be sure to stay concise and answer in stories!

All 3 firms (as well as our team here at Management Consulted) recommend you start your preparation ASAP. Why? The best performing candidates practice for 4-8 weeks, and many advanced degree candidates come from non-business backgrounds. The case interview is unlike anything most ADCs have ever seen before, and not something you want to wing at the last minute.

Application Deadlines

ProgramLevelCandidate GroupApplication DeadlineLengthLink
Bain ADvantagePost-grad•PhDs and postdocs, JDs, MDs and medical residents/fellows
•PharmDs and other doctorate-level degrees
•Non-MBA Master’s with >3 years of relevant, prior business experience after completing a Bachelor’s degree
Feb 28, 20245 daysClick here
Bridge to BCGPost-grad•PhDs and postdocs
•MDs, MD/MBAs, MD residents/fellows
•Practicing physicians (less than 5 years of experience)
•Professors (less than 5 years of experience)
•Current non-MBA masters with a JD, MD, or PhD
ASAP (Latest: Mar 25, 2024)2 daysClick here
Connect to ClearViewPost-gradPhD or MD in life sciences or are planning to complete their postdoc in 2025Feb 19 | Mar 4, 20243 daysClick here
Link to L.E.K.Post-gradPhD/post-doc, PharmD, or MDMar 10, 20242 daysClick here
McKinsey InsightPost-grad•Medical students, interns, residents, and fellows who plan to complete their program in 2025
•PhDs and post-doctoral students who plan to complete their program in 2025
•Master’s students who previously obtained an MD and plan to complete their master’s degree in 2025
Mar 1, 20242 daysClick here

Bain ADvantage application deadline: February 28, 2024

The application deadline for Bain’s spring programs is February 28th, 2024. One of the best ways to stand out in the application process? Networking! And one of the best places to network at Bain? The firm’s current diversity groups:

The ADvantage internship is a unique offering and distinctive even amongst these top-tier programs. It is a one-week program designed exclusively for Advanced Degree candidates that is more in-depth than what McKinsey and BCG offer. On top of a full day of training, you are staffed on a real Bain case team for four days! Be prepared for 2 rounds (40min each) of case interviews to snag a coveted ADvantage internship spot.

The 2024 ADvantage program will take place from May 6-10, 2024.

Didn’t get accepted to ADvantage? Join Strategy Sprint for real-world consulting experience that will make your resume stand out.

Bain ADvantage is limited to a few select offices in the U.S. and Canada. For advanced degree candidates in Australia or Asia-Pacific, consider Access to APAC instead.

Bridge to BCG application deadline: March 25, 2024

The application deadline for Bridge to BCG 2024 is March 25 – however, we strongly recommend submitting your application as soon as possible because BCG is filling the program on a rolling basis. If you wait until the deadline, the program is likely to be filled.

Selected applicants will be invited to record a 45-minute video cover letter on a rolling basis throughout February or March. On top of typical application materials (resume), finalists – applicants who passed the resume and video cover letter screening processes – will receive invites to a 30-minute virtual behavioral interview and an online case exercise.

Want to get ahead and begin networking at BCG? If applicable, network inside the firm’s current diversity groups for a leg up:

In 2024, BCG will hold two Bridge workshops in May:

In-person: May 21-22, 2024
Virtual: May 15-16, 2024

If accepted to the in-person program, you will be invited to the workshop that is closest to where you are based (regardless of your long-term office preferences).

McKinsey Insight application deadline: March 1, 2024

The application deadline for McKinsey Insight is March 1. If eligible, you may apply to both Diversity Connect and Insight. However, the firm will make you choose one program if you are accepted to both. If you are accepted to the program, you will be notified in late March.

The format of both McKinsey Insight and Diversity Connect has shifted from years past. To make these programs more accessible to more candidates, McKinsey is shifting the format to virtual gatherings over several days for candidates from schools all over North America for its global offices. 

In 2024, McKinsey Insight and Diversity Connect will take place April 17-18.

Make sure to highlight transferable skills (ex: research, analysis, leadership, stakeholder management) and the impact you’ve driven in your resume. Not sure your CV is good enough? Work with our expert team on custom resume edits.

Bonus Spring Programs

Connect to ClearView application deadline: February 19 & March 4, 2024

ClearView Healthcare Partners also offers a spring program for Advanced Degree Candidates interested specifically in Life Sciences Consulting. The firm is offering the program in London and Boston.

In 2024, the firm has two application deadlines for Connect to ClearView – the first on February 19, the second on March 4.

We strongly recommend applying before the first deadline to maximize your chances for success because ClearView is filling the program on a rolling basis. The program will take place in-person in April or May. If selected, your interviews will take place in March. Interviews will be virtually conduct by two members of the firm’s recruiting team.

Connect to ClearView is a 3-day program where participants get to experience the firm’s work and culture. To apply, you’ll just need to submit your resume and fill out a short form.

U.S. application link

UK application link

Link to L.E.K. application deadline: March 10, 2024

L.E.K. offers a 2-day program open to current PhD, post-doc, or MD students interested in life sciences strategy consulting, ideally with a target graduation in 2024. The applications for Link to L.E.K. 2024 open February 1st and close March 10.

If selected, we expect candidates to participate in a virtual case interview later in March.

Accepted participants receive an invite to a final round interview ahead of the general recruiting cycle.

Conclusion and Application Links

Again, these programs are uber competitive, and give the candidates who score invites unparalleled opportunities to network with current BCG, McKinsey, Bain, ClearView, and L.E.K. consultants, as well as familiarize themselves with specific practice areas and offices.

Not eligible for these programs? Most firms have rolling application deadlines for lateral hires – contact us directly for help.

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